Chapter 1174: Destructive armies!


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* Wind howl
A cold wind filled the entire sacred mountain. Slightly moist blue petals flew in the air, their cold and aroma were felt when the petals met their faces.
These petals were very fragile in the wind. Under the sudden rain, they turned into countless shreds, thin as silk.
Ye Xin Xia raised her head, her soul was as gloomy as in the sky. Seeing that inviolable light with which the Parthenon was covered, she entered its walls with the purest intentions, hoping to develop her abilities …
But this sacred mountain was harder than she thought. The Parthenon looked sacred and inviolable, but as soon as you take off your clothes from it, you could see the terrible essence.
Why did she want to get here?
If she alone were mired in this swampy swamp, she would not regret anything. But now Mo Fan was embroiled in this story! The Parthenon Armed Forces will not let him just leave.
“Maybe I should go with them?” They just need me … ”said Xin Xia.
Mo Fan shook his head.
How will the Parthenon miss them? In order for Yiddish to regain her post as fairies, they must eliminate all future difficulties.
“They’re coming,” Azalea said quietly.
Cold rain intertwined with petals under gray clouds. Mirol and Durand flew here, next to them were the knights of the golden sun. Their glittering armor could easily illuminate this entire mountain range.
Durand was followed by 4 magicians of the Holy Court. These magicians were so strong that even if Han Ji, Pan Lai or Zhu Meng wanted to block their path, they could not do it.
Seeing that the body of the totem snake turned into a bloody mess, the faces of Mirola and Duranke became more cheerful.
The ban on the sacred mountain was very strong. After the ban inflicted such wounds on the snake, there will be less loss among mages. After all, this is a beast of the level of a commander, even a mage of the highest level could inadvertently lose his life.
“Why did they fight the last effort?” Even the totem serpent cannot get out of this Sacred Mountain! Miola laughed coldly.
The totem serpent applied the scope of poison. Green poisonous fumes began to fill the mountain peak. When the sphere of poison was used, then even magicians below the highest level could not come close. In this way, an attack by an army of high-level magicians could be avoided. Gathered together, the high-level Parthenon mages could smash this mountain to the ground. But now they could not approach the totem snake.
“I don’t understand why you turned to the Dark Holy Court?” Does such an attitude towards Wentai’s daughter bring you joy? Asked Azalea.
“Hey, you deal with this area of poison,” Duranc told his subordinates.
How many eminent mages have gathered here? They could resist the snake. But the problem was that now the totem serpent was so angry that he would not spare anyone. World-class magicians could be counted on the fingers. If one dies, then it will be one less. Therefore, magicians did not want to engage in a mortal battle with a snake. The best solution was to release the magicians of the temple of decisions and the temple of faith in battle, they would be able to slowly destroy the snake, because he was already quite weakened from the ban of the sacred mountain!
Durank and Mirol were in no hurry. They knew that Mo Fan and the girls were already driven animals. Although Ban Lai, Han Ji and others tried to guard them, it was the Parthenon. As soon as several people were sent, the plan came true.
“You will die anyway!” Do you understand what you’re doing? – said, laughing, Durank.
“I am completing the work of my adoptive father,” answered Azalea.
At the moment, Azalea did not yet understand why they wanted Xin Xia to die.
The fact that E Xin Xia was the daughter of Wentai is true. Yiddish has already opened her eyes, which means that Xin Xia was not a key point in her resurrection. Is Yiddish’s hatred of Wentai reaching such proportions?
If so, why couldn’t it be done in secret? Why connect the Holy Court?
“Wentai was our adversary, which caused a lot of headache.” He knew that his death hour was approaching, and, having borrowed strength from the Dark Holy Court, he sealed the Parthenon’s holy spirit in her body, ”Durank said without a doubt, pointing to Xin Xia.
– The sacred spirit of the Parthenon in the body of Xin Xia ?! – Azalea as if suddenly came to her senses.
Mo Fan looked at Xin Xia.
– Yes, the Holy Court will not take up a case that has no reason. The spirit is fast asleep in her body, and it does not belong to Salan at all. And now what Yiddish needs the most is the sacred spirit of the Parthenon. Using a dark magical court, Wentai placed this spirit in her body, which means that the only way to get this spirit leads to the Dark Holy Court, ”Durank answered.
