Chapter 1194: Deeds for which there is no forgiveness!


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On Mount Bei Yushan sat a thin, thin man with a massive lower jaw. He held something small in his hands, and his gaze was fixed on the barbecue, into which he then began to put what was in his hands.

“The chairman is calling,” a girl came up, training in a magical court, holding out her phone to Lu Zhantian.

“Bring it to your ear,” said Lu Zhantian, continuing to burn the contents of his hands.

The girl bent neatly, but Lu Zhantian did not pay attention to her at all.

“Father, did something suit you in my plan?” Asked Lu Zhantian.

“You only create even more problems for me!” Mo Fan is no longer an ordinary student. And although he does not have official patronage of influential people, you yourself must understand how many people are watching him from the sidelines. You are too impatient! – with censure in a voice said Lu Xin.

– I did not do anything that could cause someone’s disapproval, everything was done according to the rules. Has the Lu family really come to the point that we are now forced to reckon with some kind of wimp-suspect in the magical court? – Lu Zhantian squeezed what was left in his hand – as soon as I heard that news, I had to cut this kid right away, but you said that you shouldn’t do this, and I obeyed you, waiting for the moment when the world competitions would end. And now so much time has passed since the end of the competition, so why is this scumbag that killed my own brother and your own son still walking free? Father, you yourself know when I went to that gorge, how many eagles bite him!

Lu Zhantian was getting angrier, he continued to look at the fire, which flared up more and more.

“I’m as angry as you are, I just want to warn you against hasty actions.” Your plan is still imperfect, as far as I know, this little one is a real psycho … ”said Lu Xin.

“Our conversation will end on this, you are becoming increasingly preoccupied with your high position,” said Lu Zhantian.

The flame continued to flare up, burning everything clean. Lu Zhantian only glanced at the girl: “Already time, tell my people to gather at the foot of the mountain, I finally want to look at this famous daredevil!”

Lu Zhantian went down to the foot of the mountain, next to him there were about 20 other representatives of the magical court, among whom was a guy in a mask on half his face – a strange aura emanated from this person.

The deputy court named Feng Jinglan turned to Lu Zhantian with a blank expression: “Senior judge, you called us all here, did something happen?”

“Nothing like that, just in case, so that it would not occur to anyone to neglect our magical court …” said Lu Zhantian.

Feng Jinglan continued to move on, miming the others that the boss was angry.

– Night Hawk? Asked Feng Jinglan, looking at the Night Hawk.

“Lu Zhantian, do you even know what you are doing ?!” – said the night hawk in a cold voice.

“I don’t need you to give me instructions on what to do.” Now I am the senior judge of the magical court of Mount Bei Yushan (* shan is a “mountain”, so sometimes the Bei Yu variant may occur), so don’t bother me under my feet, ”Lu Zhantian rudely answered.

– You play with fire! You use your official position for personal revenge!

– I AM? No, – grinned Lu Zhantian.

“Before it’s too late, free Mo Fang’s father!” – said the Night Hawk viciously.

“He is a suspect now, and I dragged him to Bei Yushan for interrogation.” Let him sit here for a few days until I finish the interrogation. If none of the accusations is confirmed, then, of course, I will let him go. This is just an ordinary investigation, should I really ask permission from some Mo Fan? – Lu Zhantian answered with a smile.

“You have no reason to detain his father!” Said the Night Hawk.

– There is. – Lu Zhantian looked at the masked man who had silver shackles in his hands, reinforced by the dark magic of arrest – they are used by magical court to subjugate violent criminal mages.

“He was once an adherent of the black church in black robes, and now he has agreed to change and take the righteous path, helping our magical court of Bei Yu. He helped us to eliminate the den of the black church, and also provided information on the key figures of this organization – I have already reported all this to the higher level of the magical court and even secured the consent of the chairman. My informant informed me that someone who holds a position even higher in the hierarchy of the black church than Deacon Hujing, aka Mu He, was somehow connected with the father of Mo Fan Mo Jia Sin. Of course, I do not believe that Mo Jia Sin could be an adherent of the black church, but it seems to me that I can get key clues from him, because it may well be that the person whom Mo Jia Xing met was a cardinal in a red robe ! Night hawk, what do you say? Are these grounds insufficient for detention? – Lu Zhantian with an arrogant smirk looked at the Night hawk.

