Chapter 1200: Being a Beast is Very Hard


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Zhu Meng did not let Mo Fan disappoint; he quickly dealt with that officer, who was bribed by Lu Zhantian. If the military did not seek profit and strictly abided by the rules, then the court would not have touched Father Mo Fan.

Mo Jia Xing could not stay in Shanghai, after solving the problem, he returned to the city of Bo. He felt lost in a big city. No matter how much he lived in Shanghai, he could not completely join him. And the city of Bo was even small, but everyone knew each other, felt like one family and helped each other.

After Mo Fan took his father to the city of Bo, the commander, learning about this matter, was very angry, having uncovered his subordinates.

For any military, a family is everything, if one of the family members was insecure, then why did he have to work for the good of the government?


“Clear skies”, Mo Fan sits at the bar, to calm down at least a little, he started reading the book.

These were notes on the Tarim Depression, which were written by one hunting mentor. He described the danger zones and surroundings, recalling what needs to be done so as not to fall into the trap of monsters.

“Mo Fan, a magical court dug up a very interesting case,” Ling Ling also had a book in her hands, she pretended to read, as if she thought that this room was too calm to just sit and chat. The girl continued: “Yu An was caught by the court six months ago and transferred to the Bei Yushan court. Yu An was summoned for interrogation, they wanted to knock out the names of the members of the black church from him, as a result, the two people who insisted on Yu An turned out to be innocent. Among them is the subordinate of the political opponent Lu Zhantian. Simply put, Lu Zhantian used Yu An to overwhelm his opponent. This accusation is enough for him to spend his whole life in a guard tower!

“Yu An is just a character, he did not touch the tops of the black church,” said Mo Fan.

“Two or three years ago, he could have entered into a normal skirmish with you, but now if you want to give him a slap in the face, it’s best to nail him,” Lin Lin said.

In recent years, the power of Mo Fan has grown at a tremendous speed, no one would have thought that in such a short period, Mo Fan would be able to trample influential judges. Nevertheless, with the help of international competitions, he achieved a lot.

– I’ll go home to rest, tired. We will wait until the golden army of hunters is ready and it will be possible to hit the road, ”answered Mo Fan, putting the book aside.

Liu Zhu and Bora followed Mo Fang, turning around, he saw that they were both looking at him, he immediately felt funny: “Liu Zhu, I will buy an apartment next door and we will live as one family.”

“Yeah,” Liu Zhu nodded, her face lit up with a smile.

The girl liked being here, she grew up among these streets of Shanghai. There were Lin Ling, and old Bao, Ling Qing, although Mo Fan was always somewhere far away, there was still a feeling that they were all one family.

For Bohr, on the contrary, it was a new place and new people, it seemed to him that he began his life anew.

Bora was a gentleman, although he needed the demonic blood of Mo Fan, but he never bit him in the neck, since he considered it indecent. Mo Fan himself gave him his blood.

There is nothing to compare Liu Zhu with Bora, Liu Zhu very gently kissed Mo Fan’s neck, he hardly noticed how she took the blood from him. The girl was fragrant, her touch was soft and graceful, but to agree that Bora should touch Mo Fan’s neck, let the vampire die of hunger!

Bora remained in Shanghai, now Liu Zhu will be more convenient to lead the gray zone of the city.

Bora lives a very long time, but he does not need fame and money. When Mo Fan is far from Shanghai, Bora will be able to protect Liu Zhu and Mu Ning Xue.

Mo Fan did not doubt the loyalty of the vampire, because he lived, eating his blood. Bora will try to prevent Mo Fan from getting too angry, because if you drink angry demonic blood, you can turn into a mummy.


Upon returning home, Mo Fan took a hot shower, the only way he could relax.

On the balcony, only a small lamp served as lighting; Mo Fan lay there on the sofa, he looked at the beautiful landscape of the city. Different colors from the lamp fire intertwined in the air. In the night sky, clouds also constantly changed color. The picture was beautiful, but it was light pollution and beyond all these city lights it was impossible to make out the stars and the shape of the moon …

In the city of Bo, one could see a scattering of constellations that gathered together like a necklace. Some stars were too close, as if they could be touched, and some as far as if they were in another universe!

The appearance of Yu An reminded Mo Fan of many moments from the city of Bo.

