Chapter 12 Transactions


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Huolingsan just touched the skin, Qin Yuyan felt a sense of cool, very comfortable.

But before long, the sense of coolness disappeared and was replaced by a burning sting, as if her arms were burned by fire, giving her a hint of pain.

“Miss Rain and Smoke!” Seeing this scene, Qinshan screamed hurriedly, but Qin Yuyan signaled him not to go out and bite his teeth, forcing the fiery pain.

About half an hour later, the efficacy of Huolingsan gradually became thinner. Qin Yuyan opened his eyes and found that his arm became red and his pore was open, but some impurities exuded.

“As we all know, after taking Quenching Dan, you can quench your body and expel impurities from your body, but this way, you cannot expel impurities from your body, but you can only expel impurities from your body surface.”

Chu Xingyun said to Qin Yuyan, “But I refined Huolingsan and applied it on the body surface. In a short time, it can discharge the impurities on the body surface. If it is used in conjunction with Quenching Dan, the utility can be doubled, which should be understood by Miss Yuyan?”

Wen Yan, Qin Yuyan nodded slightly.

She personally experimented with Huolingsan and knew its efficacy well. As long as it was applied on the body surface, it could harden the body without any side effects. It was perfect.

After reflecting for a moment, Qin Yuyan pointed to Huo Lingshan on the table and said, “Prince Chu, this Danfang of Huo Lingshan, are you interested in selling me Baibao Tower?”

Chu Xingyun’s eyes flashed a faint smile, as if he had known Qin Yuyan would ask, “Since Miss Yuyan is interested, this Danfang, even if sold to Baibao Tower, would be a friend.”

Between words, Chu Xingyun stretched out a finger: “A Dan Fang, 40 Spirit Stones can be.”

“Forty spiritual stones!” Hearing Chu Xingyun’s offer, the whole people jumped up in dismay at the Qinshan Mountains beside them.

Forty spiritual stones, that’s forty-two thousand silver.

This price, unavoidably too terrible, enough to buy a Lingjie intermediate martial arts, Chu Xingyun is a lion’s big mouth! __________

“Okay, that’s the answer.” When Qinshan was shocked, unexpectedly, Qin Yuyan promised to come down.

With a wave of her hand, she placed forty spiritual stones neatly in front of Chu Xingyun. The dim light emitted from them made Qinshan dizzy and thought that he was dreaming.

However, after all, Qinshan is a veteran of shopping malls, and soon understand.

The greatest value of Huoling powder is that it can be used with Quenching Dan at the same time to double its efficacy. As long as Huoling powder and Quenching Dan are bundled and sold, the sales of these two kinds of Dan drugs will be doubled.

Forty spiritual stones, although many, but in the long run, this deal can still be done.

“Miss Yuyan is really refreshing.” Chu Xingyun laughed and immediately wrote down Huo Lingsan’s Danfang and handed it to Qin Yuyan. At the same time, he asked, “I dare ask Miss Yuyan if Baibao Building sells storage rings. These 40 Lingshi stones are not very convenient to hold.”

“A storage ring, the market price is five spiritual stones, but this time, when I give you as a gift.” Qin Yuyan took out a storage ring and said without haste.

The so-called storage ring, at first glance, is the same as the ordinary ring, appears very simple, but actually contains independent space, can store a lot of things, very convenient.

Chu Xingyun opened the storage ring. There are ten cubic spaces in it, which is very good.

“Thank you, Miss Yuyan.” Chu Xingyun put spirit stones in the storage ring. His voice fell, but he did not turn around and left. He still stood in place with a smile on his face.

“Anything else?” Qin Yu Yanhu questioned.

“It’s nothing to say, but there’s still a deal on hand. I want to talk to Miss Yuyan.” Chu Xingyun Hey Hey, laughing, took out two pieces of paper from his arms that had already been prepared.

“These two pieces of paper, one is the prescription of Yanglingdan, the other is the tips about the fire of alchemy and removing impurities. It is no exaggeration to say that as long as Miss Yuyan studies carefully, within two days, she can produce a high-quality Yanglingdan with 90% or even 100% efficiency.”

If Chu Xingyun’s words were put last night, Qin Yuyan would surely sneer at them.

But now, Qin Yuyan chose to believe.

Last night, according to Chu Xingyun’s Danfang, no matter how refined it is, it can only produce 80% of the effect of Quetian Dance.

This is not to say that Qin Yuyan is foolish and unable to comprehend the mystery of Danfang, but because Chu Xingyun’s Danfang has deliberately hidden one’s hand and failed to write out the essence of it.

Chu Xingyun just said that the key to improving the quality of Dan medicine is definitely the knack!

Think of here, Qin Yuyan’s eyes become a little hot, but she did not directly agree, asked: “Say, this transaction, how many soul stones does Prince Chu need?”

Chu Xingyun shook his head and did not speak directly. Instead, he took off his clothes and revealed his beautiful face.

“Chu Xingyun!” Qinshan recognized Chu Xingyun’s identity at a glance and shocked his voice, which made Qin Yuyan a little stunned.

The name of Chu Xingyun has been spread throughout the whole city of West Wind since he first married.

In this regard, Qin Yuyan naturally heard about it, but today, at first sight, the rumors seem to be untrue.

She did not think Chu Xingyun was a waste at all. Instead, she felt that he was keen-minded and far superior to those so-called talented young people.

Chu Xingyun opens the door to see the mountain road: “This transaction, I do not need Spirit Stones, but in the name of Chu’s young master, let Chu’s family and Baibao Lou work together to develop Fengqi Mountain’s spiritual resources.”

Qin Yuyan’s eyebrows were picked up, and she immediately became interested.

“Fengqi Mountain, backed by the Black Iron Mountains, is rich in spiritual resources. My Chu family has sent people to the mountains many times and has drawn a detailed map. However, due to the lack of human resources, it has not been able to enter the mountains to collect medicines.”

“If Baibao Tower is willing to join hands, I am confident that within two months, Baibao Tower’s Soul business will be enough to double and dominate the soul market of Xifeng City, not to mention the difficulty.”

Hearing the words of Chu Xingyun is not only the rain and smoke of Qin Dynasty, but also the excitement of Qinshan Mountain.

For Fengqi Mountain, they had an idea. Now, Chu Xingyun has a good map in his hand. If we cooperate with it, Baibao Tower can easily get huge spiritual resources in a short time, and it is extremely safe.

“What’s the allocation ratio?” Qin Yuyan was not confused by interests. After a series of contacts, she knew that Chu Xingyun was not simple and had to ask carefully.

“Since it is cooperation, naturally we should pay attention to fairness, so let’s allocate it by 50%-50%. If Baibao Tower intends, I can make up my mind, and at a price lower than the market price, give all the 50% spiritual materials to Baibao Tower in order to show my sincerity.”

Chu Xingyun’s tone is still so plain, but this remark falls into the minds of Qinshan Mountain and Qinyuyan, but it is like a stone falling down, arousing thousands of sprays.

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