Chapter 1182: The Horror of the Acropolis of Athens (Part 2)


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Mother could not have imagined that the Yiddish fairy could wake up in her coffin, and with such an appearance as if nothing had happened at all. A similar situation bothered mother.

Yiddish was truly awesome. Mother could observe how from a woman with a tender look she regains her present look, but could not resist this in any way. Any decision that was made by the fairy inspired fear in Mother, and with her awakening, the massacre even began in the Parthenon.

“I just want to return what is rightfully mine.” Look at this girl – absolutely no foresight, wisdom and determination. From such a leadership, the Parthenon will soon begin to receive contempt from people, do you really want such an outcome? Asked Yiddish.

She looked at everyone with great contempt, and even mother was no exception.

The Parthenon cannot remain without a fairy, much less he cannot remain without the magic of resurrection. What did mother try to achieve by planting this E Xin Xia in the place of the fairies?

“If I had the sacred spirit of the Parthenon, I could stop this rain.” You should not resist me, but this kid that rebelled against the holy court and the Parthenon! It is he who uses forbidden magic, and Ye Xin Xia … she is innocent, and you must understand this, ”said Yiddish.

“You should pay attention to the black church, they already …” said mother.

“Salan is just a mischievous witch.” Under your leadership in the Parthenon, people of the black church were able to enter here, and you, too, behave calmly! – answered Yiddish.

Now mother will be forced to leave her post, because of which her face began to gradually change. Yiddish will certainly not change his mind ….

The holy court decides to whom to impose a death sentence. The holy court has the right to pronounce sentences even to high-ranking magicians. However, if the sacred spirit of the Parthenon really has now settled in Yiddish, then she is the only person who can resurrect people, who dares to rebel against her?

This is the real rebirth of Yiddish!

From now on, such power is concentrated in her hands, from which goose bumps run!

“I … I only hope that you take into account your people.” The power of Hail has already spread throughout the acropolis, the inhabitants are scared. In the future, this may turn against you, ”said mother.

Yiddish did not answer, she looked with her gray eyes at the acropolis, or rather, at the demon Mo Fan!

She was wary of him, as the demon Mo Fan had already reached the borders of her safety, and now she was fighting Hail!

Yiddish could not interfere in the course of the battle, because while Mo Fan was alive, while Xin Xia was alive, Hail remained her weapon. Yes, the whole city was in awe of this creature, but the people will forget about it, because people can be controlled ….


Mo Fan’s body was surrounded by electric discharges, which then rushed directly into Hail’s chest. The lightning discharge was so strong that, together with the rain that came, thunders thundered around.

After some time, the worms of immortality issued a heart-rending squeak, after which they began to devour the ruins of the acropolis again, shoving them into their belly, to then repair the wounds of the owner ….

Devouring what was in the dark place of execution was not enough for these creatures. With a big black swift cloud, they began to fly beyond the borders of this territory, devouring what was the first to throw in their way.

The garden plants have already been destroyed, the buildings on the streets too, even from cars on the roads there was nothing left – there was nothing that they could not digest …. The dark place of execution was becoming surrounded by desert ….

The military and residents who were within the borders of security left their hearts from what they saw.

The grounds were completely bald!

The black worms of immortality were ruthless not only to the acropolis, but also to the most sacred mountain, destroying all plants, buildings, but in the first place they went specifically to the people who were on the mountain!

The magicians of the temple of faith and the guards did not have time to put up additional protection, so these creatures managed to destroy part of the parishioners who turned into white bones!

These bones began to crumble up the stairs with a roar!

– Run, faster!

“How could a holy court call such a creature ?!”

In a matter of moments, panic began on the sacred mountain. The magicians of the temple of faith at first thought that they could save the inhabitants, but black creatures began to attack them too !!!

– Yiddish! Cried mother.

Yiddish did not respond. Hail’s strength had already begun to devour living people – this was certainly not part of Yiddish’s plans, but she still did not intend to drive him away.

This demon Mo Fan has not yet been destroyed, E Xin Xia is also still alive, the spirit of the Parthenon is still not in her hands – she can’t stop it all!

Mother knew about Yiddish’s coolness. If the knights and magicians of the temple of decisions cannot repel this dark power, the whole sacred mountain will soon turn into a mountain of corpses!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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