Chapter 1183. The worms of immortality attack the city.


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After Mo Fan partially managed to disperse the black breath around Hail, he, as the immortal will amaze, again applied the extraction of energy. This time, eating from living people, he became even stronger.

He tilted his skull, aiming his horn at Mo Fan.

Suddenly, the outlines of the horn began to increase and a dark horn appeared, larger than Hail himself. A huge horn struck directly at Mo Fan, and a powerful shock wave seemed to shake everything around.

The tip of the horn rose high in the sky. During the collision, Mo Fan felt the majestic energy waves emanating from him, as if a thousand horned animals were simultaneously approaching him. Mo Fan’s mental defense was destroyed in a split second. The horn was rapidly approaching the magician !!

Mo Fan did not have time to dodge or flee. The demon Mo Fan nailed directly to the dark light barrier. Streams of blood flowed from his body. The blow of the dark horn nearly destroyed the entire light barrier of the place of execution!

Xin Xia burst into tears, watching as more and more difficult to heal wounds appeared on the body of Mo Fan.

Hyle used his parasitic ability and became stronger. And on the contrary, more and more wounds appeared on the body of Mo Fan for such a long battle, and the forces were spent with great speed. Xin Xia began to fear that Hyle would really kill him. If so, then in her life there is no longer any meaning.

Xin Xia tried her best to break free from the shackles of the sentence stones. The sacred spirit of the Parthenon behind her as if began to slowly awaken. A soft blue glow appeared around, and Xin Xia directed it at the black stones with the power of thought.

Xin Xia felt that soft gentle energy appeared in her body. The girl involuntarily turned and looked at the sacred spirit of the Parthenon.

Because of this, she can’t walk?

The spirit seemed to be trying to transmit energy to her …

Xin Xia did not want to be a burden. If she was destined to remain a cripple all her life, Mo Fan should not have taken such a risk because of her!


The whole body of the magician was in blood. Mo Fan slowly slid down the black light barrier.

Mo Fan climbed to his feet. He did not take his eyes off this terrible dark monster, surrounded by wriggling worms.

The demonization gave Mo Fan tremendous strength. But it is obvious that Dark Hyle was a creature even higher than the level of a commander. If Wentai could not cause serious damage to Hail’s soul, then even with the totem serpent, the demon Mo Fan could not defeat Hail!

Not surprisingly, the holy court has such a reputation. He has the right to sentence anyone on earth! In the absence of absolute power, this would hardly have been possible!

Turning around, Mo Fan looked at the sacred mountain, subjected to continuous attacks of dark forces.

Upon learning how the Parthenon acted Xin Xia, Mo Fony did not have any good feelings for this place. The magician watched the worms of immortality bite into the bodies of decision magicians and faith magicians, and felt cruel satisfaction!

Of course it would be much better if Hyle did not have this ability!

The worms of immortality continued to disperse. Hile sent them to all corners of the city and even to the safe barrier zone.

Beyond the safe barrier, the breath of a huge number of living people was felt. If he manages to suck out the vital energy of all these people, then he will recover to his highest state. Even the creature of the commander will not last a minute!

Hyle has long regained his strength. His worms of immortality allowed him to go beyond the dark contract ban. He wanted to get more and more people and turn them into a sacrifice for himself. And then he will be reborn again!


Hail failed to quickly destroy Mo Fan, but he was in no hurry. His soaring worms of immortality flooded the whole sky above the city. And already flew even to distant unprotected areas.

For ordinary people, these parasites were deadly. Just flying past, a herd of worms of immortality could suck all the life energy out of several hundred people!

Upon learning that the power of Hail fell upon the city, the judicial magicians and magicians who came to the burial ceremony changed their faces dramatically.

The judges and magicians of the holy court were most worried!

Hyle never let his powers go beyond the dark place of execution! Why is he so aggressive this time? After all, Hyle always longed for more deaths, only in this way he will be able to fully recover !!

“You … you called the demon !!” – someone sounded angry voice.

– Faster, stop this trial! Otherwise, the whole city will be destroyed !! – one of the senior abbesses was angry.

Hyle was the embodiment of evil and darkness, his name was synonymous with death. A holy court would conduct its own trials, ignoring the mortal danger to people, but the public did not approve of this. This time, Hail’s thirst has crossed all borders …

This must be stopped. Hyle can’t keep fighting this demon. Athens will not stand the power of these two creatures, and the dark light barrier will not last long!

……… ..


The totem serpent slowly approached the dark place of execution and applied the sphere of poisonous gas.

In contact with a poisonous hook, parasitic worms immediately died and fell from the sky one after another.

There were a great many worms of immortality that went to the city and to the Parthenon, but the poisonous sphere of the totem snake immediately stopped everything and deprived Hail of a source of strength!

People from the Parthenon, seeing that the totem snake stopped the parasite invasion, breathed a sigh of relief.

The totem serpent is, of course, a scary monster, but it is a guard creature and cannot kill innocent people. Sometimes he even attacked those who were subordinate … That is why the people of the Parthenon, with their religious fanaticism, did not want to approach a totem snake within a kilometer radius.

Due to the extermination of the worms of immortality, Hyle became furious and, going to the light barrier, hit him. He wanted to break out and destroy the totem snake!

The totem snake was not at all afraid of such a threat, having opened a giant mouth, he let out a fierce roar in the direction of Hail. The confrontation of the two giant creatures gave Mo Fan a short time to breathe. His demonized body was restored very quickly.

The totem serpent could not enter the place of execution, just as Hyle could not escape. Only his worms of immortality could move freely back and forth!

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