Chapter 1188. I came for you.


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Drops of rain began to fall again from heaven to earth. The petals soaring in air began to fall from moisture.

While at the observatory, Yiddish with icy eyes looked down. She looked like a soulless ghost who didn’t even have breath.

None of the followers looked at her, people’s eyes were fixed on this girl. They all solemnly greeted her, and this meant that the whole plan of Yiddish failed miserably. She not only could not eliminate all the holiest, but also did not get the sacred spirit of the Parthenon.

The sacred spirit of the Parthenon took this girl and now, in the next ten years, he will not accept any other master. Yiddish did not have so much time!

……… ..

At the foot of the sacred mountain, Durand cowardly hid behind one of the stony hills. Left without support, he hid pitifully in the gazebo.

It is clear that he was abusing his official duties. In the near future, one of the convicts will surely appear here to bring charges against him. If not for the patronage of Yiddish, he would not have been able to hold on to power for so long.

But can she protect him now?

The sacred spirit of the Parthenon has finally awakened. The girl they married to Salan and sentenced to death became a resurrected fairy and received the approval of the sacred spirit. All of this is undoubtedly a mortal blow to their plan. Most likely they will not even have a chance to start life from scratch.

What questions will the whole Parthenon face?

– Senior criminal, we better get out of here as soon as possible. Yiddish will surely say that she knew nothing, but we have no other choice, ”said Durank’s personal bodyguard.

Durank perked up a bit, the magician was right. They cannot just sit and wait for their death. Yiddish, for his own safety, never admits that it was her plan. Escape is the only and best way out!

Taking advantage of the moment when all people knelt, Durank left the sacred mountain and fled in the direction of the Mediterranean Sea.

He still had some connections. He was sure that he could hide and wait until all this died down. No matter how much time passes, it will still rise back.

Moving away from the city, Durank and his bodyguard could already see in the distance the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. On the sacred mountain and throughout the city, people have not yet departed from what happened. In such chaos, no one paid attention to them.

Feeling the breath of the sea wind, Duranc involuntarily looked back at Athens and the sacred mountain.

“Your Excellency, we need to hurry,” the bodyguard insisted.

– I will not give up. A little more and the whole sacred mountain would be under my control. I would rule not only the Acropolis of Athens, but all of Europe! But instead forced to run away like a beaten dog !! – spitefully said Durank.

Everything went exactly according to their plan, and when the dark holy court began its work, Durank already began to feel the taste of victory. They have already eliminated Wentai through a holy court. No one could have imagined that the most powerful and powerful dark holy court could fail, moreover, at the hands of a student.

Where did this mo fan come from? Why does he have such incredible power? What abilities allowed him to snatch this girl from the clutches of the Greek god of death ??

“Yes, but it all turned out like this.” If you really do not want to run away, I have an idea, ”said the magician.

– Do you have an idea? What other idea !! – Durank froze for a second, staring at the magician who had served him for more than forty years.

This magician has long been close to him. He was not particularly quick-witted, but he always carried out all orders perfectly. Durank deeply doubted that this idiot had a good idea in a situation where Durank himself did not know what to do.

The magician with a mysterious and mysterious look approached Durank.

Durank was impatient. Was a good thought born in his head?

When Durank approached, an ice spike suddenly appeared in the bodyguard’s hand, and he thrust it right into his master’s heart!

Durank did not have time to do anything. The rest of his subordinates had long fled, they understood that Durank was in a hopeless situation. And only this magician until the last was devoted to him and fled with him, so Durank had high hopes for him.

This magician always followed his orders and went through fire and water for the sake of Duranca. But now hatred and disgust appeared in his gaze. It was as if he had been hiding these feelings for a long time at heart, but when he thrust the ice spike into Duranca, he was immediately transformed!

Due to the fact that the spike was completely made of ice, Durand did not die right away. The icy chill began to spread from the heart throughout the body.

Durand looked at the bodyguard in surprise. He could not understand why the magician did this.

* that one! that one! that !!

