Chapter 1190. The struggle for the place of the fairies.


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Mo Fan looked at her. As far as he remembered, Xin Xia was always very kind and obedient to him. Even if she did not agree with any of his decisions, she still obeyed him.
But now, looking at the serious look of the girl, Mo Fan realized that she wanted to tell him something very important and strict.
“You can’t say anything, I know everything,” Mo Fan interrupted.
He knew what Xin Xia wanted to say. Despite the fact that Azalea constantly kept back his thoughts, he himself was able to draw conclusions. He himself guessed what was the matter.
But Xin Xia is Xin Xia, and Salan is Salan, no one understood this better than Mo Fan. Despite their consanguinity, they were completely different people!
– Xin Xia, I understand how you feel. But this is not your mistake, no one in this world can choose their parents. Even if the blood of the cardinal of the dark church flows in you, it is enough that your conscience be clear for your actions. Moreover, you are the daughter of Wentai. His benefactors are more than enough to overshadow all the evil that Salan did. Even if you have not received universal love and recognition since childhood, as was the case with Azalea, this does not mean that you should bear the stigma of Salan. They are they. You are you! – said Mo Fan.
Mo Fan, understood that sooner or later they must survive this. He must survive, and Xin Xia – even more so.
Xin Xia awakened the cardinal’s stone because she is the daughter of Salan. Mo Fan would never have thought that Salan was always so close, even to the point that they even met in his childhood. She refused about Xin Xia, leaving her in the care of the good and simple-minded father Mo Fang. And she never wondered if her daughter was alive or not …
Tang Yue told him that if Salan appeared in the city of Bo, then it is possible she is hiding with the senior deacon Hujin Mu He.
Perhaps even Mu Hae did not know that Salan has a daughter.
If not for the recent incidents, this secret would never have been revealed. Mo Fan himself was shocked when he began to speculate about this, but did not speak Xin Xia. He hoped that the girl would never know about it, all she needed to know was that her mother was in a very difficult situation and her daughter was an overwhelming burden for her, and that she mercilessly abandoned her daughter for her better life …
Xin Xia turned out to be much quicker than Mo Fan expected. Under her quiet meek appearance, an extraordinary mind appeared.
“Brother Mo Fan, I understand that.” But after many days of deliberation, I came to this decision. I will stay here and take away the place of the fairy from Yiddish, – Xin Xia’s eyes shone with confidence and strength, which was not before.
Mo Fan rarely saw her so confident and believed that her decision comes from a pure heart.
But how can he leave her in the midst of this terrible bloody struggle ??
Nearby Hailong also froze in surprise.
– Do you want to compete with Yiddish ??
Xin Xia seemed too young and too weak. If not for the patronage of mother, she would hardly have become the holiest. She has very few supporters and no management experience. Having a pure, kind heart is not at all enough to become the Parthenon fairy!
The sacred spirit of the Parthenon may have chosen her, but this does not mean at all that she will become a fairy. Fairy must have leadership qualities and the ability to timely respond to various situations.
According to Hailong, Xin Xia was too far from the post of fairies.
“Finally, Excellency Hailong, do you really believe that all this is not her business?” – Xin Xia stared at the knight.
“I’m sure it’s in her style.” I did not believe until the last that she would leave this world so simply, – Hailong answered honestly.
– Brother Mo Fan, we are all connected in one way or another. Of course, I can stay away, and, guided by the principle * I’m me, they are them *, calmly look at all subsequent tragic events. But I believe that after all this, I became stronger, more independent, I learned to stand face to face with future difficulties … I am not going to calmly watch Yiddish take the post of fairies and not feel guilty, watching my mother continue to destroy people .
Xin Xia slowly lowered her head.
“Brother Mo Fan, I know you may not agree, but I will stay here anyway.” This is the only right choice for me and exactly what I want to do with all my heart.
– Sorry! Sorry! You have done so much to save me, and now I am breaking your plan … I am very sorry …
Xin Xia spoke and spoke, and her eyes were filled with tears. In making this decision, she did not turn a blind eye to the complexities of her fate and to herself. But she could not stand the meeting with Mo Fan. He, not sparing himself, went down to the underworld after her and saved her from the mark of eternal suffering … And after a few days she practically jumps back there, this will definitely break Mo Fan’s heart.
