Chapter 1177: The Holy Spirit of the Parthenon


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“I thought your blood had already decomposed to black, but it turns out that it is still red!” – Mo Fan slowly took his hand out of Mirol’s body, it was a word art – to look at a hand stained with blood.
Mirola was still alive, being on her last legs; she wanted Shawshan to guard her body.
If there had not been an incident, and they could have implemented the plan of Yiddish to master the art of resurrection, then it would be worth only to save their body and soul, then it would be possible to resurrect a person. Mirola felt life slip away from her hands. At that moment she had only one desire!
Suddenly, Mo Fan clapped his hand and swift claws of the wind immediately filled the space around Mirola. All the abbess’s hopes disappeared in an instant. She even saw how pieces of her body circled in the air, and it was terrible!
Mirola held a rather high position in the Parthenon and never thought that death would come to her in this way. To die in the hands of a demon who seemed to come from the underworld … How could this Mo Fan have taken possession of such a terrible force!
The deputy chief knight, Shawshan, was trembling all over. He and the knights of the golden sun did not even feel like a demon – Mo Fan appeared. And if Shoushen was the object of the attack of Mo Fan, then his end will be the same as that of Mirol!
But Mo Fan had only a deep hatred of Mirol, he did not even leave her a chance for resurrection.
“Revenge for … for the senior abbess!”
Shouted one indiscriminate and deeply believing knight of the golden sun. He wanted to overcome fear in his soul through this scream. It must be said that for the first time magicians of the highest level saw such a specific reincarnation of Mo Fan
A huge punishing sword of light descended from heaven to earth. The point of the sword was directed at the head of Mo Fan. This sword was the height of a house – the magic of the element of light that Shoushen immediately applied.
Demon – Mo Fan raised his head. Seeing the punishing sword, he was not even going to evade it.
Mo Fan slowly raised a clean, unbloody hand, his palm radiated powerful silver energy.
Suddenly he grabbed a punishing sword and wrapped it with the silvery power of the magic of space. And at that moment, when the sword was supposed to fall on the head of Mo Fan, he crushed it into small pieces!

Shoushen and other magicians involuntarily inhaled more air. If top-level magic was so easily crushed by this demon, then how much stronger it should be!
– Let’s do it together! – several knights of the golden sun, having gathered spirit, used the power of magic of the highest level. The speed of formation of star galaxies was very fast. Soon one could see how one of the knights applied wind magic: a thousand blades.
A thousand blades swirled in the air, the sky filled with white sickles of wind, which were aimed at the demon – Mo Fan.
The demonized Mo Fan did not have the ability to fly. He could only linger in the air for a short time, and then again fell to the ground. A thousand blades chased after him, and the petals from the trees turned into powder after meeting with the blades …
After this, one magician of the golden sun also chased after the demon, and, applying a punishment of the wind, he sent a sharp blade to Mo Fan!
The mountain of flying petals was split. Mo Fan crossed his arms over his chest and was forced to retreat to the mountain, split by a punishment of the wind.
“He … he’s as if not even injured!” – one knight said in surprise when he saw this picture.
The knight of the wind element was also very surprised. Since this was the strongest magic that he could apply. No matter what it was – a thousand blades or a punishment of the wind, every magic could destroy thousands of monsters in one second. As a result, this guy did not have a scratch on his body, but he is still a man, not a monster!
– Immersion in the ground!

Shawshan screamed wildly in the air.
The mountains and the forest rumbled. In the place where Mo Fan was located – by a split mountain, the earth suddenly settled. As if some giant stepped heavily on her. Where Mo Fan stood, a huge pit formed.
Mo Fan slowly plunged into the rocky ground, but he was not littered with stones, and his eyes shone with a cold light!
He stepped out of the cliffs, his body slowly tensing like a bowstring.