There was a loud clang of heels on a rocky surface. Durand was hunched over and watched with his lateral vision the approach of thin legs in high heels until they were right in front of him …

Durand slowly raised his head and saw a sharp chin and a pair of insensitive eyes.

“I said I came here for two things.” The second is to take your life. Have you really forgotten? – There was a contemptuous chuckle.

Durank looked at the woman in front of him. This time she wore no hat or veil covering her face. He could clearly see her features.

– It’s … it’s you! – Durank turned white with fear. Due to a sharp fright, he felt his vitality leave his body even faster.

“You should not become so attached to this world.” I have already sent your family to the afterlife, they are waiting for you. She left no one, not even your bastard, ”the woman said slowly.

Hearing this, Durank, as if mad, rushed at the woman.

She did not even back down, and Durank fell half a step away. He lay right at her feet, not finding the strength in himself to rise again.

Durand was completely defeated, snot mixed with tears. No one in this world knew that he had an illegitimate son. Duranc did not like his daughters, believing that they did not inherit his mind and abilities. And only the illegitimate son made him feel the fullness of life. He even began to pave his way, in the hope that his son would follow in his footsteps …

Durand even thought that if he himself was defeated, then his son would continue his work and would achieve better success. But hearing from Salan about his son, Durand’s soul seemed to have died with him, and he turned into a walking corpse.

“Shi Tsinghua, Eizender, you are Durank, I can put the name of Yiddish at the end of the list,” the woman said quietly, as if talking to herself.

Durand can already be considered dead. Chill slowly took his life. He lay on a deserted coast, in the mud from head to toe and with a grimace of torment and despair on his face …

His dead body will gradually be corroded by the sea wind and dry by the scorching sun. There are few people here, and by the time someone finds his corpse, they will think that these are the remains of one of the refugees. Perhaps they will throw his body into the sea, or maybe they will leave it to decompose under the sun …

Duranc always thought that his death would be majestic, and that the funeral would take place in the cathedral, as is done for the heads of state. Children in white robes, like angels, will sing songs. His relatives and friends will wear the most luxurious mourning clothes and will thank him for everything he has done for them. Numerous officials and heads of various organizations will salute him by solemnly lowering the flag!

It was completely unlike his fantasies. Escape, guilt, brutal death, decay, and rot. The death of his whole family!

“You worked so hard all these years,” Salan glanced at the bodyguard with bloodied hands.

“Madam, after these people brought him to light, I lived only for that moment,” the magician answered.

“What are your plans now?” If not, you can follow me.

– Sorry, but I can’t. Your revenge was too cruel. He didn’t even think that you would do so … So many innocents … – the magician honestly answered.

“The only thing I asked him about was to stay alive,” Salan answered.

“Why was that girl able to awaken the cardinal’s stone?” Is she really … – thought the magician.

After the murder of Durank, all the anger disappeared from the eyes of the magician. And when he asked this question, there was hope in his voice …

“If you want to follow her, then go.” But one day, the day may come when we will be on opposite sides. And then I won’t do you any indulgence, ”Salan said indifferently.

“You are right; she is not at all like you.” When she confronted the dark holy court, I saw the shadow of the master from those times. This is great luck, – it seemed the magician was completely calm and satisfied.

He knew how cruel and insane the woman standing in front of him. Fortunately, nothing was transmitted to her daughter from her character. She was pure and not vicious, like the sunshine, and there was not a drop of evil and darkness in her.

– That is why many years ago I broke off all family relations with her.

“Have you abandoned her?”

– Yes. She could cry all day over a little dragonfly. She was friendly and sincere with everyone. All this disgusted me. I always thought how stupid she was.

“Please don’t say that.” She is the wisest person in this world.

“I warned him.” No matter how much he rescues people, after his death, I will kill even more. But he still chose death … He believed these pretended good people, and did not believe me, considering me evil. Well, isn’t that stupid?

“Are you taking revenge on him?”

– Everyone who chose the black stone is already dead in my eyes. But most of all I hate him myself.

“Madam, this is the last time I call you that.” From this day, if we meet again, I will do everything to take your life.

“You like it.”

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