Chapter 1178: Demonic Fire!


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The sacred mountain became more and more even, the petals of flowers scattered in different directions, falling on the roofs of houses and buildings along with debris.
The resulting situation kept people at bay. No one knew the real reason why people died one after another in the Parthenon. The battle that was taking place at that moment evoked even more fear – the Parthenon had not encountered this for so many years.
Black clouds piled up over the Acropolis of Athens, irrigating the whole territory with rain. Amid all this terrifying atmosphere, there were rays that fell right into the place of execution.
For no reason, black clouds suddenly pierced lightning!
From all sides, these lightnings, endowed with the most powerful spell power, went straight to the demon Mo Fan!
The demon Mo Fan also managed to react very quickly – in a matter of moments he jumped onto one of the buildings. Landing there, he saw the magician in a golden robe, and although he could not make out his face from the magical aura that emanated from this man, one could immediately understand that his cultivation level was very high!
“It doesn’t matter who you are, but if you get close here, then you won’t be flavored!” – This mage said coldly from the Holy Court.
This magician actually immediately felt the noiseless appearance of the demonizing Mo Fan, which once again confirmed his belonging to the highest stratum of the strongest magicians.
“Even knowing that this sentence of the Holy Court turned out to be falsified, are you still harnessing for this Durank?” Asked the demon Mo Fan.
The magician of the Holy Court did not answer, but by his behavior it was already clear that he was on the side of Durank: discharges of electric lightning surrounded him again, and then headed towards Mo Fan.
In a short period of time, about 20 powerful lightning discharges formed a whole electric fence.
The magician of the Holy Court carefully watched Mo Fan, who was inside this electric trap.
The magic of the highest-level lightning element is truly destructive, so it was able to stop the demon Mo Fan for some time.
The magician wanted to tell Duran about this, but suddenly he felt something. He was able to see how the demon Mo Fan, using instant movement, left his trap!

The magician of the Holy Court simply was speechless, he could not even think that the enemy would be so easy to leave the electric cage!

In the dark place of execution was Durand, who was looking forward to the release of the spirit of the Parthenon. With his own hands, he was going to kill this girl in order to release the spirit of the Parthenon as soon as possible and inspire him in the body of the fairy.
In normal times, if he saw how Hyle was released from the underworld, Durand would be the first to try to prevent this, but on this day it was completely different. Duranc wanted this to end as soon as possible.
* Bam
Suddenly, someone in the armor of the Holy Court flew towards Durand.
Durand ordered the magician of the Holy Court to accompany him, so that he would hurry to protect him.
Another magician of the Holy Court ran out of breath.
– This is Hiso! It seems … it seems he is dead! – said the magician of the Holy Court.
Hiso was one of the best magicians of the Holy Court. He was ordered to guard the outer territory of the place of execution, and everyone could see how he had just released his lightning bolts just recently, and everyone had already thought that he had figured out the enemy, but now it turned out that he was dead! This message became a bolt from the blue for all the other representatives of the Holy Court.
– Senior criminal, this thing is approaching! Shouted the magician of the Holy Court with blue hair.
– Why are you broke? Strengthen the barriers! – Durank said coldly.
“Durank, be careful, this guy is very dangerous!” – warned Shoushen.
Shoushen already managed to be under the attack of Mo Fan, so he hastened to run here. The power of the knights of the golden sun and the magicians of the temple of decisions certainly can not be compared with the power of the magicians of the Holy Court, and Shoushen decided to hide behind Durank.
However, the news of the death of the powerful Hiso even disappointed Shoushen!
“As long as there are barriers, he won’t even think about approaching us!” – answered Durank.
The thick ice wall was a powerful barrier that divided the space into two parts and was designed to prevent the appearance of Mo Fan at the place of execution.
The blue ice wall grew thicker, more and more like a glacier.
The wall itself was transparent, and Mo Fan was already right in front of it, carefully looking through the thickness of the ice at the people inside.
Durand also looked at Mo Fan. Being very frightened, he went over his head about how E Xin Xia might have such a strong defender and how he could destroy Hiso, one of his most powerful wards ?!
The body of the demonizing Mo Fan gradually began to radiate a demonic fire, and a fiery silhouette appeared behind him.
It was the silhouette of the fiery goddess, which was extremely close to the demon Mo Fan … the destructive power of this magic seemed to feed him!
Mo Fan very quickly turned from a demonizing beast into a fiery deity, and the fire goddess standing behind him forced all the magicians of the Holy Court to open their mouths behind him!
Fiery demon!
Mo Fan lifted his fist, striking hard at an ice block!
Flames briskly spread across the ice wall.
Under the influence of fire, numerous cracks went through the ice barrier.
The smug Durank, seeing what his barrier turns into, has changed dramatically in his face!
How is this possible?!
One fist!
This guy with one fist destroyed his powerful defense!
Flaming breath continued to spread further in the air, which is why the entire wall immediately began to melt.
Mo Fan took several steps forward, covering the entire area around with a fire carpet ….
The fire spread further and further, surrounding Durank, Shoushen and three other magicians of the Holy Court!
“Who, your mother, are you like that ?!” – asked in a shaky voice, staring at the approaching Mo Fan.
As a man in power, Durank possessed magical power, but his main advantage was undoubtedly his ability to play political games.
In the Parthenon, the strongest are, of course, the knights. However, Hailong, sensing something was amiss, had already begun to recall the knights in golden and silver armor!
– Senior criminal, protect! “Shoushen already realized that in the face of this demon man, as well as a totem serpent, not even a whole army can resist!
Shawshan didn’t want to die for anything, therefore, shouting something, he ran sharply to the other side, leaving the protection of the senior judge to the magicians of the Holy Court.
However, Mo Fan, too, was not going to just let go of the runaway, he watched Shoushen with a look, and then sent his fire magic to him! A fiery pillar immediately blocked Shoushenu path!
Shoushen could not even think that the enemy’s flame would overtake him even in a narrow street lined with buildings!
The flames flared up more and more, the three magicians of the Holy Court, seeing that this brutal fire controls Mo Fan, literally began to shake with fear!
“If you run away now, I will not kill you!” – Mo Fan said with a grin, referring to these three magicians.
The youngest of them immediately set off.
Durand, having witnessed how his wards betray him, twisted in his face.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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