Chapter 1184. The Hail Blood River.


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Without the worms of death collecting energy for him, Hyle could no longer heal his wounds, much less strengthen his strength.

Mo Fan put out the fire around his body, and transformed the shadow of a fiery geter into hell wolves. Many wolf shadows appeared and thick dark breathing scattered throughout the execution site.

– Awww !!!

The shadow of the wolf emitted a long howl, and, jumping out of the body, Mo Fanya rushed right at Hail.

The wolf clawed with sharp claws into the Dark Hail’s body and began to tear it to pieces. A spray of dark, thick liquid flew in all directions.

Hile once again used the power of the dark horn, but this time Mo Fan was faster. More wolf shadows began to appear from his body, and soon it was already a huge wolf army, which collided with Hail’s horn.

All this was dark magic, and during the collision, the space around was covered in thick darkness. Taking this opportunity, Mo Fan rushed to Hail under the cover of darkness, and concentrating all the demonic power in his legs, he sharply hit the center of the body of Dark Hail !!

Hyle received only a minor wound. Turning around, he swung his devilish claws. The claws possessed a shackling force covering a decent space.

Mo Fan already knew most of Hail’s attacking tricks and was therefore ready. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared from his place, avoiding dark claws and appeared right in front of Hail.

Hail’s whole body was covered with thick growths. Tearing off these growths, the demon Mo Fan reached a hole in Hail’s chest!

Realizing the intentions of Mo Fan, Hyle once again opened the pores and many worms of immortality flew out of his body.

* zzzzzzzzz

Mo Fan quickly orientated himself and released lightning energy. Electric discharges began to flow into Hail’s body and surrounded him one by one.

The worms of immortality in an instant died from lightning strikes. Hail’s body also took a lot of damage. Dark claws ascended into the sky, but never descended.

When Mo Fan destroyed all the worms, he could see a cloudy sky through a hole in Hail’s chest …

Mo Fan rushed into this hole. Black claws of shadow were visible on both of his hands. Since he cannot kill this creature with elemental magic, he only has to use the forces of demonization and tear it to pieces!

Mo Fan clawed Hail’s chest with his claws, creating an even larger wound from which the worms of immortality immediately began to fall out, spraying black liquid!

Hyle yelled in pain and shoved huge claws right into his chest. He tore Mo Fan along with pieces of his flesh and bone, behind which he was hiding!

Hail’s hand was full of black blood and rotting flesh, as if he had ripped out his own insides in an attempt to destroy Mo Fan!

But soon a sharp pain reappeared in his chest. Unprecedented forces tore an even bigger hole.

Only then did Hyle realize that he had grabbed only a fake shadow, and Mo Fan was still in his chest …

Black blood poured out like a big mountain spring. Hile no longer tried to pull Mo Fan with his hand, but instead began to control the worms of immortality in his body …

Mo Fan continued to cut his way through Hail’s flesh. The claws of a demonic wolf are the sharpest weapon, especially when tearing apart enemy flesh …

With great difficulty, Mo Fan made a hole in Hail’s chest twice as large, the flow of black blood became stronger …

Only Mo Fan wanted to figure out where Hail’s internal organs were, how a giant black caterpillar popped through the flesh, capable of swallowing Mo Fan entirely!

Mo Fan hastily evaded, but then noticed that all the flesh had turned into the vile maggots that surrounded him inside Hail !!

The magician suddenly realized that Hail’s entire body is made up of various kinds of insects. And they could just as well bite into the enemy if he appeared inside Hail’s body.

It was very difficult to overcome these insects, especially Mo Fan could not launch an attack in such a cramped space. He had to break out of Hail’s body, simultaneously summoning the shadow of a fiery geter and burning to the ground all the creatures pursuing him!

Mo Fan destroyed most of the insects of immortality, and now Hyle could not heal a huge wound in his chest!


Thick blood poured non-stop, and the wound became even larger and deeper. The distraught Hail rushed after Mo Fan, trying to trample him and turn him into a cake.

Haila is very difficult to injure, but the way of acting from the inside had a good effect! When Hail madly rushed after Mo Phan, he felt that the monster’s breathing had become much weaker.

But still, this was not enough. Hyle was still eerily powerful and continuously attacked Mo Fan, inflicting more and more wounds on him.

The difference between the sizes of the two opponents was enormous. Mo Fan will continue to use the claws of the shadow as the main method of attack, practically melee attacking the enemy. Let’s see who can stand it!

………… ..

Watching the progress of the battle of the demon Mo Fan and Hail, Pan Lai, Zhu Meng, Song Jiming and Han Ji were beside themselves with excitement.

Hyle is a powerful creature, and the holy court could control him only by applying contractual restrictions. And Mo Fan, being just a high-level mage, applied demonization and has been opposing Hail for such a long time …

Zhu Meng and Han Ji saw that Mo Fan has become much stronger since the disaster in the ancient capital. This meant that demonization intensified as Mo Fan was cultivated. Does this mean that, having reached the highest level and possessing 8 elements, the demon Mo Fan will become a worthy opponent of Hailu?

If the forces of demonization can really exceed the abilities of Hail, then the authority of the Holy Court will shake dramatically!

From the very beginning, they did not have high hopes for this battle, but it became obvious that they greatly underestimated the demonization!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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