Chapter 1171: ***


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– Retreat, you all retreat! – a little lively mother screamed at the seven knights of the golden sun.
The knights obeyed their mother’s orders, not daring to strike the crazy Salan.
– Ha ha ha, Pamisha, and you are a selfish creature! – Salan suddenly laughed madly.
For the black church – one more cardinal, one less – this is not a problem. But the Parthenon could not lose his mother. The fairy has not yet been chosen, and if mother dies, then riots will begin in the Parthenon!
Salan was a self-detonating bomb. She did not care that she would die with the high officials of the Parthenon. Seeing that Salan was ready to exchange her life for the life of mother, the rest of the judges and employees of the Parthenon did not dare to approach her.
They could only stand in the distance and drown in their shame.
But even they could not imagine that on the sacred mountain of the Parthenon a cardinal of the black church would suddenly appear, who would dispose in his own way. This Salan was indeed more terrible than was told about her. To date, even the highest-ranking high priest has not done this!
“Durand, for your sins you deserve the title of Cardinal of the Black Church.” You played a good drama here, but don’t you think that you can be destroyed by someone else? – Salan went to Durank.
Durand stared at her, he was very excited.
“Your poison cannot infect me,” Duranc looked very self-confident, he was not afraid of Salan. But Salan had already taken the lives of her mother and several judges, now no one dared to take risks.
– You have long hatched a plan to kill that girl, which is guarded by a dangerous guy. But I don’t need to interfere, you are already dead, ”Salan said.
Having said this, Salan headed for the tower on top of the mountain.
Even the strongest magicians did not dare to block the path of this terrible man. Her tricks were terrifying. Even the high priest of the black church never created such problems for the Parthenon.
“Wait,” said Song Jiming Salan.
Salan stopped on a mountain path that was destroyed beyond recognition.
At this moment, all the people on the mountain only dreamed of running away from this terrible man who brings misfortune. If she really reaches such a degree of insanity that she will die along with everyone, then there will be nobody to bury them all.
“That is the thing of the past years, why did you pour the old hatred on those innocent people?” How many people died in the city of Bo, and then in Xi’an? If Wentai knew that you would choose such a path, then he would not be able to calmly leave for the afterlife! – said Song Jiming to the silhouette of Salan.
– Black and white, I made the wrong choice, but this is my choice! He lies in the mountains and will not return from there. And I will cut out his whole city! – Salan said indifferently.
“Just for punishing him alone, are you ready to destroy the inhabitants of the whole city?”
“Yes, and this is only the beginning,” Salan said.
Song Qiming stood there, his eyes gradually filled with cold.
Now he stood about a hundred meters from Salan. Salan all the time suddenly appears and disappears. But the worst thing is that this time she first showed people her true face. Now was the right moment for her to fulfill her evil intentions. Song Qiming could not calmly watch how Salan, creating a catastrophe in any place where she appears, leaves just like that. And these were all the evil consequences engendered by the Holy Court …
Salan continued to walk along the mountain road, her silhouette gradually receded, and Song Tsimin did nothing.
It was in his power to kill Salan, but Song Tsimin, in the end, did not do this … The old man suddenly lost courage.
The older people became, the more they considered their actions, there was less courage left in them. Song Qimin was looking at Mo Fan next to the totem serpent and would like to be him now. In that case, he would certainly have killed Salan without hesitation!
While Song Qiming was hesitant, Salan had already moved a decent distance. The venom of black blood also gradually weakened as it left.
Song Qiming returned to the Rhine, and found that she had already lost consciousness. It was completely unclear whether she would survive.
But mother Pamisha was already able to take control of the poison, her servant wanted to chase Salan, but mother stopped her and ordered the enlightened woman to check the Fairy Temple and bring all suspicious persons to fresh water!
One explanation for the fact that Salan behaved so arrogantly is the infection of the temple of the fairies with a black church. That servant who cut Yiddish’s body into 8 parts had already committed suicide. But you had to find someone who helped to implement this!
– Mother, if Salan personally appeared before us, it means that E Xin Xia is innocent. “I think we need to remove the ban and release Mo Fan and Xin Xia,” Song Tsimin told his mother right away, seeing that she was in good condition.
