Chapter 1167: The Great Battle of the Parthenon!


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“I told you that those who dare to prevent me may not hope for mercy!” – Mo Fan calmly looked at the people of the Parthenon.

He understood for a long time that for these people a fair sentence is just an empty phrase!

– What are you all stuck with? So what about the fact that this is a serpent at the level of a commander? Where is your vaunted magic ?! Shouted the senior abbess of Mirol.

– Parthenon!

– Parthenon!

Several of the knights in the golden armor that were closest began to release magic, a white glow enveloped their bodies – the nearby Miola began to release the magic of blessing, enhancing the magic of the knights!

The white light of blessing magic amplified top-level magic by 50%, making it even more powerful!

– Justice of the light!

Among the knights in golden armor, someone began to create beautiful stellar clouds, which then formed into a galaxy. A star galaxy consists of 2401 stars that are ordered into constellations, systems, clouds and into one huge galaxy.

This knight had already finished releasing his magic, after which another four wizards nearby began to release high-level magic, which made the dark sky brighten, and they all sent their magic to the totem snake!

The totem serpent knew how powerful the magic released against him was, so he began to show his power!

The serpent lifted its tail.

He struck the tail with his tail on the ground, causing vibrations to go around that tossed these five magicians into the air!

All five knights wore armor that shattered to pieces from this blow to the ground!

– Destroy this snake, destroy! Shouted Shoushen to his ward.

Two hundred magicians behind him tried to release magic, however, from fear of the totem snake, all of their star systems simply collapsed.

The essence of a magical creature directly depends on the level to which it belongs: the level of the servant, the level of the leader of the pack, the level of the commander in chief, the level of the commander …. These levels speak not only about the origin of the beast, but also the power that he can release!

The higher the level of the animal, the higher its resistance to spirit magic.

– War drum!

Sounds began to sound like drum beats – it was the magic of the element of sound, which was let in by the senior abbess of Mirol to help the magicians of the temple of decisions.

Only after that did the magicians of the Temple of Decisions manage to start releasing high-level magic, since it was possible to see that star clouds began to appear en masse around them, composing themselves into a common galaxy.

How devastating can high-level magic be released simultaneously by two hundred magicians?

The totem serpent, being a very wise and intelligent animal, sharply lowered its body, heading toward the magicians from the temple of decisions.

He opened his mouth, where a stream of black wind came from, that with a destructive force rushed directly at them.

Mages from the temple of decisions and so with difficulty managed to release the magic, but now the snake’s spreading breath spread around, affecting not only them, but also about a thousand other people.

This snake breathing was poisonous, but the totem in no way wanted to kill people. From this stream of breath, the magicians from the temple of decisions again threw into the air, and the dropping drops of poison, dropping down, turned simply into droplets of melt water.

“There is no sense at all from your whole crowd!” Shouted Shoushen.

After these words, golden wings appeared behind Shoushen, which were reinforced by the magic of the element of light. A creature of darkness in contact with these wings usually gets burned.

Shoushen could not know whether the totem snake belongs to the creatures of the elements of darkness, but still activated its wings and took to the air, staring at it with a murderous look.

The totem serpent stuck out its long tongue, pointing it toward the Shawshan.

He managed to react instantly, slipping away from his tongue right in the air.

He gradually approached the body of the serpent, and then released an icy wind.

The icy wind, touching the snake’s scales, began to cover it with a layer of ice, which quickly spread further.

Mo Fan sitting on the head of the snake immediately felt a cold run through the body of the totem. It is good that the body of the serpent was not subjected to even the slightest effect of this freezing, since the totemic serpent still rushed down the mountain to lower Mo Fan and Xin Xia.

The magic of Shawshan’s ice spread further, only the snake continued to move on smoothly as well – for him, this chill was like an ice cream blow for an ordinary person!

Shoushen, seeing that his magic does not affect the enemy in any way and the snake still carries away the murderer of his daughter, just roared with anger.

“Song Jiming, and you are real brave men!” Growled Hailong.

“What does this have to do with me?” – asked Song Jiming, frowning.

– You want to say that this has nothing to do with you? Is it possible that some small high-level mage Mo Fan himself was able to drag a totem creature of such a level here? But for whom does your Chinese magical court hold the Parthenon ?! Shouted Hailong.

“Hailong, you too exaggerate the possibilities of an ordinary old man.” I do not have the skills to control totemic creatures. Mo Fan once saved the life of this totem snake, so now he is just trying to pay him back for it. Now are you trying to drag me to all this? What international laws do you use to accuse me of bringing this snake here? Know, I could not do this, and apparently I can never. It’s good that you have a lot of powerful magicians in the Parthenon that can help us tame this totem snake, which can not injure people. Your gracious Parthenon life will end after unflattering talk about you among the people, ”said old Bao.

The faces of Hailun and Durand from these words of the old man simply turned black.

It is just a huge incident that a Chinese totem beast dared to infiltrate the Parthenon!

– Durank, order the magicians of the Holy Court to speak, otherwise people will think that this serpent really cannot be tamed! – said Hailong.

“You must listen to the instructions of Hailun, if Salan is taken away, the Holy Court will show all its power!” – with a face reddened with anger Durank said.

All the bans of the fairy temple crashed that day. Not only did a small guy named Mo Fan break through the galactic mountain path, breaking into the fairy temple, there was also a totem snake that carried all the protection – Duranka was simply overwhelmed by a wave of envy!

– Destroy it!

Hailong quickly summoned about ten knights in golden armor, and then ordered them to fly into the air so that they could begin to release the destructive spell magic!

– Kara lightning – a destructive scheme!

Hailong himself flew up into the air, and you could see how the star galaxy begins to spill around him.

The space between heaven and earth was now completely covered by electric lightning, which really created a huge scheme of lightning, which was simply devastating!

Mo Fan and Xin Xia were still afraid of the magic being released around. Although they hid on the body of the totem snake, everything around was like the end of the world.

Chief Knight Hailong ….

Mo Fan met many high-level magicians, however, the magic of the highest-level lightning element released by Hailong was the most destructive and terrifying magic that he had ever seen, since it noticeably exceeded even the magic of the violated ban of Zhu Meng!

But once upon a time the magic of the violated ban succeeded in locking even the totem snake in Lake Sikhu ….

However, now the totem snake was not afraid of these lightning, because it was not a period of its molting!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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