Chapter 1185: Break Into Hell!


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Black blood dripped from Hail’s body, you could see how black worms fell from him. If dead worms fell from the body, it meant that Hail’s life also slipped out of his hands.

Hail’s body was formed from a huge number of worms, the fact that the worms were dying meant that there was a huge wound on the creature’s body. Hail’s internal organs were now torn apart by Mo Fan, and the wound was getting wider and wider.

Dark Hyle stared at Mo Fan. Suddenly, he turned and moved to Xin Xia, in addition, a dark pond appeared in front of him, resembling the same one from which he emerged.

Hyle realized that there was no point in further fighting this demon and killing each other. It is better to urgently grab your little things and go to the underworld. If this guy chases, then reaching hell Hail’s strength will increase several times and it will be impossible to kill!

Mo Fan’s body was strewn with wounds. But at the moment when Hyle headed for Xin Xia, Mo Fan realized that this creature was very cunning.

The magician’s heart was restless, he ran at full speed to Xin Xia.

The dimensions of the black pond became more and more. The place where Xin Xia stood was already buried in the mud, which already enveloped her legs and pulled down.

Hail’s body also settled down, he plunged so fast that he soon already halfway through this gate of the black pond.

Hile turned and laughed at the stupid Mo Fan.

He did not need a deadly battle with Mo Fan. All he needed was a delicious gift, if he could deliver it to the underworld, then his plan would come true!

Mo Fanya was too heated up this battle, but who knew that Hyle would be so mean.

Usually, the higher the creature’s level, the more intolerant of provocation. Hyle – the spirit of the death of Greece, he had to fight to the very last. Who could have imagined that even he would be afraid of a hand-to-hand fight with Mo Fan. Instead, he grabbed his gift and headed to hell!


On the sacred mountain in the observatory, a woman observed a picture of Hail’s escape, her face shook violently.

This Hyle was supposed to kill Ye Xin Xia. Without killing her, the sacred spirit of the Parthenon cannot be restored. If he drags E Xin Xia into his netherworld through this dark reservoir, then the sacred spirit will also disappear from this world!

Everything she did was now in vain and burst like a soap bubble. Yiddish’s long nails stuck into her own palm, she looked with enormous hatred at Mo Fan, the demon.

If it were not for the demonized Mo Fan and the totemic serpent, then everything would have gone according to her plan!


Hail had no conscience. Although he was quite far from Xin Xia and Mo Fan could protect her in battle, Hyle acted very cunningly – he opened the gate in the place where the girl was and began to drag them both into the dark underworld.

Xin Xia’s body was plunged into mud, only the girl’s head remained stuck, and the rest of the body was already plunged into hell.

Hyle knew that Mo Fan would run to save Xin Xia. Therefore, he blocked the path of Mo Fan, not sparing his strength, forcing the magician to look at how the girl plunges into hell.

Hyle screamed imperiously and loudly, but Mo Fan heard only treacherous lies in this scream.

Only when Hyle saw that Xin Xia was already plunged into the underworld, did he also go there.

It was difficult for Mo Fan to fight Hail, and it was all the more impossible to block his path to flight!

Seeing that the silhouette of Xin Xia completely plunged into the mud, Mo Fan grabbed Hail with the claws of shadow, black blood poured in all directions …

But Hyle was still trying to block the path to the underworld, although his shoulders were torn by Mo Fan, he went to hell with an insidious smile!

In the end, Xin Xia and Hyle disappeared into the stubborn black mud. After their disappearance, this dirt began to decrease.

It was the gateway to hell and seeing that they were getting smaller and smaller, Mo Fan felt his soul was becoming empty.

There was no second Xin Xia in this world. If he no longer hears her gentle voice calling him: “Brother Mo Fan,” if he no longer feels her faint scent, if he no longer sees her pure smile and her beautiful lips, then how can you live in this world? ..

When Mo Fan was lazy in cultivation, his thoughts flew away into the memories of the city of Bo, into the memories of Xin Xia, which curled up in a cold cupboard …

The cruelty of this world greatly hurts people … The monster from the underworld was very cunning and cruel, but the cold of that place that permeated the soul was even worse. And the Xin Xia soul will be subjected to eternal torment …

What is hell? Terrible rumors are circulating, but these are just rumors. After all, not a single living person has returned from there. And the more incomprehensible it was for Mo Fan, the more he was scared. But what if that place is hundreds of times worse than the way it is described!

In no case could one let Xin Xia be dragged into the netherworld. A pure and immaculate girl should not have come to such an ending.

He had to heal her legs and take her to the sea so that she would take her first steps in this world on warm sand. And then there would have been a beautiful clear night — he would have taken her to the mountain, where a cluster of stars is clearly visible, showing her what she thought was unattainable.

While immersed in hell, Xin Xia did not utter a word. She only looked at Mo Fan, as if she already knew that she would not survive and she wanted to remember his face …

But Mo Fan could not accept this.

He still remembered the agony of Zhang Xiao Hou when Xu Zhao Ting brutally cracked down on his girlfriend. Zhang Xiao Hou would rather give his life than to look at this sight … And Mo Fan remembered the oath he had made to Zhang Kon …

Mo Fan did not think that Xin Xia would leave him forever today. Of course, he will continue to live an ordinary life, but each time it will pop up before his eyes …

Beloved people should always be there to hear their laughter, so that the heart pounding at the touch. How to live in woeful memories of them with inexhaustible chest pain? ..

– I will not leave you! Shouted Mo Fan fiercely.

Tears rolled from the magician’s red eyes. The girl who was always with him was slipping away from him. And now between them there was not only a barrier in the form of the Sacred Mountain, but also the afterlife – hell …

Watching the gates to hell close, Mo Fan rushed there, letting a dark body of water envelop his body, saying this last goodbye to this world.

– Mo Fan!

– Mo Fan!

Pan Lai, Han Ji, Zhu Meng, Song Qiming were shocked by this sight – Mo Fan also plunged into hell.

Azalea stood on the top of the totem snake; she did not want to believe what she saw.

Some for their own lives strew the altar with corpses and resurrect, but their souls are given away with rot.

And some give themselves entirely for their own faith!


Hyle disappeared, the dark place of execution disappeared. The innocent girl who put the entire Acropolis of Athens on her ears also disappeared without a trace. Even the guy who made a bloody storm for the girl also disappeared …

The sacred mountain has already become nothing. Although she stood firmly in the rain, but as soon as the sun’s rays fall on her slopes, the mountain of faith will show its true appearance – completely destroyed.

Song Qiming raised his head, rain hit his cheeks.

As if everything went in a circle. When Wentai died, bloody rain also fell from the sky. Wentai was a real saint, he could lead people.

And now his daughter is experiencing this circle of hell. And Mo Fan, with his element of demonization, would become a weapon against the empire of monsters, which would repeatedly attack humanity.

They were supposed to protect the life of Mo Fan, but in the end, could not influence his choice.

Who won this battle?


As soon as the human race weakens, monsters approach it!

And the real victory remains in the hands of these predatory creatures!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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