The whole magical court was searching and investigating Salan, so the fact that Salan was somehow connected with Mo Jia Sin undoubtedly pleased Lu Zhantian that he hastened to use this in his revenge Mo Fan.

“Then why did rumors reach me that you took Mo Jia Sin to intimidate Mo Fan?” Asked the Night Hawk.

– Intimidation? I just said to inform Mo Fan that his father is with us. Is there any malice in this? – Lu Zhantian pointed to Yu An.

The face of the Night Hawk grew dark: how could he not recognize Yu An in this informant!

– Just don’t tell me that you don’t know about the relationship of Mo Fan and Yu An, you do it on purpose to get him crazy! – said the Night Hawk.

“The night hawk, you wind up too much.” I thought about what happened between Mo Fang and Yu An, but these are all things of the past days, now Yu An has become completely different. In order to become the new Yu An, he even surrendered so many black churches to the magical court! – said Lu Zhantian.

After these words, the Night Hawk flared even more, because he clearly understood that Lu Zhatian set Mo Fang’s trap.

Yu An was originally captured by magical court, and the Night Hawk knew a little about this case. He even suspected that Lu Zhantian himself could become an adherent of the black church, but he could not even think that he would dare to use Yu An’s hatred for Mo Fang for his revenge for his dead brother!

Lu Yilin died of his own fault, trying to substitute a teammate – absolutely everyone knew about it. The Lu family certainly couldn’t just let Mo Fan go, but after he became the main star of the world competitions, they had to step back from open vengeance. Who knew that Lu Zhantian was using his position ?!

– I have to see Mo Jia Sin, I want to make sure that you did not torture him! Said the Night Hawk.

– Everything is fine with him, I am fully responsible for this matter, so you can not waste your strength. Night hawk, I’m the main one here, so don’t dare to give me directions! Got it ?! – strictly said Lu Zhantian.

“You … you …” The night hawk did not know what to say.

Glancing around, the Night Hawk realized what Lu Zhantian was going to do. All that remained was to hope that Mo Fan would be able to remain calm, since Mo Jia Sin certainly could not be seriously damaged, because Lu Zhantian was not so brave as to kill the father of the world champion in front of everyone!

– He came! – with a happy smile said Yu An.

He has been waiting for this day for so long!

The night hawk also looked towards Mo Fan, who brought with him a man of European appearance. From the aura emanating from Mo Fan, it was clear that he was determined to kill!

“Mo Fan, calm down for a start.” Give me only one day, and I will make Lu Zhantian be forced to let your father go. ”The Night Hawk took several steps to Mo Fang who approached.

Mount Bei Yushan is one of the key places in the chain of offices of the magical judicial association, and if someone dares to attack this place, then representatives of the magical court have every right to destroy the rebel. Lu Zhantian and Yu An thought it all out, so they specially brought Mo Fang’s father here, and also informed Mo Fan himself to unleash the massacre that I could use, Lu Zhantian could calmly destroy him and thus avenge Lu Ilin!

So many representatives of the magical court were here, they all could see that it was Mo Fan who had come to the mountain with a malicious intent …. From the point of view of the law, everything would indicate the fault of Mo Fan!

“The night hawk, I know,” Mo Fan answered in a cold voice.

– Well, good. I was really afraid that you would start a battle here. Be patient a little, I can prove that your father is innocent, ”the Night Hawk said sincerely.

“You know that Yu An was once a member of the black church.” In the most important moments connected with the black church, I ask him for help … it turned out that Yu An knows your father, ”Lu Zhantian said indifferently, looking at Mo Fan.

Yu An at that time laughed viciously, drinking Mo Fang with his poisonous gaze.

“Yu An was originally arrested, but is now an informant of the magical court,” the Night Hawk decided to explain to Mo Fany how Yu An was associated with the court.

“I know that too,” Mo Fan answered.

This was told to all by Lin Lin, so now he was in the know about everything.

However, Mo Fan still could not stand it!

There were only two points that pissed him off!

The first is that they threaten his father!

The second is what Yu An once did to Xu Zhao Ting!

Some actions cannot be forgiven under any circumstances!

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