Chapter 1170. Life for Life.


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– Pf! What a circus! Do you think you can fool us and we will let go of that real Salan? – Durand tried his best to stay calm.
“Judge, do you think this woman is not Salan, but just an assistant to Xin Xia who wants to distract our attention and help her escape?” Said another judge.
– That’s right. Otherwise, Salan would never have allowed herself to be trapped like that! – answered Durank.
How arrogant should Salan be to openly appear in the Parthenon? And go straight to the sacred mountain zone, on which there is a ban. But she drove herself into a corner!
Duranc was completely confident in his words, but in response to this, the woman in the hat laughed wildly. Her laughter contained contempt for everyone around her.
– She is Salan! – at that moment, Song Tsimin’s voice was heard.
Song Jiming was a former judicial official, and in past events he understood much more than everyone present. In fact, he began to guess the identity of Salan already when Pan Lai informed him of Isender’s death!
– Then prove it! – at this moment, the senior abbess of Mirol, holding in her hands the bloody stone of the cardinal, threw him towards the woman.
Salan caught the stone and gently stroked the patterns on its upper side …
– To control the archbishops, the high priest always carries one half of the stone with him. How did you get my stone? – Salan asked curiously, twirling a stone in her hands.
– Do not bully us! Our holy court sacrificed many magicians to get this stone from the black church! You better stop the action of the poison quickly, or you won’t get out of here! – Judge Bor said angrily.
The woman did not even glance at the judge. She put a hand to her mouth and bit lightly.
Soon, a thin stream of blood sucked out of her hand, and a couple of drops fell on the stone of the cardinal.
A couple of drops of blood, like a key, opened the stone of the cardinal, dusting for many years. The patterns on its surface disappeared, and he himself began to radiate a bloody radiance that covered the entire hill!
All people froze in horror!
When the stone absorbed Xin Xia blood, he reacted very slightly. At that time, the stone did not awaken at all with such force! Bloody radiance seemed to open the gates of hell, and the thick breath of death filled the whole mountain!
“Long time no see,” the woman looked at the cardinal’s bloody stone like a mother who had not seen her child for a long time. Such a clear manifestation of love surprised everyone around.
Soon, everyone noticed that in the second hand the woman holds another similar stone, the lines of the fracture of which exactly coincide with the bloody stone of the cardinal! When she connected the two halves together, the stone became like a red heart of a demon, and the ripples emanating from it caused suffocation from everyone who was nearby!
“This is …” the judge was completely dumbfounded.
Mirola also stood in one place, staring at the woman in fear.
The stranger not only completely awakened the cardinal’s stone, but also possessed the second half of the stone, which is proof of the cardinal’s personality. Joining together, the stone could release a terrible dark power !!
She awoke the stone and took out its second part !!
She really is Salan !!
It was the cardinal’s bloody stone that was conclusive evidence of Xin Xia’s guilt. But if this woman managed to awaken the stone so deeply, then Xin Xia is innocent! This woman herself admitted that she is the cardinal of the black church!
“I came here for two things.” The first is to take the second half of my stone, and the second is to take the life of Durand. The dismemberment of Yiddish’s body was just a fleeting impulse without any bad intentions. She will be indebted to me for a long time … – Salan herself admitted that it was she who dismembered the remains of the fairy. Surrounded by the powerful Parthenon magicians, she did not feel restless.
After these words, the members of the Parthenon exploded in anger.
Yiddish was a fairy, she was the faith of the whole Parthenon! Desecrating her remains is an even worse crime than killing followers! And Salan tells them so, as if it were nothing!
A fleeting rush without bad intentions !!! What recklessness !!
– Arrest her !! – Mother could no longer listen to this.
Not so long ago, a totem snake brought from China slapped all the Parthenon armed forces. And the act of Salan completely destroyed all the greatness of the Parthenon! If today they fail to destroy their two, then what will happen to the Parthenon ??
– There is! – The seven knights of the golden sun, standing behind mother, immediately came forward.
These seven knights should become the personal guardians of the future fairies. When the totem snake appeared, they did not even think about helping, because now their main duty is to protect mother and senior abbess.
During the absence of the fairies, the knights implicitly obeyed their mother. All of them had four fully developed elements and could eliminate any threat!
Salan is certainly strong, but obviously he will not be able to defeat the seven knights at once.
Seven knights of the golden sun approached Salan, but she did not run away, but on the contrary obediently extended both hands, as if giving up. But her insidious smile said the exact opposite!
* Bam!

