Chapter 1187. The Magic of Resurrection.


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……… ..

……… ..

Flashes of fire cleared the way of insects. Mo Fan was so tired that he raised his hands with difficulty. There was practically no demonization energy left in his body. His spiritual powers were extremely exhausted.

* zzzzzz

Fire destroyed some of the insects, but for their place appeared even more and soon they closely surrounded Mo Fan. With sharp teeth, they began to dig into the body of the magician.

Even a dismantled body is not able to withstand such a huge number of insect bites. Some smaller insects, biting through Mo Fan’s skin, began to penetrate his body …

Mo Fan no longer felt pain. His body became light, as if he were hovering in black space, allowing an army of insects to freely cover him.

It seems that this is the last minutes of his struggle, he so wanted to hug Xin Xia goodbye …

* chin !!

Mo Fan wandered into a sea of insects, when suddenly a desperate cry rang out in his head.

Mo Fan slowly opened his heavy eyes and noticed a bewitching radiance. After pitch darkness, the light hurt my eyes a little, but my body felt soft and warm.

“This is …” Mo Fan began to mumble under his breath. It was only after some time that his blurred consciousness realized that the spirit of the girl who had been with him until the very last moment left his body.

A subtle graceful female silhouette appeared in front of him, shrouded in warm fire. After waiting for Mo Fan to react, she soared right above him. Amid the bright fiery light, Mo Fan saw the body of the fiery goddess collapse !!

– Geterka, no, no, don’t do that! Do not do that! – as if suddenly realizing something, Mo Fan began to scream.

* bannnn!

The geterka flew up as high as possible, and at that moment her body exploded, filling all the dark space around with bright fire!

Powerful waves of fire spread around. Countless insects turned into nothing from the heat before touching the fire …

Mo Fan remembered that when he went to the northern hot plain, he saw the effect of a fire threat. At that time, she filled the whole desert with fire and destroyed everything that does not belong to the element of fire. It was like a fire disaster.

But now, having seen the act of the getter, Mo Fan realized that this force does not come from heaven at all and not without reason at all. Geterka sacrificed her life …

This fiery geter burned itself !!

Mo Fan was so exhausted that he could not move a finger. He understood his eyes in the distant heights and watched as a heterka sacrifices its own life. His eyes frantically darted, but remained dry.

He was so heartbroken that he could not utter a teardrop either. Waves of fire filled the entire dark space with fiery breath. Thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of insects turned into ashes. Everything around was transformed beyond recognition, this was no longer the place of darkness and the den of the army of insects, and the flame of a fire threat also burned in the heart of Mo Fan, all this was worth the life of the fire goddess!

Not having time to say goodbye, the fiery getter turned into fiery flashes soaring in the air. Destroying all insects, fiery tongues soared smoothly around. Hot and beautiful, like parts of a dead celestial body. In Mo Fan’s chest, grief arose, icy and raging, like a mountain stream.

……… ..

……… ..

Heavy rain still raged at Athens, washing away rivers of blood, human remains and the filth of war. But he could not remove the stigma of meanness and corruption of this city.

The dark place of execution completely disappeared, leaving only a dirty stain in the place of a dark reservoir …

The people did not dare to approach the territory of the Parthenon. Only Ban Lai, Song Qiming and the others stood nearby, continuing to observe the place from which the gates to the netherworld had just disappeared. They could not come to their senses for a long time.

– Oh …

Suddenly, the earth began to boil, and at the place where the passage to hell had just disappeared, a beautiful raging flame erupted! After a few seconds, as a fire hit a fountain from the earth, the rain over Athens stopped and the dark clouds dispersed …

Bright sunshine flooded the entire Acropolis of Athens. From damp and cold, the city quickly turned into warm and sunny.

“This is …” Song Tsimin looked stunned at the bright fire that came to them, blessed by the gods.

The fire shone for a very long time, filling the space around a radius of one hundred meters with warm light. It was like a mysterious divine rite.

Finally, Ban Lai and Song Jiming noticed that a silhouette appeared in the pillar of fire. As if a creature came to them from another world through this stormy stream of fire!

– This is Mo Fan and Xin Xia! Cried Song Jiming.

Pan Lai was overjoyed and at the same time could not believe it.

Didn’t these two fall into hell. How were they able to return? And where did this amazing fire come from? This fire is much cleaner and purer than the magic of Mo Fan, and even stronger at times!

Despite the fact that Ban Lai and Song Jiming were full of doubts, they all the same immediately rushed to help.

A weakened Mo Fan with Xin Xia in his arms would fall to the ground, but they managed to catch him.

The old magicians gently helped them get down to earth. The pillar of fire began to slowly calm down and die out.

