Chapter 1180: the Sacrificial offering


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The lightning strikes literally infuriated Hail, he raised his hand and felt a hole in his head, some lightnings still continued to buzz with electric discharges, causing him pain!

Hyle let out a roar that was intended for Mo Fan, after which the pores on his body opened and black bugs flew out. Departing, they created a whole swarm that immediately rushed to Mo Fan!

The body of Mo Fan was surrounded by its fire, so the black bugs, approaching, were doomed to be burned by this flame.

The silhouette behind Mo Fan became even brighter, which meant that the temperature of his fire was constantly rising.

Hyle seemed to be able to release these black bugs endlessly from his body. The number of insects has steadily increased. Gradually approaching the burning body of Mo Fan, they then returned to Hail’s body again.

Then Hile let out a cry again and, already with a dark silhouette, jumped in the direction of Mo Fan.

From the very beginning, Mo Fan could not have foreseen Hail’s movements, however, feeling pressure over his head, he immediately started down!

A huge black spot covered the whole area, after which black dust filled the space!

The demonizing Mo Fan managed to react, but he could not know when this heel to descend again – all the space around was captured by this monster. Mo Fan only had to use the magic of space, which was issued under such conditions with great difficulty.

* Bam

Hyle walked in front of all people. Although the dark place of execution was not far away, he preferred to walk along the built-up streets, trampling everything in his path! Everything around the execution site where Xin Xia was located turned into ruins.

“Was the Holy Court barring a creature like him?” – Pan Lai, looking up, looked at the place of execution.

After a few more hard steps, the silhouette of Mo Fan did not become visible. Perhaps he was under the huge foot of this monster. Although, most likely, Mo Fan was not dead, Hyle continued to attack aggressively as well.

If he does not make out Mo Fan, then he will simply destroy the whole city!

Finally, Hail seemed to dawn. He turned sharply, looking at the girl who was imprisoned in the very center of the dark place of execution.

He strode furiously toward Xin Xia.

Hile opened his mouth, about to swallow the girl!

Knowing that such a valuable soul was warming in her body, he still decided to taste it!


Mo Fan instantly appeared next to Xin Xia, and Hail’s teeth appeared on his body – this once again indicated that he was stronger than even a rocky tyrant. Mo Fan moved forward in one leap.

Xin Xia looked at Mo Fan – this was the first time she had seen him demonized. So he was a stranger to her, an absolutely stranger, his whole body was full of bloody patterns, and his face was completely atrocious at all ….

She could not believe that it was Mo Fan, however, looking into his eyes, which were warm with tenderness, she melted.

He did all this in order to keep her alive! Ye Xin Xia did not believe that the accumulating pearl on Mo Fan’s body could fully compensate for all the damage from demonization, since in her face she saw something that did not lend itself to a simple explanation.

However, Mo Fan’s heart remained as warm and trembling, no matter what.

Xin Xia could not stand it and ran her hand over the bloody patterns on Mo Fan’s face – she could feel what kind of pain they were causing him, as if they were looming on his body night after night, and did not appear instantly!

All this he did for her, so that she continued to live. Even Xin Xia herself did not understand what kind of merit she received such a selfless defender.

Hyle roared: E Xin Xia was his sacrificial offering, and no other food could compare with her!

Hail once again lifted his huge foot-foot, a huge shadow of which immediately hung over the heads of Mo Fan and Xin Xia.

Xin Xia raised her head, and only one thought flashed through her mind – this is what death itself looks like!

– Get out of here! Shouted Mo Fan. His electrical discharges literally cut the clouds and the space around.

Lightning flew clearly at the target, and the magic of space seemed to push Hail in the chest – he unwittingly took a few steps back.

Violent electrical discharges tore the black shell on the monster’s chest, exposing his skin, which was filled with black insects. His whole body was covered with these small creatures that continued to run continuously … ..

Hile finally got to his feet. Realizing that the shell on his chest was torn, he threw off the remaining parts with his claws.

At that moment, his body was exposed, which was seen by Mo Fan. A hole was visible on the left side of the chest, which was now like a cave for black bugs.

“Mo Fan, this is the place where Wentai hit him then.” You can only kill him if you beat him there! – came the voice of Song Jimin, coming from outside the dark place of execution.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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