Chapter 1173. The Death of Wentai.


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– What … the body of Yiddish was cut into eight parts ?? Cried Hailong and Shoushen angrily.
The other knights of the golden sun were also shocked by what they heard.
Yiddish was a fairy, many people were faithful to her and for her honor were ready to sacrifice their own lives!
“That can’t be!” Are you sure? – Hailong still could not believe what he heard.
– So said the senior abbess. Apparently, Azalea had long hated Yiddish and was waiting for an opportunity to take revenge. In any case, whether she really did it or not, we still cannot let her out of the Parthenon, ”Landin answered.
“But … she has already gone beyond the barrier.”
“I will go down the Milky Way and block this path.” At the same time, I’m stopping the totem snake from taking criminal Xin Xia with him, ”said the deputy chief knight.
“Well, take them with you and surround the back of the forbidden barrier,” Hailong, without thinking twice, threw some of the people to help Landin.
Leading a group of elite knights, Landin set off on the Milky Way. There was no forbidden barrier on that side.
Landin, Shoushen, a detachment of knights and decision mages were here all the time and watched the situation with the totem snake, they were not aware of the latest events happening in the Parthenon. Azalea, guessing about a major conspiracy, went to the fairy temple, demanding an explanation, but in the end she was nearly killed!
Azalea passed through the forbidden bar and, looking up, looked at a giant snake, which itself was the size of a mountain peak.
The ban did no harm to her. In the end, it was created by her adoptive father, and in the whole Parthenon no one understands this magic better than she.
– Mo Fan! I will lead you beyond the barrier! – Azalea shouted loudly towards the head of the snake, which was very high.
Mo Fan and Xin Xia, too, were subjected to the power of prohibition magic and were injured. If it were not for the protection of the snake, then they would immediately have turned to ashes.
Mo Fan looked at Azalea with obvious doubt.
The guy decided to trust her. If she wanted them to fail, all she had to do was just stay away.
“Hey big snake, don’t attack her,” Mo Fan turned to the totem snake.
A huge snake caught Azalea with its tail and gently lowered it onto his head.
As soon as Azalea landed on the head of the snake, the magic of the ban immediately weakened, which allowed the wounded snake to finally rest.
“Command your snake to move toward the gorge.” I will open the way for you, ”Azalea rapped quickly. She looked not the best.
Mo Fan did not ask unnecessary questions and immediately explained to the totem snake their route.
On the territory of the ban every half a meter was given a snake with great difficulty. It was necessary to show the slightest negligence, and it was possible to cause even more destructive magic of the ban.
But with Azalea, the snake felt that the aggressive power of the ban noticeably weakened and they began to gradually move towards the exit.
“Are you hurt?” – Mo Fan soon noticed burns on the body of Azalea.
– All this is one big conspiracy! The girl blurted out suddenly.
– What happened? – asked Mo Fan.
– All these choices. The candidates for the post of fairies were not the four holiest at all, but the past Yiddish fairy! Said Azalea indignantly.
“Didn’t she die?” – asked Mo Fan.
– Yes, everyone thought so. But do not forget that the Parthenon has the magic of resurrection!
– The magic of resurrection!
Was it not because of the unique magic of resurrection that the Parthenon always had a high and independent position in society? Only in recent years, due to the fact that the place of the fairy was empty, the magic of resurrection was forgotten.
Azalea looks at E Xin Xia:
“From the very beginning you were supposed to be sacrificed for the resurrection of Yiddish.” From the very first day you arrived in the Parthenon, people have known who you really are. They step by step set a trap for you and waited for the day when they can pass you on to the dark holy court. The resurrected Yiddish would take the place of a fairy and finally gain the resurrection abilities that she could not reach!
“Did they know who I really am?” – Xin Xia did not understand anything.
Was it not so long ago that everyone said that she was Salan?
– Do you really have any childhood memories left? Or the bug of oblivion Salan erased all the memories of those times? Asked Azalea.
“I don’t remember …” Xin Xia said quietly.
– Azalea, speak directly! Xin Xia is not Salan! – could not resist Mo Fan.
“She’s definitely not Salan.” But there is an unusual connection between them, and I think you, Mo Fan, cannot deny this. I do not believe that she did not have any memories, especially about the events that occurred before moving to your house.
