Chapter 1175. Holy court, dark place of execution.


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The black hurricane was getting closer and closer, gradually covering the whole mountain. The totem snake began to wriggle.
To protect Xin Xia and Mo Fan, the totem serpent turned the body into rings and lowered its head in the middle. There was no longer a scaly defense on his body.
– Big snake! – Seeing that the serpent was trying to protect them, Mo Fan felt hard on his soul.
The totem snake could not stand such an unequal battle. Faced with such a large number of decision magicians and magicians of faith, his armor will sooner or later disappear, and his life force will become less and less.
– Xin Xia, how much more time is needed for my recovery? – Mo Fan languished in anticipation.
“Your wounds are too severe, you need a little more time,” Xin Xia gave all her strength to heal Mo Fang.
After invading the galactic path, Mo Fan had wounds throughout his body that could not be healed in a short time. But most importantly, his magical abilities also did not recover.
In such a situation, the demonization effect will be much weaker. The lower half of the mountainside was completely dotted with Parthenon magicians, not to mention the knights of the golden sun of the highest level and even more powerful magicians from the holy court. Yes, some decision magicians and faith magicians will already be very difficult to overcome!
While the totem serpent defended them, Mo Fan intensely restored, during this process, the forces of demonization became stronger!
Mo Fan was very worried that the serpent would not be able to withstand the attacks of so many magicians.
– Well, let’s say you are healed. You’re just a high-level mage. Any knight of the golden sun will easily break you, – Azalea was in complete despair.
“Don’t you have an amulet capable of restoring?” Give it to me quickly, ”said Mo Fan.
The totem snake took all the attacks on itself, and in his breath Mo Fan felt that the snake was getting weaker …
If it were not for the forbidden barrier, the serpent could certainly have measured off with these magicians and would have turned everything upside down here. But the ban caused him great damage, and the serpent was far from being as strong as before!
“Does that make any sense?” You still do not understand what a dark holy court? – Azalea grinned bitterly.
“Just give it to me.” Will he restore at least thirty percent of my strength? – Mo Fan said hastily.
“If you use one for you, it will completely restore your energy,” answered Azalea.
She did not understand why Mo Fan so stubbornly wants to recover. Has he still not given up? He is really stubborn, like a ram …
– Truth? – Mo Fan joyfully seized Azalea.
“I do not know what trump cards you still have.” But I must say that the dark holy court is the strongest in the whole world. Not a single person in history has been able to escape from him. The cultivation of my stepfather by that time was already close to the magic of spells, but he could not survive. Therefore, leave it. If the totem snake protected only you, then maybe you would be able to break through. But you want to take Xin Xia with you, it’s impossible … ”said Azalea.
– First restore me! Quickly! – Mo Fan said sharply, not paying attention to the words of Azalea.
Sighing, Azalea approached Mo Fan and slowly pulled out the necklace.
“It will take time to fully recover, you …” “Azalea was going to explain the use of the necklace to Mo Fan, but then she noticed that around them out of nowhere appeared several stones floating in the air, from which dark energy emanated.
Mo Fan, too, was dumbfounded, looking doubtfully at the black stones, they looked so familiar …
– Sentence stone! – surprised Azalea.
To protect them, the totem serpent tightly wrapped its body around its head. Only if the totem snake is not destroyed, no thing can appear next to them. But these black stones seemed to be able to move in space. They exuded cold energy and soared around, as if searching for their victim …
Finally, choosing a target, they approached Xin Xia!
Soon, several more sentence stones penetrated them and approached the girl. Mo Fan was afraid that they could harm her, and tried to catch them. But in the end, the stones emitted such a powerful wave of dark energy that it began to literally corrode Mo Fan’s hand!
Azalea promptly reacted and applied protective magic, otherwise Mo Fan’s hand would rot to the bone in just a few seconds!
– Do not touch them! Otherwise, you will turn into a black puddle, ”Azalea warned.
There were more and more stones. Having recounted, Azalea understood that there are already ten of them! There were thirteen judges in total, which means ten of them chose the black stone in favor of Xin Xia guilt.
Black stones behaved extremely strange. They formed a ring around Xin Xia and suddenly began to emit a black glow. Black rays formed the sign of the dark holy court right on the girl’s forehead …
– Mo Fan! – Xin Xia screamed in fear, not knowing what to do now. She felt that her body seemed to isolate from them. She saw Mo Fan and Azalea at a distance of her hand, but it seemed to them that they were in different worlds. The black screen of light covered the stones of the sentence and herself.
