Chapter 1192: Forms a company with a team of discoverers


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The autumn wind in Shanghai blew gustingly, tearing faded foliage from trees, rushing through the wheels of cars, flying somewhere far away.

– Son of a bitch, decided to play racing with daddy? – the young man cursed on the side of the road.

Next to him stood another sloppy-clad guy, in his ear there was an earring, he was trimmed according to the latest fashion, there was a shallow scar on his face.

He looked as if he had quite a big influence in society, but now he stood with his head bowed, not daring to open his mouth and was listening to the scolding of his opponent.

A huge wolf stood next to a cursing guy, who then dares to open his mouth in his presence?

– That … comrade, hide your wolf, do not obstruct the traffic and do not scare people. Although you have a hunter’s certificate, there are too many people around you, several traffic police officers tried to calm the guy, but did not dare to yell at him.

– Dare to provoke me! – shouted Mo Fan.

Today, Mo Fan went to the main office of the Union of Hunters. Given the fact that he was not far from his apartment, the guy decided to run to that place, at the same time and go in for sports. Who knew that this guy with an earring would decide to compete with him in a sports car, while showing Mo Fang’s middle finger.

Mo Fan was beside himself, he called a soaring white wolf. And the sports car was immediately stopped by Mo Fan.

Where did the Chinese eyes go? Didn’t they recognize the national hero who won in international competitions? They also dare to arrange races with him!

– Go away! If I see you next time, I’ll break your car to hell! – Mo Fan continued to curse at the guy.

“Of course, of course, I won’t catch your eye anymore!” – the guy as if a mountain fell from his shoulders. He pressed the gas pedal and wanted to rush off.

– Where did you go ?! Drive slower!

– OK OK! – the guy drove slowly forward, observing the rules, at the same time he looked at the moving away Mo Fan.

The traffic police were also angry, shouldn’t a high-level mage have good manners? And should not argue with ordinary people? So where did this violent magician come from today who also called for the wolf, stopping movement on the whole street? ..

Which car has the same strength as the daring draft beast?

“This wolf of yours reminds me of someone … As if I saw the same with Mo Fan, the winner of international competitions,” said one of the traffic inspectors.

Mo Fan laughed; nevertheless, one of them was found who was watching TV.

After all, he performed excellently at competitions, why do people not recognize him on the streets?

– Very similar! Comrade, how did you learn to summon the same beast as Mo Fan? Asked another inspector.

– …….

Was the difference between him in real life and on the screen so great ?!


Mo Fan continued on his way, and the guy who was trying to overtake Mo Fan stopped the car on the side of the road and hurried off to the gloomy store.

The guy with an earring smiled at the man hiding in the shade, thin with a long chin, saying: “I just tried, but he was angry, so I could not finish the job.”

“Hm … Yes, he’s out of his head if he dared to shout at my brother!” – said the man.

– Continue as planned? Asked the guy with the earring in his ear.

“Yeah,” a man with a long chin answered.

After these words, a guy in a mask stepped out of the dark corner onto the floor of his face, the light of resentment and anger burned in his eyes.

– Do as expected, and we will help you cover the tracks! Said the man with the long chin to the masked guy.

“I’ll give him one!”


Hunting mentor – this status was quite high among hunters. The power of such a hunter was higher than a high-level mage. There were fewer people in the magnificent room for hunting mentors than in the room for ordinary hunters. Entering this room, each mentor was offered a glass of wine or beer by a beautiful girl – a hunter who was smiling and welcoming.

Mo Fan was a hunting mentor, so his position was considered high. Such a mentor should have 7 stars, after 7 stars you could apply for the position of leader of hunters, but to become a leader, you had to make a big contribution to the hunting business.

Going to Takla – Makan was difficult even for a hunting mentor. Lin Lin said that this time it was necessary to go with the group. Since there were not enough people, Mo Fan went to the office of the Union of Hunters to see if there were any groups heading for the desert.

“I would like to know if any detachment is leaving for the Takla-Makan desert?” May I have the entire list of hunters, but it’s best that you find some way to contact them, ”said Mo Fan.

– Well, do you want something else? – Smiling, asked the girl – hunter.

“Yes, another glass of this one is very tasty,” Mo Fan pointed to the cold beer in his hands, which he was about to drink in one gulp.

The hunter girl was confused, she shook her head with a smile, raised her glass and went to the bar counter.

– Kisul, how so? He is such a young and handsome hunter, but he is so rarely seen here, ”said the bartender girl.

“Pf,” the hunter girl snorted contemptuously.


Mo Fan carefully studied the documents and discovered the name of one familiar group.

“Didn’t the golden army of hunters die on Chongming Island while trying to destroy the black church?” Do they also go to the Takla Desert – Makan? – Mo Fan raised his eyebrows in surprise.

For many hunters, this desert was equated with hell. Even now, to go there, a whole detachment of hunters was needed, who had the name of the discoverers!

Regardless of whether it was an association, an educational institution, a detachment of hunters, a detachment of magicians – each of them had to gain fame in society so that other people wanted to join them. Only in this way could power and influence be achieved!

The banner of the hunter squad should be familiar to most people. Most likely, the golden army of hunters also goes to the desert to win the name of pioneers. If they establish their banner in the most dangerous place of Takla – Makan, the reputation of the golden rati of the hunters will increase.

The smaller the population in any place, the cleaner nature was, in such places one could find the sacred land of the elements, a source of energy, an oasis that would be planted with rare medicinal plants!

“In the end, Ge Min personally leads the squad.” They really want to become the discoverers of Takla – Makan! Mo Fan said to himself.

The commander of the golden rati of hunters Ge Min was a top-level magician, Mo Fanu would have been calmly going to the desert with such a detachment.

Within China there are many habitats of monsters. Most of them have already been hunters. Places like Qinlin (mountains in the north-west of China), Kunlun (mountains in the west of China), Tien Shan, Duntihu (a lake in Hunan province), Dunhuang (a city in Gansu province) were discovered at the cost of the lives of hunters who described the population of monsters located there. Although these places were extremely dangerous, it was only necessary to bypass the lair of the monsters, and it was possible to conduct research on their territories.

But the Takla-Makan desert was constantly changing. The distribution of monsters that the hunters made three years ago was already considered invalid. Those units that went into the desert with previous distribution cards, almost all did not return. I needed a real distribution map. Therefore, it was necessary to pave the right path in these sands so that other hunters did not rush about without purpose, dying there by a terrible death!

For hunters, it was important to have a map of the distribution of monsters. Even if strong hunters enter their lair by negligence, it will be equated with death!

The golden army of hunters was a very brave detachment. The last time they went to battle with the black church – which is the highest manifestation of courage, they are now heading for an unknown place in which strange monsters roam …

“Lin Lin, can you contact the commander of the Golden Rati Hunters squad?” – asked Mo Fan.

“I can, he has come here several times, looking for you, wanted to see you,” Lin Lin answered in the telephone receiver.

– They will also go to Takla – Makan, let’s go with them!

“You can go, only I don’t know if their route is safe.” I don’t want to die, ”Lin Lin said.

“If they decided to go there and announced it publicly, I’m sure that they are well prepared.” “I think we should go with them,” said Mo Fan.

The Takla-Makan desert was in the scarlet zone, but purple dots were also visible in some parts of the desert.

High-level magicians could still break into the scarlet zone, but in the purple zone there was very little chance of survival!

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