Chapter 1193: The Threat


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Mo Fan very quickly contacted the commander of the golden rati hunters Ge Min, who joyfully agreed to Mo Mo’s participation in this mission.

According to Ge Ming’s explanations, this time not all Golden Rati hunters move into the Takla-Makan desert, since it was decided to take only the most experienced hunters there, who often visited missions in the deserts. As a result, a team was assembled with a total of 12 people, of which only Ge Min himself is a top-level mage, and all the rest are high-level mages.

Mo Fan, hearing Ge Ming’s tactics, was incredibly happy, becoming even more confident in the outcome of the mission. This mission is really very difficult, especially when you consider that the number of magical creatures in such places exceeds the number of magicians by hundreds, or even thousands of times – therefore, even the army of the military is sometimes unable to cope with such a task.

– Mu Ning Xue is very busy. We need one more person that will guarantee your safety, ”said Mo Fan.

“I don’t need a guard, and besides, it’s impossible.” This person should be not only very strong, but also reliable, since we are still going to resurrect the fire hetero, ”said Lin Lin.

Mo Fan was really very worried about everything. Recently, Mu Ning Xue has been very busy. In order not to make her very worried, Mo Fan never told her about what had happened in the Parthenon, and moreover he did not begin to tell her that the little heterka again turned into just a fiery fruit.

This time, he did not even intend to offer Mu Ning Xue to participate in the mission, since she had her own business to deal with, which, however, now became a real problem for Mo Fan to find a reliable person.

Mo Fan tried to contact teacher Tang Yue, but she was also very busy, and her phone was constantly turned off.

“What if you ask Mu Nu Jiao?” – suggested Lin Lin.

Mu Well, Jiao really is trustworthy, besides, she is very magically strong and even went through the process of praising the spiritual seal, her family makes every effort to provide her with resources – so her level of magic is definitely good.

“It will not be good to ask her to go to such a dangerous place,” Mo Fan hesitated.

“Then what about Zhang Xiao Hou?”

“He is a completely different matter.” He is very dodgy, he has already counted about a hundred battles, and so simply he will not agree … – Mo Fan was embarrassed.

– Still ask. I then saw her, she asked me how to make money. Apparently, she spent too long in closed cultivation, so now it’s hard for her, and she wants to actually apply her new skills, ”said Lin Lin.

– Yeah, I understand, I’ll definitely ask.

Mo Fan only had to take out his phone to call Mu Well Jiao when his phone itself issued a signal.

It was a single sound – dad Mo, his photograph, on which he smiles, immediately appeared on the screen, forcing Mo Fan to be dumbfounded.

It is possible that he learned something about what happened to Xin Xia in the Parthenon, otherwise why should he still call?

In truth, after Mo Fan settled in Shanghai, and Xin Xia left to study in the Parthenon, Mo Jia Xing did not make itself felt at all and did not call for half a month, or even longer. All this time he spent carefree in the town of Bo, and in most cases it was Mo Fan who called him.

– Hello, why are you calling? – Mo Fan asked directly.

– Mo Fan? – At the other end of the tube someone heard a voice.

Mo Fan, hearing a voice, frowned.

This crafty voice was familiar to him, and Mo Fan hated this man with all his chakras.

– Ah, so it’s you! – the guy’s face was immediately distorted by an expression of desire to kill.

– Ha ha ha, still recognized my voice! I never would have thought! – slyly grinned the man on the other end.

– Well, what about! – answered Mo Fan.

“I’m at the bottom right now, and all thanks to you.” Your father is with me now, do you think I will let him go just like that? Sounded the voice of that man.

“This is your well-deserved punishment,” said Mo Fan.

– Well, then your father, one might say, also brought disaster upon himself. You should immediately arrive at Bei Yushan Mountain, and if you are late … do you remember what happened to Xu Zhao Ting? – the man on the other end continued to laugh.

In the morning, Mo Fanya trembled with anger, but he controlled this anger, not letting it go to his mind.

Mo Fan tried to calm down and scored Lin Lin first.

“Hello, Lin Lin, my father is in trouble.”

