Chapter 1168: Ban of the sacred mountain


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The totem serpent raised its head, two of its pupils stared at Hailong.
The worst thing is that the violated ban was whipped through the air, even the body of the totem snake suffered from the force of the ban, and there were scars from the blows on it.
The lightning element possessed piercing power. The totem snake had rather dense scales, but this force still struck through the scales.
The power of the violated ban was not only in the destructive power of lightning, but also in the strongest chains of lightning. Therefore, even a beast of the level of a commander could not escape!
– Let’s see where you run! – coldly said Hailong, hovering in the air, commanding the magicians behind: “Knights are guards, magicians of the holy court, magicians of the temple of decisions, listen to the order!” Destroy the snake at all costs! ”
Star clouds and galaxies sparkled, countless magic appeared on the surface of the earth. The lowest power of magic was high-level magic. Magical light covered the whole Parthenon with a huge cloud!

A roar of countless magic came from behind. Mo Fan could also feel how the collision of different elements formed terrible energy, mixing in this area. Mo Fan turned around and saw that dense magical energy obscured the sky!
A huge flame combined with hail formed a fiery – icy rain. The fierce sword of the wind intertwined with bright lightning. A terrible lightsaber flew parallel to the earth …
Mo Fan, even in the battle of Xi’an, did not see such an accumulation of magic in space. The power of the Parthenon really was very scary!
The totem serpent was shackled in violation of the ban, it was very difficult for him to move around. The snake felt that a critical moment was approaching and began to curl at a fast speed!
The totem snake quickly curled around the mountain, and he hid his head in his twisted body. Mages bombarded the snake, damaging the scales on his body.
* Bam! Bam! Bam!
At that moment, the power of magicians of a high level and a higher level painted the sky in different colors, the mountains were destroyed to the ground.
The totem snake settled there, the bombing continued for some time. These were the Parthenon armed forces, the totem serpent was also unable to avoid severe wounds.
Soon, the scales of the totem snake were damaged, blood flowed down the patterns of snake skin.
– Go on! Take the snake to pieces! Shouted Hailong.
Having a violated ban and other methods of destructive magic, it was possible to erase even such an animal as a totem snake in powder. Moreover, his body was a good target!
The sacred mountain shook so that even in Athens one could feel this power, which extended to a long distance.
Magical energy has already begun to spread beyond the mountain. And if the sacred mountain had not been covered by the magic barrier of the ban, then the effect of flame, lightning, hurricanes and meteorites would have spread to the city.
The appearance of such a huge creature like a totem beast settled panic in the souls of people, because its huge head, reaching the clouds, could be seen even in the city!
As for the magic barrier of the ban – it was not completely safe. The employees of the church of faith immediately sent a violet alarm into the air, hastily starting to evacuate people living in the vicinity.
The Parthenon and the Titans still had some past unresolved matters. Even now there were still Titans who could go out of the mountains and enter the city territory, attack the Parthenon. Therefore, the areas located 5 kilometers from the Parthenon were in urgent evacuation mode. Only the titan will go on the offensive, the sacred temple immediately evacuates people. In addition, the battlefield and residential areas were immediately separated by a magic barrier!
When the moon titan appeared, even then it was necessary to disperse the people. And now and even more so – after all, the totem snake was raging here now. A titan could destroy several streets with one foot, and a snake with its tail could destroy entire residential areas to the ground.
The temple of faith was needed in order to protect people. They had no time to think about whether the magi of the court of decisions and the knights-guards would be able to take control of the case. If something happened, the magicians of the temple of faith immediately evacuated people to ensure their safety!
In fact, the magic barrier was not completely safe. High and top level mages mixed together. Destructive energy penetrated from its crevices, thus destroying the mountain …
All sacred was in a purple color of anxiety, people were evacuated. Magical light has already turned into a black hole, absorbing power. Even if no magic was already used in this part of space, a black hole could furiously draw into itself the objects surrounding it, replenishing the energy needed to create a spatial hole.
The power of the absorbing black hole tore the body of the totem snake. The serpent slowly began to unfold its body. His body was in erratic smoke from the magic of lightning and fire elements. Green beams sparkled on her black scales. Separating from the body, the rays formed a peculiar pattern around the snake, thus building a defense!

The protection of the totem snake has reached its limit. Mages of the highest level could only leave barely visible traces on his body.
The head of a snake emerged from a twisted body. She pierced the violated ban, starting to wrap around a deserted mountain …
The totem serpent very quickly wrapped this uninhabited mountain. The snake was striking in its size, it spun around this mountain very quickly, which meant that the snake was much larger than this mountain peak.
* Roar
The totem serpent found a spatial black hole in the air and swallowed it!
An elemental black hole was formed by combining different types of magic. When the elements collided with each other, they created a destructive storm, and when this storm became larger, it formed an elemental black hole.
After the totemic snake swallowed the hole, countless energy of high and higher level magic entered the esophagus into the snake, and he did not even utter a sound …

Destructive energy was digested in the stomach of the snake, immediately the messy space cleared, the air stopped burning eyes.
Suddenly, the totem snake opened its huge mouth. The black spiral of elements began to twist. The mountain peak and nearby mountains were drawn into a black whirlpool. The mages of the court of decisions and the knights – the guards could not stand on their feet, they were all scattered around.
For an elemental spiral, defense was an empty word. Even two powerful magicians – Hailong and Shoushen, floating in the air, could not stand such power and also swirled in space!
After the appearance of an elemental whirlpool, the magicians immediately ran into the loose or lay on the ground unconscious – all the Parthenon armed forces were now disarmed by a powerful snake!
The totem snake looked at the fairy peak. His body began to hesitate, and he crawled towards the foot of the peak!
– Strengthen the ban! Shouted the chief knight Hailong furiously.
At the peak of the mountain there was a ban, and if the snake wanted to go down from the mountains, then he needed to break this ban.
When the totem reached the mountain, a golden sacred ban appeared in the form of a grid. Covering the peak of the fairies, he did not allow the snake to move to the foot of the mountain.
The power of the golden sacred prohibition could glow the bodies to such a temperature that they burned them to the ground. The black scales of the totem snake began to melt very quickly. At one point, the scales burned to the ground, the snake, touching the terrible ban, was very tormented!
* Bang!

The totem serpent did not scare. Waving his long tail, the serpent violently struck him on the magical barrier of the ban of the sacred mountain.
* Zzzzzzzz
The network of the golden barrier fiercely fluctuated. A force of heat immediately swept the snake’s tail, burning its scales. The tail of the snake quickly turned into a bloody mess …

Mo Fan was well aware of the power of the magical barrier of the ban of the sacred mountain. The totem serpent, not sparing himself, was wounded so that Mo Fan could break the magic barrier. The magician had excitement in his heart!
“I have given you many problems, thank you very much!” – Mo Fan said to the totem snake.
The totem serpent, as before, was pushing with all its might on the magic barrier of the ban, its head was turned back, the serpent let out a heart-rending cry, which meant that the Parthenon warriors had returned.
The ban was hit by a totem snake, in some places lightning danced, not obeying any laws. Parthenon’s employees knew perfectly well the terrible power of the ban, and therefore did not dare to come close.
– Do not risk your life. We must not interfere, otherwise the ban of the sacred mountain will burn you to ashes! – said Shoushen, waving wings.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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