“I really don’t remember anything.” I only remember that I was in many strange places. I thought that it was then very small and my memories were distorted. But all my memories break off when my mother and I moved to the city of Bo … – said Xin Xia.
“Do you know why you moved?”
Xin Xia shook her head.
“In those days, Yiddish wanted to kill you.” You were hiding from her and finally came to this town. “You are the daughter of Ventai,” said Azalea.
Mo Fan, in perplexity, looked from one girl to another. Isn’t Azalea the daughter of Wentai, and what does Xin Xia have to do with it?
“I’m just an adopted daughter, and Xin Xia is my own.” Wentai’s blood flows in her veins, but this is not the most important thing.
– Well, what is the main thing here? – asked Mo Fan.
– In that year, Wentai was called the Most Holy because his cultivation and spiritual development exceeded the level of his sister Yiddish. Despite the fact that Yiddish inherited the title of fairy, she did not receive the most important thing – the sacred spirit of the Parthenon. When the new fairy takes office, the sacred spirit of the Parthenon comes to her. A fairy with such a spirit becomes the true master of the magic of resurrection. That year, the fame of Wentai spread throughout the world, and when the sacred spirit of the Parthenon was transferred to him, he became the owner of a unique magic of resurrection. Despite the fact that Yiddish became a fairy and she managed to win the obedience of the people with fire and sword, she still achieved the sacred spirit of the Parthenon and did not possess the magic of resurrection, ”Azalea explained.
Hearing the words of Azalea, Mo Fan recalled that once upon a time she was telling him that it was Yiddish who threw a black stone, finding Wentai guilty and sentencing him to death. It turns out she did so, not because she considered him guilty, but because envy devoured her soul!
The fact that, becoming a fairy, she did not receive the recognition of the sacred spirit of the Parthenon, turned out to be a heavy blow for Yiddish. Wentai turned out to be much more influential than herself. She did not care that he was her sibling, she could not calm down while he was alive!
“Is this the real cause of Wentai’s death?” – asked Mo Fan.
Not that Mo Fan was very interested in the fate of Wentai, but he would never have thought that Xin Xia is his daughter. That is, precisely because Xin Xia and her mother were running away from Yiddish and hiding her real name, did she move to Mo Fan’s house at that time?
– That is, the fact that Xin Xia arrived in the Parthenon and became holy is also their work? – asked Mo Fan.
– Mother probably knew who Xin Xia really is. She felt ashamed of what happened to Wentai and therefore promoted Xin Xia to a higher position. But it was a very stupid act, just like personally giving Xin Xia to the hands of a group that wanted to resurrect Yiddish!
Mo Fan felt that there were still many gaps in this story, but by this time the snake had climbed out of the ban zone.
Azalea really helped them get out of the prohibition zone, but Mo Fan did not feel this joy, because outside them were numerous magicians of the Parthenon.
This time the Parthenon even called for magicians from the temple of decisions. On one of the hills, Mo Fan noticed a legion of magicians standing in even rows. Several thousand people stood there !!
The entire territory at the foot of the mountain from the side of the city was occupied by dense ranks of magicians from the temple of faith. some decision magicians and knights soared in the air, and some stood at the high points of the nearest hills. The entire slope of the mountain was strewn with magicians, stopping all the moves to escape!
They spent too much time trying to break through the ban, but there was no other choice. Judging by the explanations of Azalea, they were not going to let Xin Xia live. She was the most important link on the path of Yiddish to the throne of the fairies.
Seeing that the Parthenon had gathered all his strength, Mo Fan could not help laughing.
Obviously, Xin Xia is not Salan. Their evidence was perfect not substantiated. All these people knew about it, but still they were going to fulfill the order.
For them, the truth was not important, no matter whether she was guilty or not, most importantly – power. If the top says guilty, then she committed the most terrible crime. If the top says – not guilty, then they will calmly let go of the notorious villain. They did this to Wentai and will do it to Xin Xia!
“Did this Yiddish whore really come to life?” – Mo Fan turned and looked at the holy temple of the fairies.
“Yes, I saw her open her eyes.” Her followers will kill all the candidates. And then the resurrected Yiddish will go out to the people and say that since all the candidates have left this world, all that remains for her is to continue to occupy the post of fairies, – looking around the troops, Azalea lost her last hope, – but what’s the difference, we still won’t get out alive .
Opponents occupied the entire slope! Even a spell mage could do nothing!

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