– Your father? This cannot be, he is now in the city of Bo, which is now a military fortification city. The military there will certainly be able to take care of your dad, and even more so will not allow someone to harm him. Is it a black church? – heard the voice of Lin Lin.

“This is Yu An, it turns out he was not dead,” Mo Fan said in a booming echo.

– Yu An? But how is this possible ?! Only someone at least the level of a deacon in blue can get to your father, and Yu An, as far as I know, is just a rootless dog. Not only could he not have reached your father, he would have already been shot at the approach to the city! There is definitely something wrong here, are you sure you heard your father’s voice? – asked Lin Lin.

“I heard him, and the voice was not like a record,” Mo Fan answered.

– Then you first go to the meeting place with Yu An, and I’ll try to dig something up. Just trust me, the black church cannot just hurt your father. They could not do this before, and now they will not succeed. It’s definitely some kind of trap set by this Yu An, ”Lin Lin said confidently.

Mo Fan was now a very famous person and an official fighter with the black church, so the magical court and the military strenuously guarded his relatives. Mo Jia Xing is now in the city of Bo, which is now a military fortress, so the more incredible option is that Yu An was able to get there.

– Well, please do me a favor! – answered Mo Fan.

– Aha! – Lin Lin said sincerely. She had so rarely heard Mo Fan asking for a favor, it became clear how much he was deeply worried about his father.

Soon, Lin Lin contacted the military from the city of Bo, and, after receiving reliable information, she hastened to tell Mo Fan about this.

“You say that some organization took my father right in front of the military?” And what kind of organization is this? – Mo Fan asked suspiciously.

“Yes, they say that everything is legal, give me a few more minutes, and I will find out who dared to pick up Uncle Mo,” said Lin Lin.

“Okay, I’m on my way to Bei Yushan,” said Mo Fan.

In less than five minutes, the incoming call again appeared from Ling Ling. This time her voice sounded different.

“So who took my dad?” – asked Mo Fan.

“This is … magical judgment,” Lin Lin answered.

– Magical court ?! Why is it taking magical court to take his father, and how did Yu An find himself next to him? – asked Mo Fan.

– Grandfathers and sisters are not there right now. How annoying it is that you will not find them at the most key moments! – cursed Lin Lin.

Lang Qing takes far from the last position in the magical court, so if someone from the magical court gave the order to pick up Mo Jia Sin, then she definitely should have been informed.

Lang Qing is not in Shanghai right now, Tang Zhong is still in the Parthenon dealing with the case of Mo Fan, Tang Yue is on a mission – all the people from the magical court who could at least somehow help Mo Fan were out of range.

“It seems that something happened that we don’t know yet,” concluded Mo Fan.

“Yeah, something strange is definitely happening here.” Yu An has no way to just pick up his uncle. If Uncle Mo is now in magical court, how could Yu An be there? You have to make sure of everything personally, it’s quite possible that Yu An is just bluffing, ”Lin Lin said.

“Got it, I’ll do it.”

Even knowing that Mo Jiang Sina took away the magical judgment, Mo Fan was indignant.

Mo Fan knows very well who this Yu An is actually, the only question is, how could he end up in the ranks of a magical court?

Halfway to Bei Yushan, Mo Fan saw a pair of black wings that followed him.

“The owner, it seems, you are very angry,” the black wings fluttered open again, and the face of the vampire Bora appeared.

“You’re just in time, come with me to magical court.” Mo Fan cast a glance at the vampire.

“I think I really arrived at the right time,” said the vampire.

“As soon as we arrive there, do not make indulgence,” Mo Fan’s voice sounded impatiently.

– I dare not show mercy to someone who dared to anger the owner!

The vampire of Bora was very fast, catching Mo Fan, he flung his wings and headed towards Mount Bay Yushan.

In truth, the vampire of Bora just got off the plane on which he flew to this eastern country – only here he could feel free, realizing that his strength is now also free.

He had not given vent to his vampire power for so long that he had already forgotten what it was like.

He only remembered that he stood as a stone statue in the protection of the Parthenon, and after all before this there were battles day and night, magic beings died one by one from his poison, and he was a real tyrant of his places!

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