– Xin Xia, do not be afraid! Do not be afraid! – Mo Fan panicked. He could no longer wait for his strength to recover. The magician’s eyes turned blood red.
It doesn’t matter if it was a dark holy court or something else, it will wipe them into powder !!
* zzzzzz !!
Suddenly the black light screen flashed and Xin Xia disappeared.
Just as the black stones could penetrate here, they disappeared from the eyes of Mo Fang, but at the same time took Xin Xia with them!
Immediately after the disappearance of Xin Xia, a terrifying energy flashed in the body of Mo Fan. The changed demonic blood spread in an instant throughout the body and the power of demonization finally manifested!
Azalea felt a change in Mo Fan’s breathing, fear appeared on her face.
The totem serpent began to slowly relax its body, as if it felt that unknown forces had taken away Xin Xia. His anger crossed all borders, and a giant snake struck its tail on a mountain peak …
As soon as the snake’s tail landed, three hundred magicians of faith died a painful death, sprinkling all the earth around them with their blood!
– You need to calm down, calm down! Ye Xin Xia has not died yet; she was simply taken to the place of execution. Do you remember that the honorary arena has contract power and forms the way for people to get there. The sentence stones transferred E Xin Xia to a place of execution with similar properties. This place is under the mountain, look! – Azalea felt that Mo Fan and the totem snake were about to fly off the coils.
After these words, Mo Fan calmed down a bit and looked at the foot of the mountain. Through the dark smoke of chaos magic, he saw a light barrier separating a ghostly dark space.
Dark ghostly space covered almost the entire deserted city. It really looked like a magnificent place of execution …
Mo Fan already saw this place. He remembered that Isander was locked up in the same contractual dark place of execution, and then the so-called Greek god of death Hyle tore him to shreds and took his soul to the chamber!
– Wentai died in the same place ?? – Mo Fan looked at the place of execution, from one sight of which the heart went to the heels.
– Yes. The Holy Court always tries to maintain its independent position. And It is precisely because of this power of the dark holy court that no one can escape from it! Mo Fan, their real goal is the sacred spirit of the Parthenon in the body of Xin Xia. If the dark holy court has already begun its work, then this can not be changed. When they get it, we need to get out of here right away. There is no point in sacrificing yourself. You can still avenge Xin Xia, but now you can’t fight immediately against the Parthenon and the Holy Court … besides … – Azalea tried to dissuade Mo Fan.
Azalea still wanted to say something, but hesitated for a long time in indecision.
“Besides, you have to understand something.” Although Xin Xia is not Salan, but …
Mo Fan looked back at Azalea, his face as if made of stone.
Azalea did not dare to finish, she felt that Mo Fan emanated a strong aggressive and cold energy, as if another person was standing in front of her!
“You didn’t pay attention to it at all, did you?” – sighed Azalea.
Mo Fan did not react at all.
“If you still want to save her, the only way is to penetrate the space of execution and tear her from the clutches of the deity of death, when she is already on the verge of hell.” Wentai managed to inflict serious damage on Hail that year. Now he is weaker than then, but still he was able to easily destroy the most powerful dark magician Isender, ”said Azalea.
“If you help me regain my strength, I will order a totem snake to help you escape from here,” Mo Fan did not look away from the place of execution.
“Why can’t you stop?” Everyone is losing loved ones! Do you think you’re special? Wake up! Shouted Azalea.
In her heart, Azalea admired Mo Phanem. Without exception, everyone believed that Xin Xia is Salan. But Mo Fan did not even have a single drop of doubt. He did not give a damn about all circumstances, and set off to break through the Milky Way in order to save her.
And even now, when all the forces of the Parthenon were in front of him and the dark holy court took away Xin Xia, he was not going to retreat.
But Xin Xia is almost dead !!!
Even the omnipotent Wentai could not escape alive from the holy court, how can they do it ??
Yes, the love of Mo Fan for Xin Xia is capable of destroying everything in its path and turning the skies …
Hearing the angry question of Azalea, emotions gradually returned to Mo Fan.
Looking at the red eyes of Azalea and her nervous look, he realized that she had long wondered this question. After all, her only native person died due to the same insidious conspiracy. Wentai never saw Xin Xia, and was a true father for Azalea!
“Azalea, you’re right.” Everyone is losing loved ones, and everyone can leave this world … ”he looked into Azalea’s eyes, full of tears, and continued,“ but if such a day comes, I can only hope that I did everything to prevent this. ” I will fight to the last breath, I will fight while my heart beats!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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