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Although it is a punishment, the place where Chu Xingyun is confined is an elegant courtyard. The courtyard is full of flowers and plants. There are several Law Enforcement disciple guards outside the courtyard. It is better than the elder living in Elder.

Lok is also arrived at here.

According to the iron unintentional statement, it is to see Chu Xingyun consume a serious part, let Luo Wei take care of him personally to help repair the wound.

Some of these, if you let Ling Xiaowu’s discipline know, you will be envious of your eyes and red, so treatment is not a punishment, but rather a reward!

Luo Yan walked Chu Xingyun into the courtyard and saw his look pale, his eyes became a little moist.

“What?” Chu Xingyun asked Luo Yan.

“Chu big brother, when can I begin to official cultivate?” Luo blinked his eyes and said with a serious tone: “I want to be stronger, so I can protect you and prevent you from being hurt.”

During the disappearance of Chu Xingyun, in addition to waiting at the gate, Luo Yan thought a lot.

She suddenly found out that after Chu Xingyun left, she became very upset, didn’t know what to do, and didn’t know where to go.

This feeling is hard to bear.

So Luo Yi wants to begin cultivation and become stronger, and can protect Chu Xingyun anytime and anywhere.

“Silly girl.” Chu Xingyun, who didn’t know Luo Xin’s thoughts, touched her little head, and felt that it was time for Luo Wei to form inheriting cultivation.

During this time, Chu Xingyun passed his own cultivate experience to Luo Wei, helping Luo Xiao to clear the doubts of cultivate. Now, this time, it should be practiced.

Chu Xingyun took out a book from the storage ring and smiled and handed it to Luo Wei. He said, “Get it.”

Luo Yan looked like a hi, his eyes swept over, and saw four big characters like dragons flying and phoenixes dancing on the cover of the book: Qinglian Wudian.

“Chu big brother, this is what level of cultivation technique?” Luo Yuman was curious to ask, she knows Chu Xingyun’s knowledge wide-ranging and profound, the cultivation technique that was taken out is definitely not the ordinary grade.

“I don’t know this very well.” Chu Xingyun curl one’s lip, let Luo Xiao’s mistakes, some surprised: “This cultivation technique is what you brought out, how can you not know?”

“This cultivation technique is what I found from the antiquity ruins. When I got the hand, there was not much explanation on it. I naturally didn’t know what level it was.” Chu Xingyun explained quite helplessly, making Luo澜 Some didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Chu Xingyun saw Luo Wei’s cute expression and smiled. He said: “Although I don’t know the level of Qinglian Wudian, I can guarantee that this Martial Study is definitely the best for you, as long as Getting started, cultivation will definitely be advanced by leaps and bounds.”

“Really?” Luo Yan’s eyes widened.

“That is, of course, when did I fool you?” Chu Xingyun said this, suddenly felt that own is a bit like awkward uncle, a little girl, laughing on the face.

In fact, Chu Xingyun did not lie to Luo Yan, this “Qing Lian Wu Dian”, he really does not know what level.

When Chu Xingyun was painstakingly repaired in the Heavenly Spirit Mountain, he accidentally entered a strange and secret environment.

The secret is a cemetery with an antiquity powerhouse.

Although it is Land of Buried Bones, the whole mystery has no trace of death, but it is full of vitality and green lotus.

After Chu Xingyun entered the secret environment, he carefully investigated it and realized that the powerhouse was the famous Green Lotus Martial Emperor during the antiquity period. After he fell, he will be sealed up and sleep in the Heavenly Spirit Mountain.

This “Qing Lian Wu Dian” is the life source cultivation technique of the Qinglian Martial Emperor. It is very incomparable and will become more and more powerful with the realm of the cultivate person. It is a rare growth cultivation technique.

“Luo’s nine-star water lily Martial Spirit is a growing Martial Spirit. The cultivation base is enhanced, and the Martial Spirit will become stronger. If it is a general cultivation technique, it will not be able to play this advantage, and the Qinglian Wudian is different. The two are exactly complementary.”

In Chu Xingyun’s memory, there are several good growth cultivation techniques, but they are far less than the Qinglian Wudian.

After all, this “Qinglian Wudian” is made by Qinglian Martial Emperor Self-created, which is profound and profound, and even Chu Xingyun must be sighed by the heart, absolutely the best choice for teaching to Luo.

After opening the “Qing Lian Wu Dian”, Chu Xingyun explained it briefly, and let Luo Xiao enter the house to repair.

There is no shortcut to the cultivation.

What Chu Xingyun can do is just to guide, the real painstakingness, but also the need to let Luo Yi personally, and only then can she understand the true meaning of cultivate.

After Luo Yi left, Chu Xingyun sat in the courtyard, beginning to restore the body loss, just after feeding, there was a rush of footsteps outside the door.

The portal was opened, and the person who came, naturally was snow and air and danced lightly.

“Well, you Chu Xingyun, didn’t expect the city is so deep, actually dare to count on my head.”

Just entering the door, the snow shouted the throat shouted, but fortunately the entire courtyard has been laid out Soundproof Formation Law, otherwise, have to alarm a large group of Law Enforcement disciple.

Although the snow is empty, although he is the owner of the Lingbing Pavilion, he is also the honorary guest of Lingwuwufu. His status is very high. Coupled with the identity of the Imperial Dynasty first forging division, there are countless people respecting.

“Snow is old, what do you say from this?” Chu Xingyun stood up and deliberately pretended to be stupid.

“When you left the Lingbing Pavilion, you deliberately raised your tone and said that you were ready to go to Li Chen and Li Yi, which attracted everyone’s curiosity and let my Xue Family people follow you to Lingxiao Wufu.”

Snow stared at Chu Xingyun, slowly said: “The reason you do this is because you have long thought that Gu Qingsong and Xiao Yu will make a move to you, thus treating my Xue Family as a shield and creating a kill for you. Xiao Yu’s chance, what am I saying?”

Hearing this, the snow was full of horror and looked at Chu Xingyun, waiting for his answer.

Chu Xingyun’s mouth is rising, chuckled and said: “I am not a Great Principle Celestial Immortal. How could it be expected that Gu Qingsong and Xiao Yu will make a move to me? The reason why I raise the tone is simply to give myself to boost the morale nothing more. ”

“Install, you will continue to install!” Snow is full of disdainful Chu Xingyun glanced.

He has lived for most of his life, and has experienced the wind and waves. It has not been a slap in the face, and it will be so easy to be fooled by Chu Xingyun.

In fact, when Chu Xingyun sneered at Xiao Yu, Snow felt that it was not right.

Xiao Yu is the elder of Lingfu Wufu. His strength is not strong. There are countless disciplines under his command. If he is caught up, even if Chu Xingyun is strong, he will be killed alive, let alone an ancient Qingsong.

But in the end, Chu Xingyun was not afraid, and continued to taunt the two.

This is not a coward’s move, but Chu Xingyun has long been expected to know that in times of crisis, snow sneak and Xue Family will stand up and help him resist the melee.

“The savvy little fellow, almost even I was cheated by you. Now it seems that Xiao Yu is in your hands, it is really not at all.” Snow squinted and no longer dared to put Chu Xingyun Seen as a hairy brat.

Such a city temperament is far better than him. Even the male and female characters of the tyrants must be willing to go down and be played by Chu Xingyun with ease!

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