Chapter 1172. The Risen.


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Azalea looked at Yiddish lying in a coffin. Watching her face, Azalea had a vague feeling that the fairy was only sleeping. Eyelashes seemed to tremble, and such powerful energy was emanating from the body that Azalea did not even dare to approach.
Azalea involuntarily stepped back. Looking back, she glanced at the guarding deputy of the main knight.
The knight did not say anything, but when the voice of the elder abbess Mirola, hurrying here to carefully examine the remains of the fairy, was heard in the covered gallery, he sighed with relief.
“Did you immediately find out about this?” Asked Azalea.
“Yes,” Mirola nodded.
“Do you really think that only she can lead you to greatness?” It seems to me that she, on the contrary, pulled you down step by step, ”Azalea said bluntly.
“Azalea, you’ve been here for many years, and you probably noticed that the position of the fairy temple is getting worse year after year.” This happens not only because we do not have a fairies that continues the tradition of inheritance, but also because our previous leaders were too weak, all of them were too kind and merciful. In this vast world, suffering is endless. The Black Church is constantly trying to undermine the foundations of society, dark forces arrange disasters, disasters, epidemics, and attacks by monsters endlessly. The Parthenon is constantly attacked by the titans. During the reign of the Yiddish fairy, the Parthenon was deeply respected by countries around the world. We never showed weaknesses or compromises! – said Mirola.
Here were only Azalea and Mirol, as well as the deputy chief knight Landin, standing near the body of the fairy.
Landin’s abilities were not inferior to Hailun. He was an experienced knight, and few of the Parthenon people heard him speak.
“Azalea, you’re a smart girl.” You need to make the right decision, otherwise you will not be able to stay in the Parthenon for a long time, ”said Miola.
“Apparently Ender’s death is also your business,” Azalea grinned coldly.
– Ender is very smart. She realized that she didn’t lose to the other applicants, but to her own teacher, and she chose this way to finish it all, ”said Mirola.
– And Panis?
– Panis? Didn’t you understand that she was with us from the very beginning? – smiled Mirola.
“Ye Xin Xia did not kill her, she did it herself, right?” – Guessed Azalea.
– Right. In any case, there should be a catalyst. Do not worry, when the Yiddish fairy returns to its place, Panisa will immediately wake up as if from a dream. Yiddish cannot calmly watch her faithful follower leave this world. Moreover, she will not be here forever, and she will need a successor, ”Mirola said with a grin.
At this point, Mirol has already approached the coffin of the fairies. She looked around at the fairy’s healing body, and then she noticed a slight trembling of her eyelashes.
Seeing this, Mirol was delighted. This day has finally arrived!
“Such pathetic speeches, all for the sake of the Parthenon!” And for me, you are just a group of people who do not want to give others their familiar places! You just want to continue to enjoy this power! – said Azalea.
“They are all weak, and we ourselves can only be here for a few years.” Well, have you considered everything? Azalea, you are smarter than Ender. You always managed to be on a neutral border, not posing a threat to either side. But now we can’t leave such people. We either eliminate them or force them to obey! – said Mirola.
Glancing at Yiddish’s body, Azalea coldly answered:
“I think Salan acted too generously, not turning Yiddish’s body into mincemeat!”
Mirol faded immediately. Offending the fairy, Azalea made clear about her position.
“Do you think she has enough strength?” All the shame she inflicted on Yiddish, the fairy is doubly more faithful to her! Miola shouted angrily.
Azalea took a few steps back. Suddenly, a thin black sword appeared in her hand and the girl in an instant appeared next to the body of the fairy. Azalea pointed the point of the sword directly into the fairies forehead and swung.
Only then did the fairy finally wake up. She opened her eyes sharply and looked at Azalea. Her eyes seemed so dark and bottomless, as if in them was the whole universe. With a cold, indifferent look, she stared at Azalea!
– How brave! – said Mirola.
Knight Landin did not expect Azalea to do something similar. In one sharp movement, he found himself next to the fairy and released a golden glow to protect her!
