Chapter 1166: Totem Serpent and Chaos on Sacred Mountain


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“Why did I remember the past case?” And what, now the Holy Court will never remember the mistake made so that other people do not know about it? – strictly said Song Jiming.

Durank with a blackened face from anger said: “You are only trying to save these two young people, but I will tell you that they will die anyway!” The Holy Court never passed an unjust sentence; all these are just speculations of people! ”

Song Qiming did not say anything else, he really tried to save Mo Fan and Xin Xia, and he knew very well the temperament of Mo Fan.

“Petty Officer of the Knights in Golden Armor Yaf, why are you stuck there?” Take this girl out of his hands immediately! The holy court has every right to enforce the sentence, and if this guy is resisting, then he needs to be dealt with! – said Durank loudly.

These his words alarmed many people who had heard about Mo Fang as a hero of Xi’an disaster. By the same behavior, Durank made it clear that he was not going to reckon with the achievements of the magician.

Simply put, this case was entirely in the hands of the Holy Court. If it had been referred to the Chinese magical court, then they would certainly have been treated with condescension to the personality of Mo Fan, but Durank could not allow this!

“Durand, damn you!” What are you going to do? – cursed Song Jiming.

– What am I going to do? I’m going to enforce the judgment of the Holy Court, and if you even think about stopping me, I will consider you an accomplice in this crime! – rudely spoke Durank.

“Old Bao, don’t talk to him anymore,” Mo Fan understood the inner experiences of the old man, who was still trying to somehow save him. There was still hope that perhaps a person with a high position would appear who could facilitate a new trial.

However, after seeing the mood of this senior criminal, Mo Fan realized that there were no chances.

Mo Fan began to calmly reflect: if this Durank was in such a hurry to execute the sentence and kill Xin Xia, what kind of people should be involved in this?

Raising his head, Mo Fan saw a smiling man that approached him.

“Yaf, he didn’t have time to go outside the temple, so you have no right to touch him,” said Gelo Ken.

– There is an order from a senior criminal, I just follow the instructions. It is said to regard this his behavior as an attempt to save the criminal, ”Yaf answered.

He really wondered how this nondescript high-level magician dared to appear here.

– Mo Fan, do not go out! – said Tisu.

Until Mo Fan took a step forward, no one dared to approach him, because he was famous enough to make a big fuss around his name.

“I am taking her, if at least one of you dares interfere with me today, then do not expect mercy from me!” – strictly said Mo Fan.

Having said this, Mo Fan stomped forward.

He held Xin Xia tightly in his hands, looking at the steps below. The knights in golden armor surrounding them also doubted how, from such an innocent girl, in an instant they could make a cruel killer and the main cardinal of the black church.

– Do not overestimate your own abilities! Your title of the strongest magician of world competitions will not help you! For us, the defenders of the Parthenon, your high-level magic is like ant bites! – said Yaf.

Beautiful star clouds began to form around him, connecting into a galaxy that promised serious problems.

– A Thousand Blades of Wind: Kara Blown!

Golden wind blades flew into Mo Fan from all sides.

After that, a huge golden wind sickle appeared, which heavily fell on Mo Fan and Xin Xia!

Obviously, Mo Fan could not resist the magic of the highest level. The ancient pearl that hung on his neck fell from the movement of a wind blade.

A strange fog instantly spread around, depriving those present of the opportunity to see at least something. A black silhouette appeared among the fog ….

Knights in golden armor scattered in different directions.

The magic of the highest level of the wind element, released by Yaf, fell on the body of the manifested silhouette, but nothing happened to him! Mo Fan and Xin Xia, who were now protected by this silhouette, were not injured at all!

Yaf, standing at a distance, now carefully examined the scattering fog, in which terrifying eyes appeared. From this sight, the hair all over the body involuntarily became on end!

“This … this … what is this ?!” Yaf cried out in fear.

To the screams of those around, a huge head appeared from the fog. The monster’s mouth opened, swallowing this Yaf.

The head of this creature was so huge that even Shoushen backed away. Two hundred magicians from the temple of the decision that stood behind him, their mouths were open from shock. What kind of creature is this in the Parthenon? Is there any other titanium ?!

Everything began to shake.

It began to rain, from which the panic of people only intensified.

Among the raindrops, in the dispersing fog, they were able to make out a huge black creature.

It was a huge serpent whose body was so large that it was impossible to see it completely. The snake’s head looked down upon those present.

“God … my god!”

– Snake!

– This is a commander! Commander! How did he get into the Parthenon ?!

A totem snake is not an ordinary representative of animals at the general level.

The totem serpent slowly opened its mouth, spitting out the recently swallowed knight in golden armor.

Now Yaf looked like an ordinary unremarkable man, all in the salivary fluid of a snake, he was right in front of the senior forensic Durank.

A look of disgust appeared on Durank’s face.

This Mo Fan … yet he prepared ….

“This is the territory of the fairy temple, and even a creature of the level of the commander in chief cannot just penetrate here, not like a commander!” It can only be Mo Fanya’s draft beast! – strictly said mother.

“I just saw a totem pearl.” A totem animal in cases of special danger can fit in this totem pearl. It seems to me that Mo Fan passed through the entire galactic path, not only to see Xin Xia, but also to carry this huge creature into the Parthenon! – added the senior abbess of Mirol.

“Despite what kind of snake it is, any entry into the Parthenon is illegal!” Shawshan, command your people to destroy this snake! – strictly said Durank.

The totem serpent rushed into the ground, seating Mo Fanya and Xin Xia on its head.

On his head there is a scaly ledge in which the two of them could hide without being exposed to external magic.

Mo Fan placed Xin Xia there, when he himself was not even going to hide.

“He can protect us, do not be afraid,” reassured Mo Fan Xin Xia with a smile on his face.

The totem serpent raised its head, and Mo Fan went forward.

– Mo Fan!

“You’re too desperate!”

– Do you dare to make enemies in the person of the Parthenon representatives ?! Hailong shouted angrily that he was below.

Even the people at the foot of the mountain could see the huge snake. From this kind of hair stood on end, because even titanium against the background of a snake was only a small man.

Mo Fan was determined, he did not even say anything.

Today he was determined to get Xin Xia out of here!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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