Chapter 1169. I am Salan!


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– A strong ban is imposed on the sacred mountain. We cannot get close. Look … – said one of the magicians.
Hailong was more versed in banning the sacred mountain. It spread only to a certain area, and the totem serpent had already attacked this barrier and managed to do serious damage to it. If weak magicians get close to the barrier, they will immediately turn to ashes.
– Surround! Even if he can break through the barrier, by then he will be exhausted. We will lift the ban and grab them! – commanded Hailong.
The deputy chief knight immediately called even more magicians from the holy court and they surrounded the forbidden barrier.
Any magic is dispelled when faced with a forbidden barrier. Mages were in no hurry to attack. The forces of the totem snake are too dangerous, so they’d better wait until the snakes weaken in the fight against the forbidden barrier, and then they will curb this monster!
The totem serpent understood that breaking the forbidden barrier was the only way to get out of here. When the tail of the snake was covered in blood, the creature began to attack the middle part of its body …
Under continuous attacks, the energy of the ban became unstable and even spread to neighboring peaks. In places where energy flowed, all the vegetation immediately turned to ash and the earth became bare.
………… ..
Most of the people on top remained in their places. Many of them came here to participate in the burial rite. They did not want to get stuck in other people’s affairs and even more so intervene in a dangerous battle.
Many magicians were horrified at the mere thought of the power of totem animals. Even the Parthenon, with its armed forces, could not stop this snake, and in fact it is the representative of the most powerful creatures on earth. Top-level magicians look completely miserable before them and cannot stand a single blow!
– Ma … mother … it’s all gone! – the abbess rushed from the fairy temple astride a draft deer.
The deer stopped right in front of mother. Seeing the panic on the abbess’s face, mother frowned and said with displeasure:
“What is going on is not enough for you?” Any business can wait until they curb the totem snake!
“This concerns the body … the body of Yiddish.” It … it … – the abbess could not bring herself to say this, she was very scared.
– Speak! – coldly ordered mother.
– It is cut into eight parts! The abbess finally blurted out.
Mother frowned. Her eyes became unusually hard.
The abbess scaredly stepped back.
– Go see for yourself. And don’t talk about it! – Mother indifferently looked at the servant standing nearby.
The girl nodded and, climbing up a deer, sped off in the direction of the temple.
The Fairy Temple was at the very peak of the sacred mountain, and riding a deer round trip took a little time. The totem serpent was locked inside the forbidden barrier and would not be able to get out of there any time soon, but mother felt that it was not so simple.
Soon, the servant returned. The girl leaned over her mother’s ear to quietly report what she saw.
But at that moment the earth shuddered beneath their feet and an ominous breath spread throughout the mountain!
– What did you say? Did someone cut the body of Yiddish into eight parts ???
– Nonsense! What nonsense !!
“How could you, worthless knights, allow an intruder to enter a fairy temple !!!”
– Who dared? Who did it?
The news of the incident immediately spread throughout the district and even reached Song Tsimin. At that moment, Song Zimin stood next to the Rhine. Both magicians looked at each other and both saw fear in the eyes of the interlocutor!
Yiddish was the previous fairy and her remains were kept intact in the back of the fairy temple. The remains of a fairy are cremated only when a newly elected fairy takes office.
Fairy Peak is the most protected place in the entire Parthenon and the Parthenon members would not have allowed anyone to tear there.
The fact that someone cut the remains of a fairy into eight parts is the strongest insult to the whole Parthenon!
“This was done by one of Ender’s servants.” She knew that she could not escape and drank poison. Her body was found near the remains of a fairy, ”said the abbess.
At this point, the anger of mother, senior abbess and some knights has reached its limit!
Today has become the most humiliating for the Parthenon! Not only was one of the holiest killed, but an attacker appeared who defiled the remains of the fairy! There is no forgiveness for such crimes !!
– Who in the end is behind all this !! – This time, mother lost her temper. Silence reigned around.
After all, she was a beloved and revered fairy! From the realization that something more could be hidden behind such events, everyone’s hair stood on end. Perhaps there are forces in whose eyes the Parthenon has no authority!