Azalea seemed to know in advance that her attempt would fail. She quickly hid the sword, and her silhouette disappeared …
At this moment, Mirol and the knight Landin were only thinking about protecting the fairies. They did not immediately realize that in such a maneuver Azalea simply wanted to distract their attention. The most important thing for her was an escape from here!
– Catch up with her! Don’t let this scum get away! She will break all our plans! – Mirola gave the order to the knight.
The knight, leaving behind a shadow trail, sped off after Azalea.
The knight in two counts caught up with Azalea. With a straight face he silently stood in front of the girl, but anger sparkled in his eyes.
“Are you ready to sacrifice your life for them, too?” Obviously you are aware of all their frauds! “Azalea understood that she was no match for this knight.”
“There must always be a choice,” Landin said finally.
“As you do not understand, Adisha does not use the magic of the Parthenon resurrection at all!” Said Azalea in desperation.
– I know. Give my apologies to Wentai, – the knight lifted a hand in which the blue flame was already burning. Flashes of light reflected on the pale face of Azalea.
Azalea’s expression froze, and her gaze froze.
Waves of dark breathing surrounded the whole body of Azalea, turning into body armor and giving it powerful dark forces.
“The dirty dark forces ruined you,” the knight said impassively, looking at Azalea.
– The Parthenon has become the kingdom of one man. Even with all her power, I’m not going to obey! – Azalea already had a black sword in her hands. The sword sparkled here and there, forcing the knight to retreat.
Knight Landin stepped back, using a volcanic shield for protection.
The glitter of the sword appeared in one place for only one instant, and then again disappeared. The azalea moved so fast that by the time the knight had time to react, only dark breathing remained.
Azalea ran to a dense forest. she felt that the knight was relentlessly pursuing her, like a wolf sniffing out game.
Among the mountain peaks were the outlines of the sacred silent temple. Even there is now unsafe. Azalea had no idea how many people from the Parthenon temple had already submitted to the power of Yiddish, but she was sure that if E Xin Xia was sentenced to death, then she herself would die the next. Yiddish will not leave a single rival!
* Bam !!!
A loud roar shook the blue sky. The totem serpent finally broke through the forbidden barrier and half climbed out of it.
Gritting her teeth, Azalea defeated the totem snake.
If she wants to escape from the Parthenon, then the strength of the totem serpent is very welcome here. At the moment, all the Parthenon magicians have already been given orders on behalf of the new government. Although Azalea was the holiest, God alone knows what crimes they could blame on her. It was enough just one word of the one who now rules the Parthenon!
– Hailong, Shawshan! They are about to run away from here. I use the power of the holy to strengthen the forbidden barrier and turn this monster into ashes! – Azalea appeared in front of two magicians.
– Holy, it’s very dangerous here. You better take refuge in a safe place, ”one of the knights of the golden sun said hastily.
“If they can escape, it will destroy the Parthenon’s reputation!” – answered Azalea.
Outwardly, she looked completely calm, but her soul was full of gloomy fears. She was worried that Hailong and Shoushen had already submitted to Yiddish authority. If so, then she can’t get out of here.
“There is no point in breaking the barrier.” Our people have already surrounded the mountain, they have nowhere to run. But if the holy can strengthen the barrier – it is even better! So we will get rid of unnecessary trouble, this snake is probably not easy to overcome, ”Hailong nodded, allowing Azaleas to strengthen the barrier.
The very first person to create a forbidden barrier was Wentai. It was thanks to him that the Parthenon turned into an impregnable fortress. Subsequently, the technique of creating such a barrier was betrayed to Azalea, and it was she who, in ordinary times, was responsible for its safety.
Azalea approached the zone of the forbidden barrier. The ban did not distinguish between his own and those of others, but he did no harm to Azalea, but on the contrary provided her with a safe passage.
As soon as she passed the barrier, an enraged Landin appeared. He gazed at Azalea inside the forbidden barrier.
“What the hell were you?” Why don’t you guard the fairy? – Raising his eyebrows, Hailong angrily turned to the knight.
“Azalea is conspiring with the black church.” She cut the body of Yiddish into eight parts. I came to arrest her on the orders of the senior abbess Mirola, ”Landin answered as quickly as if he had prepared the answer in advance.

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