Seven knights quickly seized Salan, but at that time, mother also began to bleed. Black blood spattered all the clothes of the elder abbess of Mirola.
Feeling the dark breath of black blood, the abbess was horrified.
Several other knights began to startled in fright, hastily surrounding Mother. Abbesses and servants, pale with fear, came one by one to her mother.
– You!! How did you do that?? Impossible !! – Mother choked with black blood. Not believing what was happening, she looked with horror at Salan.
After all, she is the mother of the Parthenon fairy temple! Besides the fairy herself, her magic of healing and blessing is considered the most powerful in the world! She can neutralize any poison, but now she was dying from the poison of the black church!
– You can kill me right now, I will not resist. But then we will die with my mother, ”Salan said in an even tone.
“You are the devil!” What are you up to?? – suddenly shouted Mirol.
From the very beginning, everyone thought that only a few judges were poisoned, and their lives were completely in the hands of Salan, but even mother was on the verge of life and death. She possessed strong magical skills, but under the influence of this terrible poison magic is suppressed. Mother’s healing magic no longer had the same power and could not help.
How did Salan manage to poison them all? Are there really any servants of the black church in the Parthenon ??
If the power of the black church is so wide, then it really is terrifying !!
Salan stood silently. Raising her head, she watched the raging serpent, which almost destroyed the forbidden barrier.
“Song Qimin, you are the one who knows this poison the most, maybe they will listen to you,” Salan turned to the old man.
Old Man Bao was not at all surprised that Salan knew his real name. Taking a deep breath, he replied:
– This type of poison is parasitic. If mother dies, then he will hide in the body of one of the nearby people. The incubation period is quite long, but when waking up, it acts quickly. The poisonous uterus that controls the poison is most likely in her body. If the uterus dies, then the speed of spread of the poison will increase tenfold. With the exception of resurrection, there is no other way to save the victims.
The womb used by Fan Shaoli was just an entry-level breakdown. Only during the study, did old Bao learn about the terrible consequences of a uterine death. At first, old Bao thought that the followers of the black church had not yet sufficiently studied the properties of this poison, but Salan used a higher-level poisonous uterus!
This poisonous uterus was very different from the one that Mo Fanyu once met. When the uterus was destroyed, infected people, on the contrary, were in even greater danger!
Salan was not without reason so confidently appeared in the Parthenon. She was on full alert. No one could understand how she managed to charge these people!
“Pamisha, what is it like to die with me?” – Salan laughed. She turned to mother Pamish, as an old friend.
Mother was already deadly pale. Black blood flowed continuously from her mouth, and she could not utter a word …
Salak gazed steadily at her mother, and then the corners of her mouth twitched and black blood poured from her too!
The flow of black blood became stronger. The vitality left Salan in front of everyone!
* Bam!
* Poof!
Judge Reina and mother Panisha simultaneously accelerated bleeding, a deadly stench spread throughout the district.
– Mother!
– Mother !!
– Referee!!
Seeing this, the abbesses and magicians from the holy court became even more alarmed. They could not do anything, but just stand and look at this horror!
“Ost … stop …” my mother tried to say something. Salan was gradually killing herself and mother felt like the last vitality was leaving her!
By strength, this poison was unparalleled. Mother was sure that in the future she could get this poison parasite out of her body, but now that Salan was determined to commit suicide in order to take away her mother’s life, the speed of poison increased tenfold and her mother had no chance!

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