* Bam!
There was a roar, demonized by Mo Fan trampled the mountain, creating a black lightning that illuminated the entire sacred mountain.
Shoushen fought with all his strength. He used all sorts of protection, including expensive magic armor. But demonic lightning pierced the space, and the knight felt that the armor does not help protect his body, it crumbles into pieces. In addition, Shoushen was immediately dropped to the foot of the mountain.
* Bam! Bam! Bam!
After the fall, the knight’s body could not stop, it rolled along the gorge and fought about everything around.
The magic armor that was on his body had long been destroyed. The knight was not about to die, but there was such pain in his chest that he could not even get to his feet.
Still, he is the deputy chief knight of the Parthenon Temple of Decisions. He would never have thought that one day his body would not be able to withstand the blow.
From the middle of the mountain was thrown to the foot … What a terrible force it is!
After some time, Shoushen was able to recover his powers a bit. His gaze fell on the middle of the mountainside, and he discovered that the knight of the golden sun who was trying to defend the honor of Mirola was caught alive by the demon.
Shoushen did not see how the demon did this, but a high pillar of blood rose into the sky, and then the body of that knight was thrown into the gorge, as if it were garbage …
The remaining several knights, who were not even worthy rivals to the demon, were thrown back with a blow, it is not clear where.

There was a strange sound in the air, snake breathing filling the entire sacred mountain. The Parthenon forces that were hiding in the mountains immediately met with the destructive force of the blow. You could see how one person after another was thrown into the air …
Mo Fan turned around and looked at the totem snake. He saw that the incomparably powerful snake in a short time was able to restore strength, helping to clear the barrier from the Knights of the Parthenon.
There were so many magicians who were on the sacred mountain that they could not be killed. In addition, Mo Fan did not intend to destroy all these minions who did not spare themselves in the name of Yiddish, Mirol, and Duranch. The cruelty of Mo Fan has not yet reached the level of the Parthenon.
But even in the Parthenon, not everyone obeyed Yiddish; one could notice that Hailong was still in the dark!
The one who needed Xin Xia’s life is Yiddish and Durank!
Mo Fan noticed that the totem serpent had already cleared his way. The magician no longer became involved with all these magicians of the temple of decisions, the temple of faith and the knights of the golden sun. Turning into a wolf demon, he suddenly rushed to the foot of the mountain.
Along the way, the bombardment of the magicians of the temple of faith did not stop, but basically, they were mid-level magicians, so they would not even be able to injure Mo Fan.
Comparing this battle with the battle in Xi’an, now the demonization of Mo Fan was much stronger. The demonization element advanced along with the zealous cultivation of the magician!

The black pillar of light came from the center of the sacred mountain and from the city. After the magicians of the temple of faith issued an evacuation signal, people were sent to a safer place on the sacred barrier. The city was empty, and over the dark place of execution hung such an atmosphere, as if it were a picture of Doomsday.
There was not a soul in the city, only a lonely weak girl was locked up at the place of execution …
The black stone of guilt was still next to Xin Xia. Because of this seal of the Dark Holy Court, Xin Xia was weak with her whole body, fever burned her forehead, and sweat streamed down her body.
Black rays hit Xin Xia’s body. The imprinted body had huge differences with Xin Xia – it had amazingly beautiful proportions in the hips and waist. It did not look like an ordinary person, the dark hair of the silhouette was so long that it fell right to the knees!
Far from the dark place of execution, Durank saw that this silhouette was imprinted on Xin Xia. It seemed to him that he saw the most beautiful creature in the whole world. The eyes of the magician released a demonic light, passionately longing to possess this creature!
– This is the spirit! He really is in her body! – Durank did not sit still, but he could not enter the dark place of execution, in addition, the spirit still could not find shelter in the body of the judge.
The sacred spirit could only dwell in the bodies of the Parthenon successors. Basically, they were fairies who had undergone sacred praise. Only their bodies can accept the sacred spirit of the Parthenon.
…………………………………………………………………………………………………… ..
Spirit came out of Xin Xia’s body. In the Parthenon Fairy Temple, one haughty ghost stood at the observatory. From here one could see the sacred mountain and the dark place of execution, as well as the sealed spirit, which was beautiful, like a painting made by ink.
The ghost began to smile. From an enthusiastic smile gradually turned into a crazy one.
Yiddish has been waiting for the holy spirit for over 10 years!
At that moment, in the eyes of Yiddish there was only the spirit of a dark place of execution. Even the countless traces of blood that stained the sacred mountain, which were at eye level, were not worthy of her attention.
From time immemorial, the Parthenon struggle for anything has always been a bloody one. Even if the totem snake did not destroy a huge number of soldiers, Yiddish could personally kill all the people who did not submit to her power. And then this amount would even surpass what they lost on the sacred mountain!

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