Chapter 1181: The Horror of the Acropolis of Athens (Part 1)


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Mo Fan, seeing these insects filling their “cave”, hugged Xin Xia stronger and moved it to a safer place, using instant movement.

The confrontation of the forces of the demonizing Mo Fan and Hail from the world of darkness could easily destroy the whole city!

Mo Fan quickly returned to the battlefield with Hail. He again drew attention to the hole that gaped on the opponent’s chest, thinking about how this monster managed to stay alive with such a wound to the present moment.

The demon Mo Fan began to concentrate his flame of the color of fresh blood in his hands, raising them high!

All the fiery energy accumulated at the hands of the magician, which literally formed a whole fiery cloud, which was then sent directly to Hail’s chest ….

* Screech

Under the influence of a flaming flame, black creatures began to turn into dust, and now the layer of armor that they formed began to burn through.

Black insects themselves can tolerate high temperatures, but the flame emanating from Mo Fan was so strong that the insects were simply burned …

Hyle roared, scratching himself with his own claws, thus trying to at least somehow weaken the fire on his body.

After the flame around had dissipated a little, the silhouette of the fiery goddess behind the magician’s back flashed even brighter. Fire sprinkled a whole stream, illuminating the whole mountain ….

It rained from such fiery force into boiling steam, killing flying creatures. These insects were very strange – they either looked more like bugs, or worms.

The fire flared up more and more, even Hail was now having a hard time resisting him. You could see how an angry fire bursts with all its force into a deep scar on his chest!

* Bam

A fiery bird instantly flew into the wound on Hail’s black chest, flying out of his back. Black critters rained down black rain.

Hyle literally yelled from the pain that reminded him of the wound that he had received almost twenty years ago. This wound struck him in the very heart, and if it were not for the heart of the king of darkness, which replaced him with his own, Hyle would definitely not have been able to live up to this moment!

Dark breath surrounded the monster even more, which could not even think that such a large number of its bugs-worms would die in the fire of the enemy.

These small creatures used their energy to restore the destroyed tissues of the host’s body – after some time, Hail’s sternum took on an ordinary form, as if there was no repeated attack at all.

Black creatures have restored a hole in his body! All this time, who were on the side of a dark place of execution, Pan Lai and Song Qiming gasped in surprise.

“Can these insects of darkness restore flesh?” – Ban Lai turned to Song Jimin.

Surprised Sun Tsimin only said: “It’s good if it turns out to be just restoring insects of darkness, and not worms of immortality, because then nothing will definitely save us …”

A squeak was heard around the district – everything around was filled with these small creatures that could fly. However, the worst thing is that, flying, they corroded completely everything in their path!

Street bricks, concrete walls of houses, metal skeletons of buildings – small insects devoured everything like pests that saw a whole field of tidbits. Absolutely any design simply turned into a void!

After devouring everything around their belly, they swelled, and in such a swollen form, insects returned to Hail’s body, sealing his wound – now his body shone again as new, and even the shell layer reappeared in its original place!

Hile opened his mouth and the aura of death spread around – Mo Fan could feel how this wind blows from him, from which the skin on his body quickly began to change its color, as if it were a poisonous fog.

Mo Fan immediately crossed his arms in front of him, releasing the magic of space to protect himself from the effects of the destructive breath of the enemy.

The poisonous breath was so powerful that it began to encircle the acropolis ….

There was not a soul in the acropolis: you could see how the buildings were first covered with a layer of black dust, and then at some moment they simply collapse, disappearing instantly!

Everyone who watched this, the hair on their heads stood on end from the fact that the once luxurious and flowering streets simply wiped off the face of the Earth!

The holy court dared to call Hail in order to kill Xin Xia ?!

The magicians of the temple of faith and the administration of the acropolis continued to reassure residents that they were within the borders of security – they could see how this black monster, called by the Holy Court, now simply turns their homes into dust. How could residents calm down?

Mother Pamisha, who was at that time on the sacred mountain, wearily looked at what was happening to the acropolis, which was filled with black insects Haila ….

“The Acropolis of Athens has already done irreparable damage.” Soon it will all be over, Yiddish, ”said mother Pamish.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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