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Chu Xingyun did not respond, standing aside, smiling.

If the snow is empty, I will only say a part.

Because of the light dance of the snow, Chu Xingyun’s this special days in the Lingbing Pavilion attracted the attention of many Xue family people. When he left the Lingbing Pavilion, he would attract attention with a single sentence.

The reason why Chu Xingyun wants to do this, as Snow said, is to let the Xue Family help Chu Xingyun create conditions in the event of a chaos, killing Xiao Yu in one fell swoop.

But these are not the guesswork of Chu Xingyun. Everything is in his control.

In the chasing of the foggy forest, Chu Xingyun is very sure that Xiao Yu is also involved. Otherwise, when Li Yi makes a move, it is impossible to stop without elder. It is certain that Xiao Yu created conditions for them.

However, in the final analysis, Xiao Yu did not directly make a move, and no one witnessed him participate.

Under this premise, if Chu Xingyun makes a move to Xiao Xiao on Martial Dao arena, then he will be bitten back, but he will be charged with the crime, and then he will be led to Law Enforcement Temple make a move and be killed on the spot. .

Therefore, in order to revenge, Chu Xingyun must not make a move first, must let Xiao Xiao make a move.

In this way, Chu Xingyun can be in danger of self-defense, even if he finally kills Xiao Yu, he will not bear any responsibility. After all, the person who makes a move is Xiao Yu, not his Chu Xingyun.

With this in mind, Chu Xingyun gradually laid out the entire plan.

After he and Li Yi, Kill and Behead, he sneered at Gu Qingsong and Xiao Yu, deliberately let the two men lose their senses, so they called the military discipline, make a move, and brought chaos.

With the strength of his own, naturally unable to compete with everyone, Chu Xingyun thought of Xue Family, deliberately released his words, and led the people of Xue Family to Lingxiaowufu.

Once the melee broke out, the snow dance would not look at Chu Xingyun in danger.

She makes a move, all Xue Family people will make a move, chaos, will also be curbed, Chu Xingyun this time make a move, the only face to face is Xiao Yu.

As for the people who Xue Xue and Xue Family, Chu Xingyun also thought about it.

He did use the Xue Family, but Chu Xingyun, who went to the Xue Family in Lingxiao, had carefully observed that it was all the elite Expert of the Xue Family, or the prestigious forgemaster.

These people make a move, and do not say whether they can resist the chaos, just their identity, it is enough to shock the threat of the government.

Therefore, when the chaos is over, no one of the Xue Family is injured, and there is no casualties. Otherwise, Snow will now talk to Chu Xingyun so calmly, and has already fled into a rage.

What happened today, at first glance, like countless coincidences, in fact, all in Chu Xingyun’s plan, there is no guess, no coincidence, no one doubts.

Even the old Jianghu, such as Xuedang, only guessed a small part, almost negligible.

“Snow is coming here exclusively. Isn’t that just to say this?” Seeing Xue Lao didn’t talk anymore, Chu Xingyun simply sat down and looked like a casual chat.

“You brat is stupid again!” Snow sees the way Chu Xingyun looks like, the more he likes it, and he doesn’t care about what he just did. He turns around and asks: “The silver needle you pierced into the body.” Is it forged from Tianyang Stone and Qingyin Jade?”

“Yes.” Chu Xingyun nodded.

The snow is empty, the Imperial Dynasty first forging division, the hand method is superb, even the Magic Item is forged a lot, and the reputation is outside. Chu Xingyun doesn’t think that the Yin-Yang fire needle of the old can overcome his eyes, straightforward directly confession.

“Tianyang Stone and Qingyin Jade, this is Yin-Yang. It is impossible to integrate with each other. How did you do it in the end?” Snow asked directly, this problem has already plagued him for several days and nights. Can’t stand it.

“Yin-Yang is in the same breath, even if it is the Expert of the Martial Emperor level, it can’t be perfectly integrated. What I did is to establish a buffer zone between the two to balance Yin-Yang. The power of the two gases, so that the two can coexist with each other, forming a cycle of Yin-Yang.”

Chu Xingyun finished, the snow slammed his head and slammed his head, and looked at it with a sigh of relief. “How do I don’t expect this? If it can’t be integrated, then balance and coexist!”

“However, only the two jade stones of Tianyang Stone and Qingyin Jade are written on the list. How do you build a buffer zone, and what are the effects of these silver needles that you forge? You can kill Xiao Yu, it seems that it is not using silver. The power of the needle.” Snow asked again, his face full of desire for knowledge.

Snow dances to see this scene, facing Chu Xingyun helpless smile, her Grandfather, is so temperament, almost obsessed with forging, have to figure out everything, will be willing to give up.

Chu Xingyun faintly smiled, in the last world, he is not so, completely obsessed with Pill Dao, so he understands the current state of Snow, no dissatisfaction, but a little appreciation.

“I can make Yin-Yang maintain balance, relying on this thing.” Chu Xingyun stretched make a move, and in the palm of his hand, suddenly a purple red flame emerged.

“About the beastfire, Xue Lao should know it too?” Chu Xingyun looked at the snow, and the snow nodded. He knew everything from the light dance of the snow, so he saw that the beastfire was not too Shocked.

Chu Xingyun nodded and continued: “Although the beast fire is a man-made flame, it is extremely hot, powerful, and can easily suppress the Yin-Yang gas. More importantly, I have already burned the beasts into the body. It can be said that the source is endless, and as a buffer zone, it is the best choice.”

“The beastfire can indeed be used as a buffer zone, but are you not afraid to set fire to self-immolation?” Snow continued to ask questions, and the Yin-Yang fire needle was penetrated into the body. Yin-Yang gas also infiltrated at the same time, slightly inadvertently. A million animal fires will be detonated.

Such a terrifying flame, once it bursts open, even the snow can not say that it can retreat, even more how is Chu Xingyun.

“You are right, you will pierce the Yin-Yang fire needle into the body, Yin-Yang will also infiltrate at the same time, but this is exactly what I need, because I want to use Yin-Yang two gas, completely released Spirit Beast resentment of the beasts.”

Chu Xingyun’s voice sinks, letting the snow and the snow dance and swearing at the same time, Spirit Beast resentment, this is what, they have never heard of it.

“Cohesing the beasts, you must burn countless Spirit Beasts, suck their spirits, and smash their Blood Qi. This process, extremely cruel, will continue to gather the grievances of Spirit Beast. When the fire of the beasts is successful, this grievance Will be completely released, once the owner can not bear this grievance, will fall into endless killing, and become a walking dead.”

Chu Xingyun flicked between fingers and took out a Yin-Yang fire needle. Lightly said: “And the role of Yin-Yang fire needle is to completely detonate the beast fire, release the blame of the beast, help me in one fell swoop, Kill and Behead Xiao Hey.”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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