It’s the same as declaring war on the Parthenon !!!
Today’s act of Mo Fan was already considered crazy and courageous. But the last terrible incident crossed out all the authority of the Parthenon!
“The Parthenon’s greatest achievement has always been the art of resurrection.” So can you try and see if it is possible to restore a body that has been cut to pieces? – Suddenly there was a leisurely appeal to my mother.
Mother froze for a split second, and then gazed steadily at the woman sitting among the guests.
She was dressed in an elegant ceremonial white dress, since participation in the burial ceremony was an important event among believers.
A woman sitting in the midst of an excited crowd slowly stood up. Strong negative energy emanated from her body, which stood out sharply against the background of other people.
A large hat flaunted a woman’s head, and a red veil covered her entire face and neck. Through the veil, only vague outlines could be seen, but not who she really was …
A strange lifeless breath spread from the body of a stranger, as if she were a ghost. But her silhouette and manners, on the contrary, were the same as that of most girls!
Mother stared at the man who dared to express his opinions in the Parthenon.
“Conti, what are you up to?”
– Yes, she’s crazy!
Many immediately recognized the woman Conti, who has great authority in the coastal coalition. No one expected that Conti’s hatred of the Parthenon was so strong that she would send a man to desecrate the remains of a fairy, and even have the audacity to come here in person!
Through the veil, Conti smiled. She did not give a damn about the reproaches of those around her and she calmly climbed the dais for a funeral rite.
She stood up so that everyone present could see her and with her hand gave a sign towards Reina.
Reina did not understand what was going on, but then black blood poured from her mouth. Black blood erupted in a fountain half a meter high! Surrounding people scattered in fright in different directions.
Standing next to Zimin numb. Just from the Rhine it was all right, why did blood suddenly pour ??
And why is she black …
Performing various tasks, Lin Lin often returned with various finds and gave them to Song Jimin. Among them was a very unusual black poisonous blood, which Song Zimin had time to examine a little!
Feeling that the smell of blood that is being erupted from the Rhine is very similar to that poisonous blood, Sun Zimin was astonished!
Isn’t such a terrible poison a special tool of the minions of the black church ?? In addition, Fan Shaoli, who turned out to be a student of Salan, used this particular poison!
– Reina! Faster use everything you can to protect your heart! If the poison reaches the heart, then you will die !! – Sun Tsimin blurted out in a hurry.
Reina continued to bleed, clutching her hand in Song Jimin. She pointed to a woman in a hat, trying to say something, but could not utter a word …
The poison spread very quickly. The magician from the bound court guarding the Rhine angrily rushed at the woman in the hat.
– If you do not want your judge to turn into a mummy, then disappear from my field of vision! – in a cold voice Conti felt an order.
The forensic magician stopped abruptly. Looking around, he saw that the judge Reina managed to take measures to slow down the poison, but still was on the verge of life and death!
This misfortune happened so unexpectedly that the remaining few judges froze in complete confusion.
Soon, one of the judges also poured black blood, but the bleeding was not so strong. Several abbesses tried to help him, but they still could not eliminate the effect of the poison, and he continued to spread throughout the body. In an instant, insane panic reigned over the whole mountain!
“You … you’re not Conti!” Who are you?? Why did you poison the judges ?? – the judicial magician was ready to kill her.
– I AM? – the woman laughed contemptuously, seeing anger and disgust on the faces of people.
In a caustic tone, she finally answered:
– I’m Salan! – after these words the whole sacred mountain seemed to explode !!
Salan ??
She is Salan !!!
Cardinal of the black church! The world famous head of the black throne! She is the culprit of disasters in the city of Bo and in the ancient capital! She is evil herself!
But isn’t Salan the girl the totem snake is trying to save at the same time? Isn’t that Xin Xia? Why did Salak appear here, in front of everyone’s eyes ??
I am Salan …
Just one short phrase spread fear in the hearts of the strongest magicians and members of the authoritative Parthenon!

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