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The space is quiet, and everyone has a tacit understanding to keep silent.

Iron unconsciously put a face, called several Law Enforcement disciple, let them make a move to collect clues, at the same time, own is also bowed, and fell into thought.

Not long after, several Law Enforcement disciple returned, and said a few words in the iron unintentional ear, so that the iron unintentional face is more somber.

“I have fixed this matter!”

Iron has no heart took a deep breath, and sighs to everyone: “After the investigation of Law Enforcement Temple, Li Chen and Li Yi, indeed, chasing Chu Xingyun in the foggy forest, hitting the Sect Rule, here I am using Law Enforcement Temple Palace Lord pronounced the sentence, abolished Li’s cultivation base and expelled it from Lingxiaowu.”

“Iron elder, I am embarrassed!” Li Chen was scared to soften his limbs, directly soft on the ground, screaming loudly.

Regarding the eviction of Lingxiao Wufu, he did not care. With his innate talent, even if Lingxiao Wufu did not accept it, other Wufu would open the door for him.

But if his cultivation base is abolished, then he will become an uncompromising waste, even if the ordinary person is not as good as it is. Will the other military government collect a waste?

“Law Enforcement!” Iron did not care about Li Chen’s defense. With a wave of hand, immediately a Law Enforcement disciple appeared in front of Li Chen, his palm was thunderous, and he shot it three inches in his belly.


Li Chen’s body was shaken, and after a dozen meters of rubbing, he stopped and his mouth was dyed with blood. The whole body was soft and there was no trace of look.

More importantly, there is no more spiritual fluctuations in his body, the broken sea of spirits, the loss of cultivation base, and it has become a waste.

“Chu Xingyun.” Iron had no intention of moving over, clearing his throat, and the voice eased many. “You are doing today, although it is a revenge for the own, but the impact is bad, disturbing the turmoil arena, I decided to punish you for confinement.” On the 7th, as a warning.”

“As for whether Yunmengwufu is involved in the foggy forest, our Law Enforcement Temple will conduct a rigorous investigation and will never be covered.”

Iron unintentional voice fell, Ye Huan and Yang Feng suddenly put down the heart of the stone, a smile in his eyes.

Although Iron has no intention to punish Chu Xingyun, this punishment is simply dispensable.

You know, Chu Xingyun kills two people, one is the core disciple, the other is the Wufu elder, which is the mainstay of Lingxiaowufu. If you put it in the normal and die, the Law Enforcement Temple will not give up.

Now, both of them are dead. Iron has no intention of penalizing Chu Xingyun for seven days. Anyone who has the meaning of protection can hear it. This Li Yi and Xiao Yu can be said to be white.

On the other side of Yunmengwufu, after all, it is too broad, and iron is not good at making decisions. It can only be perfunctory first. However, everyone knows that this matter is already a big problem, and Yunmengwufu is hard to quit. blame.

“Many thanks iron elder is clear.” Chu Xingyun clenched his fists, and he was very satisfied with the results.

“Chu Junior Brother, let me go.” Two Law Enforcement disciple came to Chu Xingyun, and they were so polite, so many disciples were shocked. Is this Law Enforcement Temple? How can it be so polite? What?

But very quickly, the crowd figured this out.

After this incident, the name of Chu Xingyun will be unknown to anyone. The top management of Lingxiao Wufu will certainly give a lot of resources, and full power will train him.

In the face of such a Heaven’s Proud Child, the Law Enforcement disciple is not arrogant, not afraid to be rude, for fear of angering Chu Xingyun, falling into the tragic end of Li Yi and Xiao Yu.

This brat, even the Earth Spirit powerhouse dare to kill, even more how is the area of the Law Enforcement disciple.

Chu Xingyun nodded. Before striding, her eyes suddenly looked in the direction of Yunmengwufu. The eyes were deep and coldly looked directly at Gu Qingsong, Shui Qianyue and Luo Sheng.

“Today’s business, just a beginning more than more, Yunmengwufu’s calculations for me, in the near future, I will be a hundred times more, let you pay a painful price.” Chu Xingyun screamed, the body rushed out of the forest Cold.

This cold meaning, mixed with the wind, swept over the ancient Qingsong and other people, so that they could not stop chilling.

If they hear this before today, they may not be in the heart. I feel that Chu Xingyun is unconscious and dare to say such rants to Yunmengwufu.

When they passed today, they were all silent. They didn’t dare to speak. They didn’t even know what to say. They just wanted to leave this place soon, and they no longer saw these sharp and dark eyes.

Chu Xingyun left the Martial Dao Square and the turmoil arena race continued, but the crowd had no thoughts on the battle, and the scenes that had just emerged in their minds were memorable.

I looked around and saw no one paying attention to them. Gu Qingsong did not say a word. He left the new desert directly with Yunmengwufu, and it was like a street mouse.

Seeing, iron unintentionally coldly snorted, immediately dispatch a few Law Enforcement disciple followed, begin to investigate.

What happened to the Wufu Wufu today, the five major military offices will soon spread, I am afraid that even the entire Imperial City will be alarmed.

As a leader of the Law Enforcement Temple Palace Lord, he must make some moves to try to investigate the matter as soon as possible and calm down the storm.

“Senior Brother, let’s keep up.” Ye Huan whispered, pulling Yang Feng to catch up with Chu Xingyun.

Yang Feng first nodded, stepped out of the footsteps, and received it back. He said to Ye Huan: “What happened today is no small matter. Let’s go to the palace first and tell the Honored Master the whole thing. See what he is doing.”

“Alright.” Ye Huan listened and felt that it made sense.

It’s been more than half a month since Yang Yan entered the palace. They have no news. They can visit them. They can also ask their attitudes and know what to do in the future.

Anyway, Chu Xingyun has no iron protection, and there are few people in the entire Lingxiao Wufu who can hurt him, absolutely safe.

After the two men made up their minds, they left the Lingxiaowufu and rushed to the direction of the palace. Many powerhouse experts also made birds and beasts, and they left.

“Since they are gone, let’s go.” Snow dances standing in place, rolling strong wind suddenly swept, a snowlet-red long gown snow appeared in front of her, and slowly walked forward.

“Grandfather, where are we going?” Snow fluttered and frowned, asked.

“Of course, I am going to find the brat. In your heart, don’t you always remember?” Snow pointed to the direction in which Chu Xingyun left, and some said with no anger.

The snow danced red and hurriedly said: “Where I remember to hang him, you misunderstood!”

“I have lived for most of my life, just thinking about it, you still have me?” Snow turned over and rolled his eyes, but the footsteps were non-stop, but speeded up, move towards the front.

At the moment, there are many doubts in his mind, and I can’t wait to get the answer from Chu Xingyun.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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