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In front of this scene, there seems to be a mysterious power, so that the crowd can hold their breath, and their heads are blank, until the bursts of sound burst, the stalemate will be broken.

At this moment, a path of figure plucked from Lingwu Wufu, these people wearing black system long gown, are the Law Enforcement Disc’s Law Enforcement disciple, they see this situation, they are also showing amazement.

Behind the Law Enforcement disciple, an old man walked slowly.

Ling Xiaowu’s discipline saw this old man, the pupil shivered slightly, and seemed to see what terrifying things, all of them bowed their heads and could not look straight.

The old man is called Iron Unforcement, and the Law Enforcement Temple Palace Lord has the highest Law Enforcement right in Lingxiaowufu.

He glanced around and saw the two ashing eyebrows erect when they saw the corpse in the deep pit, making the atmosphere of the entire space solidify.

“Iron elder, all this is caused by Chu Xingyun, this madman, he not only killed my brother, but also killed Xiao Yuelder, please hurry to capture it, otherwise, the whole Lingxiao Wufu will be Stir up!] Seeing the iron unintentional arrival, Li Chen’s heart raised a glimmer of hope.

“He killed Li Yi and Xiao Yu?” Iron couldn’t look at it.

Just now, when he felt a tough battle storm in Lingxiao Wufu, he immediately rushed over and thought that there was an Earth Spirit powerhouse in the make a move.

Who knows, Li Chen actually said that the make a move is the thin young man who only has Spirit Gathering Third Level days, and this young man also killed Li Yi and Xiao Yu.

“Li Yi’s cultivation base has reached Spirit Gathering Eigth Level Day Realm, and Xiao Yu has stepped into the Earth Spirit. This brat kills two people? What a joke!” Iron didn’t believe it at all, but he felt it. Chu Xingyun’s violent scent in the body is almost exactly the same as the scene of the beast.

Take a deep breath, iron no heart to leave the distracting thoughts, staring at Chu Xingyun coldly asked: “Chu Xingyun, just now Li Chen said is true, you killed Li Yi and Xiao Yu?”

“Yes, these two people are killing me.” Chu Xingyun did not argue, directly confessed.

“Why are you killing them?” Iron asked, and his face was expressionless, but his heart was choppy and horrified.

“I agreed with Li Yi about the battle between life and death. After the victory, I make a move to kill Li Yi on the spot. This Xiao Xiao was furious and made a move directly to me, so I killed him.” Chu Xingyun Shrugging, the tone seems very casual.

“impudent !”

Iron no heart screamed and said: “Sect Rule has a saying, the government is strictly prohibiting the killing, Chu Xingyun, you are so courageous, killing Li Yi does not say, even the Xiaofu who is the military elder is killed, in your eyes, There are no rules!”

“Iron elder, you misunderstood, Chu Xingyun made a move to Li Yi and Xiao Yu, that is…” Yang Feng stepped forward and wanted to help Chu Xingyun to argue, but he did not finish talking, Chu Xingyun It is to reach out and interrupt it.

I saw Chu Xingyun’s footsteps, facing the cold face of the iron heartless, and laughed, and then said: “A few days ago, within the foggy forest, Li Chen gathered other disciplines, tried every means to chase me, I make a move Killed, but was injured by Li Yi, but also crowned anonymity, then, they both obeyed the rules?”

“After that, Li Chen and Li Yi once again made a move, and even summoned the cloud dream Wufu’s discipline to kill me, and forced me into danger again. Fortunately, my life was big, I was lucky enough to survive, I went back to Lingxiaowufu. After that, challenge Li Yi in the name of core disciple, make a move will be his Kill and Behead, may I ask, where am I wrong?”

“Xiao Wei used the elder identity to suppress me, and combined Gu Qingsong make a move, I want to force me to submit, I am in danger and self-defense, kill him, this is where is wrong, could it be that I should stand Can’t move, let him kill, let him kill?”

Chu Xingyun opened his mouth and said everything slowly. Every word is so clear, irony, passed into the ears of the crowd, and also passed into the iron unintentional ear, let them Mind shock.

“A nonsense, when will I chase you!” When he heard Chu Xingyun’s words, Li Chen was even more panicked and refused to admit these facts. He also said that Chu Xingyun was full of nonsense.

“I am laking hatred and enmity with you. The reason why make a move is just to help Xiao Elder stop the chaos, no matter what!”

Gu Qingsong also spoke up and pushed all the responsibilities to the dead man of Xiao Yu. The eyes turned and whispered, and the words turned, and said: “Further, I can use personality guarantee, in the foggy forest, the cloud Mengwufu discipline never made a move to you. During the whole process, I looked at Shui Qianyue and Luo Sheng. They were cloneless and how could they deal with you with Li Chen.”

“Oh? Is it?”

When Chu Xingyun heard Gu Qingsong’s argument, he grinned and asked: “I don’t seem to have said it from beginning to end. The people who joined forces with Li Chen are Shui Qianyue and Luo Sheng?”


The heart of Gu Qingsong slammed down, the whole face became pale, and the limbs shiver coldly.

When the surrounding people heard Chu Xingyun’s words, they saw the strangeness of the ancient pines, and the bright glow flashed in the eyes, all of which were unusual.

“Someone owns the stone to move the foot of the owner, but it really makes me open my eyes.” Yang Feng sneered, there is no conceal own deep in one’s heart.

In fact, Gu Qingsong is not a stupid person. As a meritorious deed of Yunmengwufu, his position is detached and the city is extremely deep.

However, the scene that appeared in front of him today is really shocking, especially the sword of Chu Xingyun, the beast of the beast, the burning of the void, is beyond the scope of his heart, let him Mind chaos.

In this case, he could not do much thinking. When he spoke, Chu Xingyun caught a huge flaw.

“In the conversation just now, if the iron elder is still not convinced, it would be fine. There are a lot of new disciplines in the scene of the day. You can find out the truth by looking for some people.”

Chu Xingyun will once again look at the iron unintentional body, the look is still light, with a smile with a smile: “However, I still recommend that you investigate the Law Enforcement Temple carefully, after all, this matter involves the two major military, if it is sloppy In the future, I am afraid that the prestige of the Law Enforcement Temple will be destroyed.”

“You…” Iron was in a hurry, this Chu Xingyun, actually dared to turn the corner to threaten him!

However, what Chu Xingyun said is also a sentence.

The whole thing is very wide-ranging. If it is not handled properly, not only will the prestige of the Law Enforcement Temple be destroyed, but I am afraid that even the reputation of Lingwu Wufu will be affected by the population.

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