Mo Fan carefully lowered Xin Xia, allowing Han Ji to heal her wounds, and he went back to the side of the pillar of fire.

“How are you …” Han Ji began.

Xin Xia whispered:

– This is a fiery heterka, she sacrificed her life and used a fiery threat.

Pan Lai, Han Ji, Song Jiming and Zhu Meng immediately understood everything. But looking at the heartbroken Mo Fan, even he knew how to calm him down.

Song Jiming most understood the grief of Mo Fan. He knew that the heterosexual had grown before his eyes. She was always full of life and enthusiasm. Who would have thought that they, old experienced magicians, could not help Mo Fan and E Xin Xia, but the little getter could save them at the cost of their own lives …


Mo Fan came back and looked at the remaining barely noticeable warm light. He also noticed a small gray leaf that fluttered like a light feather in a pillar of fire and slowly sank to the ground.

Mo Fan slowly extended both hands and carefully took the priceless fire petal, which the hetero left him goodbye.

Mo Fan carefully lifted the petal to his lips. The native smell responded with such a sharp pain in the heart that Mo Fan could not breathe.

“Brother Mo Fan …” Xin Xia’s voice came from behind.

Han Ji helped her up and Xin Xia, approaching Mo Fang, put her hands in Mo Fang’s arms, in which the petal of the fire heterka was still held.

“Let me hold him,” said Xin Xia.

Mo Fan raised his head and silently handed over the Xin Xia petal.

Xin Xia carefully received him and slowly closed her eyes.

Soft radiance, like crystal pollen, emanated from Xin Xia’s body. Soon a mystical splendor covered the girl, and behind her appeared a shadow of a mystical spirit …

Xin Xia’s long hair fluttered, exposing her tender cheeks. When she finally opened her eyes, her look was completely different!

It was still Xin Xia. But she looked so serious and solemn, as if it were a different person. Eyes especially changed, it was not her eyes!

* boom Boom Boom…

The whole body of Xin Xia radiated radiance, and at some point she seemed to merge with him together. It looked so strange and incomprehensible. Mo Fan heard a distinct heartbeat.

A small beating heart, woven from the rays of light, emerged from Xin Xia’s chest and fell into her hands directly on the fiery petal left by the fiery heterka.

The fiery petal and the radiant heart merged together, and when the radiance began to fade away, the resulting fruit remained in Xin Xia’s hands.

“This … this is the magic of resurrection!”

– The magic of resurrection !!

– She has the magic of resurrection !!!!!

The radiance of the magic of resurrection is so special that any representative of the Parthenon immediately recognizes it. They were immediately surrounded by many decision magicians and knights. They saw with their own eyes how Xin Xia applied the magic of the Parthenon resurrection and how the sacred spirit of the Parthenon descended on her !!

Who would have thought that the girl whom everyone mistook for Salan and whom Hyle dragged into the netherworld would take possession of the magic of resurrection !!

The guardian knights initially aggressively looked at Mo Fan and Xin Xia. But when they saw this scene, they all knelt as one, lowering their heads low.

Numerous magicians from the Temple of Decisions and the Temple of Faith also knelt in recognition. Many believers at this moment in the temple of faith were extremely discouraged. Seeing that all the venerable magicians bowed to this force, they hurried to do the same!

Suffering from death and loss is experienced by all living people on earth. The only thing that could end this suffering was the magic of the resurrection of the Parthenon!


“Brother Mo Fan …” Xin Xia smiled softly. She would never have thought that she could master the magic of resurrection! She had never been so joyful in her life, because she was able to resurrect a fire heterka …

Mo Fan, experiencing an incredible surge of feelings, looked at the fiery fruit.

Isn’t the fiery getter born of the fiery fruit? So applying the magic of resurrection, Xin Xia allowed the fiery getter to start life anew ??

– Brother Mo Fan, the fiery geter always remains a fiery creature. For a complete rebirth, she needs to go through the baptism with the purest and strongest fire, ”Xin Xia carefully passed the fiery fruit to Mo Fan.

Mo Fan took the fiery fruit with both hands and felt the heat emanating from him, as well as an even ripple, similar to a heartbeat.

“Xin Xia … you …” – Suddenly realizing something, Mo Fan looked at the girl.

Xin Xia smiled softly and shook her head.

– Do not worry. Now we have one heart for two. I am often far away from you, but now that the fiery geter is always with you, my heart will also be near.

Xin Xia could never keep up with Mo Fang. The fiery getter was always with him, they traveled together, experienced adventures, fought together, rejoiced and suffered … Now her heart will not languish locked up and in alarm.

Therefore, for Xin Xia it was a wonderful outcome of events!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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