Chapter 1176. The Demon Wolf Destructive breath magic


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enveloped everything around.
After the words of Mo Fan, the heart of Azalea was beating furiously.
While the heart beats …
No one can resist the whole world, but if there is no regret in the heart, then it should be so!
Azalea gently laid her hand on Mo Fan’s chest, and Mo Fan’s heart was beating furiously. Many people live their days aimlessly, like living corpses. But this guy is full of inexhaustible fire of thirst for life!
A blue glow appeared in the hands of Azalea and a steady stream began to flow into Mo Fan’s body. Mo Fan felt his constellations fill with energy.
Not only his magical abilities were restored. All scars on the body disappeared, broken bones overgrown, damaged organs healed. Mo Fan did not know how Azalea did this, but felt that he was fully recovering.
In a short period of time, Mo Fan fully recovered.
But instead, Azalea’s face turned white, and she noticeably weakened.
“I wish you were stronger than I think.” Because you have to face the forces that control the sex of the world! – Azalea smiled through tears, as if saying goodbye.
Mo Fan is changing rapidly. His iris became an unusual red color, as if his eyes could absorb all the energy of chaos from the sky.
The previously held demonic blood began to boil wildly in the body of Mo Fan.
The accumulating pearl immediately reacted by emitting a blinding radiance. Rays of light, like sharp swords, streamed into the cloudy sky.
Mo Fan has been storing this energy for a very long time. He promised old Bao that he would not apply demonization until he filled the funded pearl. But this time, even if the pearl was not saturated, Mo Fan could no longer restrain the power of demonization!
The atrocities of the black church caused anger and disgust among many people. They did everything possible to send her followers to the underworld. Such people did not hear life.
But such a deceit of the Parthenon and the Holy Court, simply breaks the hearts of people. This monster-driven world has long been on the edge. And the people in power showed their true face!
In such circumstances, they have only one thing left. They will answer the enemy with his own weapons. And in response to their bloody struggle for power, they will dot the earth with their corpses !!
………… ..
Behind Mo Fan a huge white shadow appeared, it was a demonic wolf emperor, called from the underworld. The wolf gazed at the sacred mountain. Weak creatures were dying from one of his sizzling glances!
A dead white color began to appear on the head of Mo Fan. White needles sprouted on his back, and his whole body gradually acquired a wolf color, one to one like that of a demonic wolf behind him. His muscles swelled, filled with demonic power!
Watching the transformation of Mo Fan, Azalea could not utter a word.
Despite the fact that his body still retained its shape, but the wolf color in an instant made him look like a wolf from the underworld. Azalea felt completely worthless before the powerful icy breath emanating from his body. She was sure that even with the dark contract power she would not be able to defeat Mo Fan in such a state!
The totem snake was already a great danger to humans. But Mo Fan with bloodshot eyes was even worse!
The totem serpent gave a loud roar. He had the ability to anticipate danger and felt that a group of magicians from the temple of decisions formed powerful destructive magic and her breath already filled the whole mountain, destroying all the vegetation!
Bowing his head, Mo Fan looked at the totem snake …
With his movements, everywhere there were traces of fresh blood, and from dark green, his body color turned into burgundy!
“Leave the rest to me,” Mo Fan gently stroked the snake across the head.
The serpent has already done a lot, now the Parthenon should find out what it is like to awaken a demon !!!

In one leap, the demon Mo Fan jumped off the head of the serpent.
He did not have the ability to fly, but he pushed off with such force that, like a meteorite, it landed among a crowd of magicians.
At this point, a group of magicians from the Temple of Decisions formed a series of stellar clouds. More than sixty magicians came together to create a huge trap of plant magic. If they finish it, then the snake will have no chance of salvation.
The larger the victim’s physique, the more effective the plant trap was. Therefore, when the trap is over, this battle can be considered lost.
“What … what is this?” – cried out fearfully the commander of the squad of decision mages. When he turned around, he saw a terribly human demon. It seemed he was ready to devour them all alive!
– Beat the bloody shadow! – Mo Fan was not going to answer the question.
At that moment, the shadow of the wolf behind Mo Fan soared up and turned into thousands of shadow wolves!
The entire mountain in an instant was captured by a tribe of wolves. They bit, torn, trampled into the ground, crushed the bones of their victims. Parthenon mages were subjected to a terrible brutal attack and soon the whole earth was dotted with torn corpses and torn limbs. It was not a battle, but extermination!
Streams of blood turned into streams flowing down the mountain.
Shoushen commanded the troops. Hovering in the air, he watched with all his eyes the painful death of his subordinates, he could not believe that the situation had changed so dramatically!
They were the strongest magicians from the temple of decisions, what power could destroy them in an instant … These rapidly moving shadows … What is it? Why do they have such power?
“Knight, the seventh unit is completely destroyed!”
– Impossible!
“Have you considered what these creatures are ??”
– This creature jumped from the totem snake. It is too fast and mowed our people like grass!
Shawshen was furious. Each decision mage was a most valuable member of the Parthenon, the totem serpent had already killed quite a few of them, so now it is !!
“Is it not every time rivers of blood pour in the struggle for a place of fairies?” Without sacrifices you will not create anything new, – Duranka did not touch the fate of the magicians at all.
Now there are fewer magicians in the temple of decisions. But when the magic of resurrection be with them, even the magicians of spells express a desire to serve the Parthenon. Can decision magicians be compared to spell magicians ??
In addition, these magicians faithfully served Yiddish, they will honor the honor of sacrificing themselves for the sake of the fairy temple!
“Can’t you see a human silhouette?” – Shawshin peered into the bloody slope of the mountain.
– No. The chief knight ordered you and Landin to deal with this. “I think you know what to do,” Duranc said.
The next stage is the most important – they have to take possession of the sacred spirit of the Parthenon. Durank wanted to personally lead the dark holy court. He wanted to see with his own eyes how E Xin Xia, just like Wentai, was dragged to the underworld. He wanted to see the Parthenon’s sacred spirit descend on Yiddish. All these candidates and the most holy never be equal to her!
Durank flew towards the place of execution.
Shoushen and Mirola remained in place to control the situation with the totem snake. Shoushen still has not moved away from such a bloody extermination of magicians. This creature is much stronger than the totem snake …
“Mirola, use your magic to detect it,” said Shoushen.
– Eeee …
Shoushen turned to see why Mirol did not answer him.
In that short moment when he turned around, his whole body was covered with cold, sticky sweat.
A bloody hand pierced Mirol’s body and stuck straight out of his chest. Pieces of heart were still visible in his hand. The defenseless Mirola widened her eyes. Her gaze slowly shifted from Shoushen and she tried to look back.
Behind Mirola stood a man shrouded in a demonic shadow. A smile played on his devilish face. His red eyes radiated a deadly energy different from human!
– This is … this is it !!
Shoushen shook with fear, he recognized the face of this man. It was the very magician who burst into the Parthenon to save Ye Xin Xia, it was Mo Fan!
But now he has changed a lot, and rather looked like a bloodthirsty demon!
– Senior abbess !!
– Mirola !!
– Demon, let her go !!!!
Occupying the post of senior abbess, Mirola possessed the skillful magic of healing and blessing. Although her own fighting abilities did not stand out, the highest-level mage with her help could defeat three opponents at once!
No one expected a demon to appear and pierce through Myrol! The five knights of the golden sun did not even have time to react in any way, and Mirol herself did not have time to do anything for her defense!

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