Mo Fan laid both palms on her tender cheeks. Wiping her tears, he involuntarily laughed.
“You are tearing for any reason, but you yourself say that you have become strong …”
“I was afraid that you would be angry,” Xin Xia gasped.
“I can’t get mad at you,” Mo Fan answered.
Mo Fan looked at Hailong:
“Fat man, do you have rules regarding the marriage of fairies in the Parthenon?”
– Am I a fat man ?? Personal freedoms are inviolable in the Parthenon. Each member of the fairy temple, from the servant of the interns to the fairy herself, has complete freedom in matters of love and marriage. But many fairies with all their hearts and souls were devoted to their work, most of them, on their own initiative, abandoned their personal lives and remained blameless, ”said Hailong discontentedly.
“Ah, well,” Mo Fan nodded and turned to Xin Xia. “There can be no fairies in the Parthenon without a sacred spirit.”
For this world full of dangers, the magic of resurrection is undoubtedly an extremely important skill.
After going through a fierce struggle full of blood and tears, Xin Xia still wanted to stay in the Parthenon. This fully spoke of her determination.
Yiddish had already sworn an oath not to harm Xin Xia, her contract with the dark space was in the hands of Song Qiming, so Mo Fan was not worried about the machinations of Yiddish. And while Xin Xia is the holiest, Hailong himself will be her personal guardian.
Hailong was undoubtedly strong. With these fat men behind, Xin Xia will be safe. Upon learning of Salan, Mo Fan was worried that she might harm Xin Xia. Previously, the girl was not so important, and Salan was completely not interested in her. Now Xin Xia has become the owner of the sacred spirit of the Parthenon, she needs to continue cultivating in the Parthenon, and then there is hope that she will be able to master the true magic of resurrection. Mo Fan was sure that Salan would not miss the opportunity to use this Xin Xia ability!
“Hailong, guard her well.” If at least one hair falls from her head, I will destroy your Parthenon to the ground! – Mo Fan turned to the knight.
– Oh! – Hailong did not even answer.
Hailong was well aware of Mo Fan’s abilities. If he makes a scandal alone, the Parthenon will still be able to fight back. But this guy can summon a totem snake. Demon and Totem Serpent – Parthenon definitely does not say hello!
“Well … then I went.” I will definitely visit you. If you feel bad here, I will come after you at any time. ”Mo Fan stood in a magic circle.
“Your Excellency Hailong, do you agree to support me?” – Xin Xia solemnly said, after Mo Fan disappeared.
Hailong froze for a second, is she too straightforward?
“I … I agree.” Despite the fact that you do not possess the qualities necessary for a fairy, you will become a fairy who really cares about people. You agreed to stay and fight Yiddish, the Parthenon was very lucky. I believe that the day will come when you will defeat her! Conspiracies and insidious plans provide only a short-term victory, and kindness and generosity – are unchanged. I am sure that this is precisely the reason why the sacred spirit of the Parthenon abandoned Yiddish! Said Hailong seriously.
At heart, Hailong rejoiced that Ma Fan did not take Xin Xia with him.
Xin Xia, without a doubt, is the most inappropriate candidate. But she is the Parthenon hope. Under the cool control of Yiddish, the Parthenon may achieve short-term prosperity, but then it will be doomed to death. As the chief knight, Hailong will sincerely support Xin Xia on her journey to becoming a fairy!
While at the observatory, Yiddish immediately learned the news that Xin Xia had not left the Parthenon.
The elder superior serving her, noticed how a slight smile on Yiddish’s lips turned into a cold, evil grin !!
“She wants to fight me for a fairy post …” Yiddish said in an icy voice.
– She wants to fight me for the post of fairies !!! Her voice turned into a screech.
Yiddish slowly raised her head and repeated in a trembling voice with laughter:
– She wants to fight me for a post of fairies ??? Ha ha ha ha !!!

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