Chapter 1189: The Last Judgment


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Ten days later, the entire Acropolis of Athens and the Holy Mountain were still under the hood of incessant rain, but a storm of fair judgment was approaching the Holy Mountain!
Two sacred judges of the previous generation and two judges of the present are four judges who hold power in their hands. The sentencing in this case was not easy for them!
Soon, 5 judges who were in a conspiracy with Durank were thoroughly checked, but there were no questions about those who threw a black stone. All the same, they were fined, because they had to be objective in any situation!
Durand’s fetid corpse was found the previous day. The faces of the five judges were pale after they learned of his death.
Yiddish was interrogated, during which four sacred judges questioned her in detail. During interrogation, her personal freedom was taken away. Her official position was also temporarily canceled. The only status that Yiddish had was the status of a conspiracy suspect. As soon as the degree of her guilt is determined, a single ending awaits her!
Usually those who were sentenced to death died. But taking into account the fact that she is the only one in the Parthenon who was closest to the art of resurrection and, incidentally, was resurrected, there would be no sense in sentencing her to death. It was necessary to destroy her soul, so that even no black magic could not resurrect her, so that there were not even particles of her dirty soul in this world!
– Five judges have already pleaded guilty, but they claim that the initiator is Yiddish. If they believe that Yiddish came up with an insidious plan, then Durank set them up like that. Using the position of Yiddish, he lured his colleagues in order to achieve his goals. At that time, Yiddish was still in the grave and slept there soundly. I believe that she deliberately resurrected to stop Durank, ”the lawyer made arguments in defense.
– Yes, Yiddish is innocent, Duran is the greatest evil, but he is already dead – this is his punishment! – jurors have expressed their opinion.
Song Qiming sat in the place of the supreme judge, his feelings were a little agitated. Since he believed that all this was the work of Yiddish. Suppose Duranc was very ambitious and greedy for fame, he still did not have such an ability to manage.
The most dangerous was the death of Yiddish. After all, she had already thought out her own path for many years to come. Her death was just a sound sleep, in which she expected the return of the sacred spirit of the Parthenon!
The investigation was already completed, it was revealed that Yiddish did not die in the true sense of the word, she retained a thin thread of life in herself in order to wake up one day from sleep.
“Yiddish, do you have something to say?” – Asked her judge Wanyue Bache.
Wang Yue Bache came from the Japanese family Wanyue. In his opinion, two guard towers were the best place for criminals. There is no such prison in the world as a guard tower, which uprooted all the vicious qualities of magicians.
“I didn’t even suspect anything.” If today the four holy judges decide that I am guilty, then I will not dispute this decision. But I hope that the judges will give me a chance. If you admit my guilt, then I will leave my post and become holy. Then I can do a lot for the Parthenon and for the tormented people … Having become a fairy, I could not show the right path for my faithful students, they did these terrible things because of me. I agree to take responsibility. ”Yiddish lowered her eyes, which shone with a genuine, sincere light.
“Chief Justice Song Jiming believes that if you are not sentenced to death, then you will continue to oppress the most holy Xin Xia, possessing the sacred spirit of the Parthenon,” said Wanyue Bache.
“I can swear by the contractual space of darkness that I will never commit evil acts against Xin Xia – directly or through an intermediary.” This is the contractual space of darkness that I will deposit with Sun Tsimin, if something goes wrong, the supreme judge will be the first to know this and then I will accept any punishment, ”said Yiddish.
– Yiddish could not do this, no contractual space of darkness is needed! – began to shout discontented people.
Yiddish smiled slightly, reassuring the people: “The decision of the court must be fair. Dark sides are hidden in the heart of every person, and I am no exception. I agree to contract with the contractual space of darkness. ”
The four holy judges bowed their heads and began to confer.
Song Qiming insisted on Yiddish’s guilt, the rest of the judges needed more evidence.
But did Yiddish leave any evidence?
She was lying in a coffin all the time, what evidence could there be, who would find evidence of guilt at the dead?
Therefore, although Song Tsimin defended his point of view, he perfectly understood that it was very difficult to say about the guilt of a person, since he had only recently been dead, and now he was sitting in the courtroom. All the blame can be shoved on Duranka, Mirola and five of the judges. In addition, Panisa and Shoushen were also guilty!

