Chapter 1186: Let me fight for you until my last breath!


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Black viscous mud enveloped the whole body, it was cold inside this mud and it seemed that you were in a web.

Ye Xin Xia opened her eyes, but saw nothing. Before her there was only impenetrable darkness, and from the feeling of weightlessness it seemed to her that she simply turned into a ghost.

– I died? Xin Xia asked quietly to herself.

Perhaps this feeling in the soul was like death – complete emptiness, confusion and loneliness …

Not a single sound is heard, not a ray of light is visible, it was even difficult to feel the temperature in which it was.

Remembering the last picture, the sadness that flowed through Xin Xia’s heart turned into a whole stream.

Can you see him?

She was not afraid of loneliness, she was used to being alone. But the memories of how she ran up to the boy, a year older than her, who lived in the neighborhood, as she could not say a word, only listened to him – these memories warmed Xin Xia’s soul.

Living at the end of the street and not having the opportunity to go outside, climb onto the windowsill and find a strange face – became a kind of fun for Xin Xia. And this face was making her faces, smiling, angry. With the advent of Mo Fan, she felt special, not a forgotten girl in an old house at the end of the street.

They grew, but this feeling did not pass, all that was needed was to see it, and hope blossomed in the soul.

She was afraid not of loneliness, but of the fact that this feeling would not happen again. With the help of Mo Fan, she no longer felt half dead, she finally came to life, and he pushed her to it!

Xin Xia was still slowly sinking, as if this hell had no bottom.

The girl tried hard to remember this face forever, as if it were the last moment of her life.

* Scream

Suddenly there was a sound next to her that made her hair stand on end.

Xin Xia tried to look around, but it was too dark. Her spiritual powers helped her to understand that the space around her was dotted with worms!

These worms looked like larvae with small teeth.

Worms became more and more, they gathered together, as if preparing for a meal.

Xin Xia smiled sadly. She was still alive, but would soon be consumed by these worms …

The girl closed her eyes, threw her head in, and an expression of indifference appeared on her face …

* Scream

Black worms surged, turning into a stream.

– Get out!

A hot fire illuminated a space in which worms attacked violently, a fire destroyed them mercilessly, and they burned to ashes.

Crazy fire was spinning next to Xin Xia, she could not even see the shadow of the fire, since its speed was very fast. She tried to follow the fiery movement, but she did not succeed.

How many worms surrounded them? .. Xin Xia would not undertake to count. It seemed that it was so dark here because of these black worms. But suddenly a fire lit up the space and Xin Xia poured a warm stream.

Xin Xia examined the space that lit the fire. There was darkness everywhere, as if they were under a layer of soil. The space around was dotted with worms, which was not visible and the gaps between them!

– Mo … Brother Mo Fan! – Of course, Xin Xia knew whose light it was. Her eyes gazed steadily into the darkness, she was extremely scared. Tears filled her face and fell on her chin, neck and chest …

Mo Fan did not hear the call of Xin Xia, he had already reached a crazy state, if Hyle wanted the worms to eat Xin Xia, then Mo Fan will now destroy all these worms clean!

After Hyle entered the dark gates of the underworld, his strength greatly increased. Mo Fan has already destroyed a sufficiently thick layer of worms. He went to Xin Xia, but these were the possessions of Hail, and he would not let them slip away from here!

Layer after layer, Mo Fan cleared a safe place within a radius of one kilometer around Xin Xia, but soon the worms again surrounded them from all directions …

Ye Xin Xia looked around, it seemed to her that they, along with Mo Fang, had fallen into a celestial body filled with worms. Mages seemed to be the surface of the earth, and worms – the core!

Mo Fan killed the worms non-stop; his shadow grew brighter and weaker. But every time the worms came, the body of Mo Fan began to glow with a bloody light and a thousand worms disappeared without a trace!

It seemed that Mo Fan was indefatigable, it was not visible that he had time to catch his breath.

Xin Xia did not see that Mo Fan was following them. It seemed to her that she was already dead, once she was immersed in the abyss of the underworld!


The body of Mo Fan separated several thousand fires from itself, each of them went to different places and covered the worms layer by layer. These worms burned to the ground from a strong fire.

Mo Fan watched this fire, thinking that he could see the beginning of a layer of worms, but they pressed too tightly against each other for fear of being killed.

This is the force that Mo Fan released from his heated body. If he could not create this passage, destroying the layer of worms, then both of them would come to an end.

The tiny passage, which was conquered by force, again began to sink into piles of worms. Mo Fan lay next to Xin Xia, his face was extremely exhausted. But the girl did not see his face and felt hopelessness of the situation.

Mo Fan also looked at Xin Xia, his bloody eyes began to turn pale, restoring his original dark brown color.

The two looked at each other without saying a word. In each other’s eyes, they could read more than just words.

Xin Xia did not allow Mo Fang to continue the fight, supporting him from the back. The girl’s soft body touched the guy’s body, Xin Xia’s tender hands lay on Mo Fang’s chest, and his head was on his shoulder …

All she dreamed about was to be with him now, sitting next to him in an embrace and wait until hordes of worms devour them.

Mo Fan understood Xin Xia very well, because he, too, was at the limit of his physical strength.

Holding Xin Xia’s cold hands, Mo Fan slowly turned to face her.

Looking into the calm eyes of the girl, Mo Fan smiled bitterly. A gentle body fell into the arms of Mo Fan.

“So that’s it?” – Mo Fan said quietly in Xin Xia’s ear

“Yes, like that,” Xin Xia nodded her head confidently.

Until now, neither Mo Fan nor Xin Xia have been crying, their hearts have gradually become calmer.

– Brother Mo Fan …

– What?

– I love you…

Hearing these three simple words, Mo Fan did not even know what to answer.

Mo Fan also loved Xin Xia, and these feelings seemed precious to him, only …

* Scream

The sounds that Hyle made were heard in his ears for a long time, as usual, he decided to disturb them at such an important moment.

A new flock of worms flew. The light with which two magicians could illuminate the space gradually became weaker. Ugly worms were advancing, they were bubbling like a wave, longing to devour people!

Mo Fanu and Xin Xia did not care about these black worms when death knocks on the door, why hurry?

Suddenly, a brown fire began to emanate from the body of Mo Fan, it came from the guy’s legs and right to the top of the head.

Mo Fan was surprised that she saw the body of Mo Fan again burned with fire. She did not understand what he was up to.

– Sorry, I can’t stand it! – Mo Fan’s face was covered with a layer of fire when he said these words.

And Xin Xia dreamed of only one thing – that they quietly die together.

Mo Fan did not answer, because he did not want to stand there and wait for his death.

* Scream

The worms have already opened their mouths, heading for Mo Fan and Xin Xia.

Mo Fanya’s fists lit up, a raging flame, accompanied by a fiery dragon and lightning, spread in all directions – the worms in the area were completely destroyed!

Xin Xia looked at him.

Mo Fan’s body burned with fire, but it was not as bright as before, not so strong.

He looked at Xin Xia and said, “Just let me fight for you until the last breath, okay?”

And without waiting for an answer, Xin Xia saw that fire and lightnings emanated from Mo Fan’s body, which, when combined, formed a devilish tandem – thus, Mo Fan destroyed the worms layer by layer, and ashes from them covered the ground underfoot.

Xin Xia stood waiting, and her gaze fixed on his silhouette …

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