That is why Xin Xia’s legs were motionless! All because there were two souls in her body. And that was an unbearable burden for her!
But who knew that all these people, in order to obtain the sacred spirit again, would go to a terrible lie. They made people believe that Xin Xia is Salan, even Xin Xia believed in this heinous lie!
If it were not for the appearance of Salan, then people would have been in ignorance!
“Do you not think that in this way you are angry at the imperial palace and the court of China?” – asked Azalea
Mo Fan, Xin Xia and even the totem serpent were Chinese. Now Han Ji, Ban Lai and others knew the real situation, and this meant that relations with China would be completely broken!
– The Imperial Palace? Court of China? Azalea, next to you are the important persons of the Parthenon. Do you think the Parthenon will reckon with some tiny palace and court of China? After Yiddish obtains the sacred spirit of the Parthenon and masters the art of resurrection, China will kiss our heels. Who is not afraid of death? Especially dignitaries and heads of state. We only need to resurrect one important Chinese, so you think that for the sake of you, miserable people, they will break off all relations with us ?! One has only to master the art of resurrection and the whole world will be at our feet! – Durand laughed, it seemed to him that Azalea’s views were very childish.
“Even without the sacred spirit of the Parthenon, Yiddish will take the temple to a new level.” But if there is still the art of resurrection, then the magical communities of 5 continents will kneel before us. Azalea, Yiddish appreciates you. She sees in you her niece, who will patronize. If you betray her, then you will follow the mortal path! – said Mirola.
“You think who sent that servant to enter the room with the yiddish coffin?” I only regret that I did not do it myself. So I would have trampled her body to bloody porridge! Said Azalea coldly.
“Are you in collusion with Salan?” Miola asked in surprise.
– At first I didn’t know that she was Salan, but she offered me what I wanted to do during all these years! – answered Azalea.
– OK OK! You well concealed your intentions! But since you are unhappy with Yiddish, I will give her your words, let her deal with you herself! – said Mirola.
* Oooo
Suddenly, the sky announced the roar of a hurricane, as if the strongest funeral ringing rang out across the Acropolis of Athens.
Durank and Mirol dragged on time. The poison sphere of the totem serpent has already been eliminated by the magicians of the holy court. The army of magicians of the temple of decisions and the temple of faith stood separately on a dais and were sent to a huge totem snake that used its destructive power!
The sky rumbled, because the magicians of the temple-making army applied burial with a heavenly flame. The whole sky turned into a sea of fire. The light from the fire even reached residential areas at the foot of the mountain. Rain of fire fell on the ground and there was not even a place to hide from it.
The fiery rain that filled the sky really looked like a funeral ceremony. The fire seemed to be announcing the coming of Doomsday!

How tiny people seemed under this fiery rain!
The totem serpent raised its head, watching the burial of the heavenly flame. He cried out angrily, showing that he was not at all afraid!
The snake’s body was in blood, but he again issued a totem seal. Jumping up, the snake began to wriggle in the air, he created a very strong seal of the snake ring, which came out of the totem seal …
Rain of fire filled the sky, but the fire that fell into the seal of the serpentine ring immediately dispersed, as if it were not there.

– Go on! Destroy the totem snake!
Durank coldly gave orders to the knight of the golden sun Landin. The magician just waved his hand as white rays pierced the sky. He ordered the advance of the two armies of magicians!
The mages of the judgment court took their breath away, and on another mountain peak, star clouds and systems lit up with myriad stars. Two thousand magicians of the temple of faith, using the magic of the wind element raised a destructive storm. Countless wind magic created a terrible black color that formed a huge black creature – a typhoon dragon.
The body of a typhoon dragon was even larger than the body of a totem snake. The dragon was ready to tear to pieces, and he was already approaching …

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