Chapter 1179: Hyle – the deity of death


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– Aaaaaaaaaaaa!
There was a cry – it was the magician of the Holy Court that was next to Durank, the demon Mo Fan swept him with his flame!
The demonic fire is not so easy to extinguish: this magician himself was a magician of the highest-level water element, he released his magic, and waves of water covered several blocks around, only this water did not help the magician himself – his body continued to burn!
The fire had already burned his protection and magic items, and now was sneaking up on his skin … after some time, the magician turned into a charred corpse.
“Your … this your forbidden magic, should not exist in this world at all!” The magical association of the five continents and the Holy Court will send you to the underworld! Shouted Durank loudly.
The duties of the Holy Court, among other things, included the destruction and prevention of all attempts to use prohibited magic.
The power of Mo Fan is clearly not one of the registered and permitted types of magic, and Durank believed that if the magicians of the Holy Court from the corresponding unit were here, then they would definitely be able to deal with it!
– I always thought that I have the right to use this power only against the black church, but as soon as I think about you, I immediately understand that you deserve to die much more than black clergy! – came the voice of Mo Fan.
The Holy Court, in essence, should be a center of justice and honest punishment, but how could Durank get there ?!

If the Holy Court prefers to deprive an innocent person of life in the name of their interests, then this court must simply be destroyed – and there can be no doubt and regret about it!

Suddenly, a sound came to the territory of the place of execution, which stirred the entire Acropolis of Athens.
The whole street literally instantly turned into a black pool. A black head emerged from this black water, a dark breath densely filled the space … a black creature rushed towards the place of execution.
The black pool itself was filled with black bugs!
The creature had a golden horn that rested against the back of the head. Two red-glazed eyes looked with deadly rays at Xin Xia, which was in the very center of the place of execution!
The creature began its movement, and with it the black bugs began to fly around Xin Xia, as if waiting for the moment when it could be eaten!
“This … this is Hyle!”
– Now everything is definitely over!
Far away, Ban Lai and Song Jiming looked at the awakened death deity named Hyle.
The Greek deity of death is one of the strongest creatures on the planet! He once killed the famous Wentai, a magician whose magical power was actually at the level of spells! There is no point in resisting this deity!
Hail’s dimensions were not inferior to the size of the totem snake. Its silhouette rose above the Acropolis of Athens.
People from anywhere in the sacred mountain could see Hail ….

The inhabitants of the acropolis tried to hide, but at the sight of this creature the sense of security left people completely!

– Ha ha ha! Coming of Hail! Now you definitely can’t save her! – Senior Judge Durank only maliciously grinned at the sight of the deity of death.
Mo Fan sweated coldly: he could clearly feel that Hyle was an order of magnitude stronger than even the totem snake!
The rocky tyrant and the totem serpent are the most powerful magical creatures that Mo Fany had met, so he could not even think that Hyle would be more powerful than these two commanders.
Remembering that Xin Xia is still locked in the place of execution, Mo Fan flushed with anger.
Demonic fire has already captured nearly half of the block, approaching the place of execution.
Mo Fanu now was not up to finding out whether Durank and another magician of the Holy Court were burned in this fire. He crept up to the holy wall, which surrounded the place of execution to make a hole in it!
The dark place of execution is essentially a platform of the elements of darkness, and now there was Xin Xia ….
Hyle, if desired, can destroy even the entire Acropolis of Athens, since his power clearly allows you to do this, what to say about the defenseless Xin Xia ….
Seeing that Hyle was gradually approaching Xin Xia, Mo Fan was even more angry, his flame flared up even more and even reached the sacred mountain!
At some point, people at the foot of the mountain could see how the demonic fire crept close to the dark place of execution ….
The force of the collision of demonic fire and darkness was so overwhelming that even magicians of the highest level did not dare to approach this place.
No one could calmly look at it – neither magicians nor ordinary residents.
– Mo Fan! This is the Acropolis of Athens! You have to control your fire, otherwise innocent people may suffer – about a hundred thousand people still remain within the city’s security borders! Cried Pan Lai, flying up into the air and turning from there to Mo Fan.
Mo Fan cast a glance at the acropolis and found that his fire had indeed reached the limits of safety, and if he did not immediately take control of this fire, ordinary people would really suffer!
“We can help you break through the holy wall, but Hyle is extremely strong, it is simply impossible to beat!” – said Mo Fanu Song Jiming.
Song Qiming and Ban Lai were most afraid that if Xin Xia died, her soul would be used up, and Mo Fan’s anger would become uncontrollable at all, and he would smash the whole acropolis into small pieces!
Two of China’s strongest mages, Ban Lai and Song Jiming, decided to help Mo Fan overcome the holy wall.
They made a hole in the wall into which Mo Fan burst without any hesitation!
“Just dare touch her!”
Mo Fan growled, dropping right in front of Hail like the sun breathing fire.
However, Hyle turned out to be a really powerful creature that defies such provocations.
His long claws flew through the fire, aiming right at Mo Fan!
Hail’s claws are very huge – so much so that they can pierce the entire sacred mountain!
The demonizing Mo Fan immediately released the magic of the element of space and disappeared from his place, but Hail threw a double-prong of darkness at him with his other hand that caught Mo Fan right in the air!
Mo Fan was already at a distance of about a kilometer from his previous location, and the two-prong reached him.
A double-pronged gloom smashed several tall buildings to pieces, blocking Mo Fan at the fountain site.
The gun was really very large, while Mo Fan was clearly not different in such dimensions, therefore, it was very difficult to resist such a powerful force of darkness.
Hyle raged – he rushed here from a distance of one kilometer!
He sank heavily next to the platform on which the fountain was, and began to direct the bite at Mo Fan!
Each time, with a roar, the magic of darkness was breaking through the neighborhood in a destructive wave. Mo Fan, after whom the hunt was going, began to concentrate his magic in front of him.
The power of Hail was astonishing: if there was an ordinary mage of the highest level in the place of the demonizing Mo Fan, then there would not have been a wet trace of such hunting with a pitchfork, while the demon Mo Fan was simply crippled.
At that moment, electric lightning fell on Hail. Ordinary lightning can not affect Hail in any way, however it was a hundred black electric discharges that together hit the monster right on the top of the head! Hile let out a heart-rending scream.
Lightning, without stopping, attacked Hail – they hurt him. He tried to take a few steps back, but the lightning continued to work ….

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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