– The fact that E Xin Xia killed Panisa is a fact. Suppose she is not Salan, but the crime was committed. Mo Fan has done things in the Parthenon – he is a rebel! What grounds for pardon can now be? – suddenly shouted Mirola.
Mother’s face went dark.
Today they have already lost their dignity, Salan almost took their lives, after which they did not dare to take risks. But Mo Fan, E Xin Xia and even that huge totem snake. Shouldn’t the Parthenon spare them ?!
– Hmm … But do not you think that, having organized a riot, Mo Fan gave Salan a great chance to penetrate the sacred mountain. Perhaps Mo Fan has long been in conspiracy with Salan, and there will be no mercy for such a crime! – said Durank.
Hearing the words of Durank, Song Jimin was angry!
Yes, these people have lost shame! To what extent did the Parthenon and the Holy Court reach ignorance? Don’t they understand that the appearance of Salan is due to the fact that they incorrectly condemned Xin Xia, calling her Salan!
E Xin Xia is not Salan, which meant that she had absolutely no motive to kill the most holy Panisa. A big secret is hidden here. Will the Parthenon and the Holy Court really not understand this?
– Old Man Song, no need. The Holy Court has already made a decision, that girl cannot be saved anymore, ”said weak Reina to Song Tsimin.
– What do you mean, do not save ?!
“Durand obeys the order of the Dark Holy Court, the executioners are not magicians of the holy court,” Reina said.
As soon as Song Jiming heard these words, his expression changed immediately. He raised his head and stared at the totem serpent who had broken through the ban of the sacred mountain and at Mo Fan, who at all costs wanted to save Xin Xia!
…………… ..
– Durank, are you crazy ?! – Song Jimin suddenly got angry so that he could no longer restrain himself. He screamed, and his body, glowing, appeared in front of Durank.
Song Jimin’s gaze was filled with anger and hatred, he wanted to kill. His powerful spiritual powers immediately filled the space in front of Durank. The magicians from the Holy Court, located next to Durand, could not stand such power, they immediately lost consciousness.
Durand stared at Song Tsimin, his body was also filled with powerful energy. One of them was an old judge of the Holy Court, the other was the chief judge with great power. Faced with each other, they formed such a powerful force that even a top-level mage had to retreat.
In an instant around them two in a radius of 100 meters was not a single person. The two strongest magicians had not yet used magic, but a storm was already boiling around them.
“She is Salan.” What is it that I connected the Dark Holy Court? And you are no longer a judge, you have no authority to ask about my decision! – Durant insisted.
– The girl is innocent! And you are abusing your position!
“I’m not the only one who threw a black stone.” Song Qiming, you never learned to analyze. Wentai died, in the end, am I the only reason? Wentai was so bright, even Yiddish could not stand firm because of him. Such people have only one way – this is death! – Durank said indifferently to Song Jimin.
– A Ye Xin Xia? !!! Cried Song Qimin angrily.
The officers of the Holy Court stood nearby, the strength of two people terrified them, they did not even dare to approach.
“If you know the position of Salan, have you really not guessed who this girl is?” Song Jimin, you are a loser in life. You do not have this unwavering, iron character. Yiddish was our leader and only she could destroy the henchmen of the dark forces, which would make the Holy Court more outstanding! – on the face of Duranca was written pity.
“Ah … so this … this is your clever plan!” – looking at the smug look of Durank, Song Jimin with horror realized that there was a conspiracy.
At that moment, when Song Tsimin understood everything, he thought he was just having a nightmare.

Fairy Temple
The covered gallery was strewn with purple crystals. Dressed in a dark green skirt, Azalea moved toward the end of the gallery.
The end of the gallery was a sacred part of the temple. There was a blue coffin, in shape it looked like a leaf. A very graceful woman lay inside the coffin, adorned with jewelry.
Azalea came to the tomb, the deputy chief knight of the temple, seeing her, was in indecision.
Azalea looked at the coffin and saw that the body of the woman lying there was whole, coldly said: “There were rumors that Yiddish’s body was cut into 8 parts, is that not true?”
That knight is a guard and did not know what to answer, he began to actively retreat to the tomb.
Azalea approached, seeing that there were traces of blood in the coffin, she was taken aback.
On the body of Yiddish there were indeed marks from the cuts, but they slowly overgrew!
The body of Yiddish, which was cut into 8 parts, itself gathered together!

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