Chapter 1165: Riot against the Holy Court


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A long skirt swept across the floor, Mo Fan carried Xin Xia to the exit.

“I’ll get you out,” said Mo Fan.

“Yeah,” Xin Xia nodded her head with effort.

Mo Fan always told her that he wanted to give wings, since she could not walk.

It makes no difference whether they can leave here or not, even this is enough!

Heavy iron doors opened, the light of the sun penetrated inside. Although the sun was already warming its rays, they felt that the real trials were just beginning!

From the knights in golden armor came a heavy magical aura, which made it difficult for all other people to breathe.

Farther down, there were two squads of magicians from the temple of decisions, led by Shoushen, who had all his own intentions to kill Xin Xia in the name of Panisa!

About two hundred magicians were waiting for a decree, ready at any time to release the magic of various elements of a destructive level.

The procedure of farewell to Panisa continued even further, around the body of which crowded people in gray mourning clothes. Among these people were so powerful magicians that fighting them was simply useless!

In such conditions, escape is impossible!

“Mo Fan, put her down!” If you take one more step forward with her in your arms, the knights in golden armor and the magicians of the temple of decisions will immediately destroy you! Shouted Kulun loudly.

The large doors of the temple opened, and everyone could see how Mo Fan was trying to take Xin Xia away – for all those present, this was an unambiguous attempt to escape!

– And you are really fearless! – said Yaf, looking at Mo Fan.

– There will always be a madman who will commit rash and illogical actions.

“Mo Fan, you must understand that as soon as you cross the threshold of the fairy temple with her, the Parthenon will immediately perceive you as an accomplice. You, of course, are the hero of Xian, but Salan is very dangerous and scary, so help cannot be forgiven! – said senior abbess Tisu.

“That you cannot be forgiven!” Call yourself the most powerful organization in the world, the fairest. The Parthenon and the Holy Judgment are just a gang of parasites. They built all the charges on some evidence, although they themselves did not see the identity of Salan and are now looking forward to when the punishment will fall on the shoulders of a fragile girl! Say that a different soul, a different person lives in her body, but have any of you ever seen her with your own eyes? They exposed some obscure objects as indisputable evidence – and these are the actions of the great Parthenon? Yes, the cruelty with which the Holy Court pronounced the verdict is even worse than all the anger of the black church! – Mo Fan said loudly, looking around the crowd.

Mo Fan carried Xin Xia through the exit, no one could even think that he really dared to do it in front of countless magicians of the decision, knight protectors, magicians of the Holy Court!

– Evidence is evidence! Why then did the blood of other people not cause such a stone reaction? Shouted the senior abbess of Mirol.

“Do you really know what the black church is capable of?” – asked Mo Fan.

– Well it….

– I personally destroyed about 370 adherents in gray, 54 followers in black robes, two deacons in blue, one executioner. I smashed their lair to smithereens, and this I am not talking about the incident in the ancient capital. And if at least one of you shows me the one who killed even more black churches, then let him express it to my face. Does this person know how many people are involved in the activities of the black church? How many deacons in blue do they have? What is a cardinal in red? And let him explain to me on what basis you did everything from the young innocent girl Salan! Talk about a bloody stone? Then how could the blood of a child appear in this stone? With the same success, the blood of any old man, official, and even a representative of your fucking Parthenon could be there! – inflamed Mo Fan.

“Mo Fan, the Holy Court has already made its decision recognizing Salan, why are you raising this issue again?” – said the magician of the temple of decisions Gelo Ken.

“Gelo Ken, do you remember what you promised me when you took Xin Xia by force?” You have secured your own reputation that in Parthenon no one dares to offend her. What now? Decided to step back from your words? Was there really not the slightest doubt in your heart about the decision of the Holy Court? – said Mo Fan.

“I …” what else could Gelo Ken say?

– The Black Church will not stop at nothing for its achievements. In the heads of the adherents of the black church, all their tricks are something sublime, they really think that they are doing something great. Now look at yourself. Just like the black church, you sacredly believe in your beliefs. I used to think that the difference between you is that your decisions are really thought out and aimed at the common good, but now I see that there is absolutely no difference between you! They pulled out some evidence, on the basis of which they decided that she was Salan. Well isn’t that funny? Growled Mo Fan fiercely.

“Mo Fan, this is just your point of view.” In this world, it very often happens when people refuse to believe in the guilt of their relatives. You must immediately let her go and leave the temple alone – then we will not do anything to you. Of course, your merits in the fight against the black church are amazing, and you really did a lot of good for society … however, Salan is your sister, I, of course, understand that this blow is hard to accept, but this can’t be changed, ”Tisu said.

– So, are you going to continue to make mistakes? – asked Mo Fan.

“It’s about a cardinal in a red cape.” Regarding the cardinal, there can be no leniency! – at that moment Durank joined the conversation.

– Well, I understood the logic of the Holy Court. Is it better to mistakenly execute the innocent than to just let it go? – Mo Fan laughed.

– If this were a mistake, we ourselves would apologize to the convict. But she really is Salan, and here we can do nothing. E Xin Xia, if there is even a drop of self-awareness left in you, you must sacrifice yourself to euthanize the one that lives in you forever. However, if you decide to run away with Mo Fan, then the Parthenon will punish you with all severity! – said the senior lawyer Durank.

Xin Xia, hearing this, involuntarily looked at Mo Fan.

– Do not listen to them! Believe me, I can get you out of here! – Mo Fan said confidently.

“Senior Attorney Durand, I’m very familiar with your speech.” I remember when you were still a probationary judge, you likewise majestically slandered our sage by arranging arbitrariness … – the elderly man’s voice came from outside.

The crowd of people parted, and from there appeared Song Jiming, aka old Bao.

The magicians of the Holy Court immediately expressed their respect to him.

– Judicial officer Song!

– Elder!

– Teacher!

Each of these worshipers was a mage of the highest level, which is known internationally, but now, in the face of Song Jimin, none of them dared to show their arrogance.

Although the new judicial officer had long since come to his place in the organization, he still could not compare with old Bao in his influence.

“Song Qimin, you were only a judicial officer, and this decision now has nothing to do with you!” You have no right to say so! – Durank was indignant.

“I just remembered what happened.” I will not talk much about the Wentai case, but regarding this case we all know that this was only a redistribution of power. I wish that a man like Mo Fan appeared at that time, who could prevent a big mistake! – said Song Jiming.

– Shut up! Imagine yourself a rebel against the Holy Court? – burst out Durank.

The Wentai affair ended in death, but now Song Jiming stood in the very center of the Parthenon, speaking about this affair. There are plenty of followers and admirers of Wentai, and if the old man continues to speak, then chaos will begin!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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