– Hey are you there! – a voice came from the room, a graceful female figure appeared in the dark, which smelled fascinatingly, like an orchid.

Mo Fan raised his languid gaze and saw Mu Nu Jiao, a smile appeared on his face.

My Fan liked to live here, because at times when he had a heavy heart, he just had to see such a picture and immediately became good.

Since Mu Nu Jiao was at home, she was only wearing underwear, she didn’t know that Mo Fan was already back, why should she wear out?

Mu Nu Jiao’s shoulders were charming, Mo Fan involuntarily squinted and let his eyes go down from his shoulders to find a billowing chest that was very attractive. How could she hide that? Mo Fan was already spying on them in the bathroom while the girls were washing, using the shadow element. But I never noticed that such a slender Mu Well Jiao has such a big chest! With one hand, you could calmly wrap her waist, but it was impossible to grab hold of the chest with one hand. At this moment, Mo Fan dreamed of becoming a beast and attacking her, on the other hand, there was nobody at home.

Mu Well Jiao was a little uncomfortable with the look of Mo Fan, but the girls in the gyms also wear short shorts and T-shirts, so she, too, was not afraid to show her skin and body.

The girl did not leave, looking at Mo Fan, it seemed to her that in his eyes she saw sadness.

After a moment of silence, Mu Nu Jiao spoke up: “What are your plans for the near future? I’ve reached a dead end in cultivation – the family has provided me with a large amount of resources, but I can’t make a breakthrough, I probably don’t have enough combat experience … ”

– And, exactly, I completely forgot to tell you something, I’ve been running recently. I am heading to the Takla Desert – Makan, a fiery hetero is out of order.

– BUT? What about the little getty? – Mu Well Jiao stiffened.

The little hetero gave out names to the girls around Mo Fanya by their age and physique, Xin Xia was a big mother, Mu Ning Xue was a small mother, Mu Nu Jiao was a third mother, and Ai Tu Tu was a fourth.

Of course, the heterosexual does not know the human language, but Mo Fan knew perfectly well that she placed the girls in that order.

Mu Well, Jiao loved the little heterosexual, hearing that something had happened to her, the girl’s face immediately changed.

– Nothing wrong. It is only necessary to find the sacred elemental lands so that it can be reborn from the fire. I already checked that in the desert of Takla – Makan is the Fiery Mountain, so I want to go to these sacred lands and revive it again, ”Mo Fan answered.

“Are you sure it’s okay?” – Mu Well, Jiao was worried about the heterosexual.

“Calm down, she’s all right,” Mo Fan didn’t plan to tell the Parthenon events. Mu Well Jiao. The less people know about it, the better.

– Oh, okay. When do we go to the desert? Asked Mu Nu Jiao.

“It’s very dangerous there, you don’t have to choose such a dangerous place for training,” Mo Fan began to worry.

“Only in dangerous places can a breakthrough be made, have you not become stronger in dangerous situations?” Asked Mu Nu Jiao.

Mo Fan looked into Mu Nu Jiao’s eyes, light poured from her eyes, she became stronger every day. World competitions were a good chance for its development. Now she only needed the support of the family, and the girl could achieve tremendous success in magic!

– We are leaving with the golden army of hunters, they are now preparing for this trip. This desert is very dangerous, we can say that we are a detachment of discoverers, if we go along the wrong road, it will cost us our lives … ”said Mo Fan.

– Even if it’s dangerous, but you’ll be there, – Mu Well Jiao smiled, she had high hopes for Mo Fan.

Mo Fan only heard these words, so everything inside him began to boil. He was a beast, tell yourself – you are a beast and attack her, she will not resist!

Desire burned him, the guy sighed heavily.

But he couldn’t.

It was not difficult for him to become a hero, but to turn into a beast was one of the most difficult tasks!

There were few such people as Zhao Man Yan next to him, and the moral values of Zhang Xiao Hou, Xin Xia, Zhang Kon, Tang Yue, Mu Ning Xue, Zhu Meng were quite correct. Therefore, Mo Fan was afraid to seem licentious, afraid that his conscience would torture him later.



Mo Fan also remembered Zhao Man Yan, because he still does not know whether his friend is alive or not. Even if he died, he would receive reliable information in order to stop thinking and worrying …

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