But the worst thing is that Yiddish had an ideal retreat even after her struggle for power was stopped.
In the end, Song Jiming did not drop the indictment. It took two pieces of paper to convict Yiddish and punish her, but he knew that the rest of the judges would not drop the ballots, and he also did not make sense to do so.
The Yiddish affair was completed very quickly; the turn of Mo Fan came.
Mo Fan showed disrespect for the authority of the Parthenon, called on the totem serpent who sowed panic on the sacred mountain, killed a huge number of magicians of the temple of decisions, the temple of faith and the holy court. And also used strong demonization.
The Mo Fang trial was closed. Mo Fan will be punished only if the court finds him guilty.
If the demonization of Mo Fan is recognized as black magic, then this power will be taken away from him.
If this were a normal situation, then Song Jiming would certainly have dropped the indictment sheet. But for the sake of Mo Fan and the totem serpent, he had to accept the offer from Yiddish for a secret meeting.
Song Qiming helped her, and she will ask another judge to help Mo Fan and the totem snake.
Mo Fan and the totem serpent killed many people, no matter what the reason was, but the sacred mountain was irrigated with bloody rain. Even if Mo Fan does not make a court decision, an announcement of his search and arrest will be sent to all cities around the world.
Mo Fan was the winner of international competitions, and also possessed demonization. In the future, he could confront the black church and the empire of monsters. Song Qiming hoped that Yiddish would go to hell, but it was impossible to let her take Mo Fan away with him!
Yiddish henchmen will be destroyed after a court decision. The battle with her was not over yet. And Song Qiming believed that no court is needed here so that the strong Mo Fan would send Yiddish to hell anyway!
Therefore, Mo Fan was found not guilty.
The magical community of five continents was still to discuss the case of Mo Fan about the strength of its demonization, but all this could not be solved in five minutes, so for at least two years nothing threatened Mo Fan.
However, representatives of the Holy Court and the magical association of the five continents issued a written prohibition that Mo Fanu was forbidden to use demonization until a final decision. If he obeys this prohibition, he will be free, but perhaps members of the holy court and magical associations will decide that demonization is black magic. 。
Yiddish was innocent, Mo Fan was also safe. The fact that he owns the demonization will not be announced to the whole world, the position of the magician will remain the same and even the status of the winner of international competitions will remain.
Even if Mo Fan were found guilty, this would have caused a lot of trouble to the holy court.
Will the Highest Darkest Holy Judgment Be Taken in the Case of Mo Fan?

This guy recently puffed up and cracked down on Hail, the spirit of death, who would tackle such an obstinate mage?
Mo Fan just found out that they are teleporting in the Parthenon.
In order to quickly get this rebel away, the Athens government decided that they would not let Mo Fan go by plane – it was too long. Under the control of Hailong, he will be returned to China by teleportation. Athens spared no money, if only to quickly deport the Chinese magician to his homeland!
Mo Fan was angry, but considering that it was possible to return home much faster, he reluctantly agreed.
– Xin Xia, and your things? – asked Mo Fan in perplexity.
Mo Fan did not take any things. Today was the day when they together leave here and there will be no barriers to them being together!
“Brother Mo Fan … I thought about this for a long time yesterday … But I remain …” Xin Xia answered, head down. She was very afraid that Mo Fan would be angry and did not know what to answer.
Mo Fan, looking at her, could not get angry. But this news came as a surprise to him.
– Why? In this damn place they only know how to twist and kill intrigues, why do you want to stay here? – asked Mo Fan.
Nearby, standing Hailong looked at Mo Fan – he expresses himself with such words as if Hailong was not here!
“Is it all because of that Yiddish bastard?” Are you afraid that, being the only holy one, you will leave the Parthenon and then Yiddish can easily become a fairy? What the hell difference! – said Mo Fan
Xin Xia nodded with an embarrassed look.
Only after some time, the girl answered so quietly, as if a mosquito squeaked: “I want to find out why my blood can activate the bloodstone Salan.”

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