Chapter 1202. Entrance to the desert


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Only in the desert western regions can you feel the powerful energy of this nature. Mo Fan came from the south, where there are few steep and high mountains. He traveled around the world, but reaching the western part of his native country, he was still discouraged by the grandeur and charm of the local landscapes in which you feel like a tiny grain of sand.

The highest point of human development can probably be considered the magic of spells. And the most powerful force that Mo Fan knew was demonization. But even if he demonizes, then in such vast places it is still impossible to get rid of the feeling of his own insignificance.

Any crushing force will be lost in these vast expanses and the effect of it will look like only a small scratch on the huge body of the cavity. True nature will not even notice it.

The Takla Makan Desert is located in the very center of the Tarim Basin. It is much smaller than African Sahara, but for man it represents a new world full of suspense and danger. Existence for a long time here is possible only for creatures that live here.

– In the Takla Makan desert is the largest tribe of monsters, which has more than a million individuals, and about seven medium tribes and about thirty small ones live here. The total number of creatures cannot be estimated. They are densely populated throughout the desert. The task of our expedition is to pave the way along the desert lake. Judging by previous researchers, this lake is a green oasis in the desert. Once the military managed to establish a station there, but due to the fast processes of desertification and rapid reproduction of monsters, the paved route was captured by these creatures. Most likely more than two tribes … – Ge Min again repeated the goal of sending them to the desert.

– Since the creatures took the road to the military station, more than ten years have passed. We can still walk the initial stretch of the path freely, but then we will have to look for the path again. We have already charted the route based on reports from other hunters who have been to this desert, ”said Lu Fan, who was responsible for the route.

This middle-aged man seemed careless, but if it came to his work, he immediately became serious and conscientious.

– This detector detects monsters within a radius of five kilometers. When we reach Mount Dahuan, we hide it there. This way, we will know that we will not be surrounded by creatures on a stretch of the next five kilometers, ”said Wang Jiuming, responsible for the equipment.

– Well, well, then first go there. We will move forward step by step, ”said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan had a poor experience of moving in deserts. In that only case in the Sahara, they almost got lost. Therefore, Mo Fan and Jiang Shaoxuy still felt fear of the deserts. But Mo Fan now had an important reason to go there; Jiang Shaosuy seems to have been determined too.

For them, only walking was possible. There were no draft magicians on the team. All the summoning magicians Ge Min knew were at the middle or entry level. To go to the desert with such a level meant going to certain death!

The earth mage was responsible for all their things. Continuously using earth waves, he effortlessly moved all things along with them.

The worst thing that can happen in the desert is if the team gets lost. So they took a lot of things with them. The most important thing is food, water and medicines.

In physical terms, Lin Lin is very weak, so Mo Fan dragged her all the way on her back, it’s good that she is not very heavy, and he practically did not feel the load.

When they walked past an interesting place, Lin Lin burned with curiosity every time. It seems she wanted to visit a huge number of places, but parting with some people cooled her curiosity to this world.

“Can you trust their route?” – Mo Fan whispered to Lin Lin.

“Yes, no questions,” Lin Lin said.

“What happened to that station?”

– I myself really do not know. How old was I ten years ago?

– ……. – Mo Fan rolled his eyes. Ling Ling’s little head has so much knowledge that she probably already imagines herself a professor.

As we approach the desert, the layer of sand became thicker. First, the legs fell into soft sand, and then stumbled onto harder soil. At each step, the legs were immersed in sand and this made it very difficult to move. If we add heat and dryness, then an ordinary person would feel tired after half an hour of such a walk.

– Old Thun, then we will go on our own. Thank you for taking us. ”Zhang Xiao Hou turned to the officer accompanying them.

“That’s the most … can I come with you?” – Tong Li stood indecisive.

“Do you want to go to the desert too?” – surprised Zhang Xiao Hou.

Tong Li was also a high-level mage, but had a low military status. He was a simple officer, much lower in the military hierarchy than Zhang Hou. He grew up in the western regions and knew a lot about the hollow and desert. Upon learning that Zhang Hou went with the group to the desert, he immediately volunteered to conduct them to indicate the entrance.

The desert is constantly changing. And where a few months ago there was an entrance to the desert, now everything can already be littered with sand. This is one of the main reasons why it is so difficult to compile desert roadmaps.

“If Officer Tong Li joins us, it will be great!” – Ge Ming happily agreed.

The rest of the Golden League hunters did not mind. After all, Tong Li is a local who can also better understand this desert besides him? The hunters were well prepared, of course, but in order to avoid unforeseen situations, having such a person on the team will not hurt.

Mo Fan carefully looked at Tong Li, and it seemed to him that he had his own hidden motives. But since the man himself did not say anything, it was inconvenient for Mo Fan to go into other people’s affairs.


When they reached the intended entrance, as expected, it was completely covered with sand, they did not think about it.

Even the starting point of their route was already wrong, what is hoped for next? Seeing that the old protective forest plantation had disappeared, everyone immediately felt something was amiss.

Bad start!

– In this place, the sand layer is thinner, but there it is vice versa. So it was here before that there was a protective forest belt. If we take into account seasonal winds and the speed of sanding, then our expected entrance is about a kilometer from us, ”Tong Li said confidently.

– I’ll go check! – Zhang Xiao Hou immediately formed a light blue wind and disappeared from their field of view.

After some time, Zhang Hou reached the place that Tong Li was talking about. He lowered his palms to the sandy surface and, using his perception of the magic of the earth, explored the depth of sand deposits.

“He is right, there are plants under the sand, but they have not begun to rot,” said Zhang Hou when the others arrived.

– Based on the thickness of the sand layer and wind speed, determine the location of the covered forest! Tun Lee, you’re a pro! We were completely useless here! – Ge Min did not skimp on praise.

The others also looked at Tong Li with different eyes, it seems with him and the road will become much easier.

– Come on, it’s not safe here either. Mount Dahuang should be visible if we move along this direction, ”said Tong Li.

……… ..

Mount Dahuan was originally a separate towering mountain, but it became more and more due to a pile of sands. Someone once tried to dig a thick layer of sand to touch the rock, but could not do it. It turned out that the sand layer reached more than 50 meters! Such a scale is amazing and scary at the same time. After all, you never know what kind of creature can hide in such a thick layer of sand.

The team reached the mountain without incident. But when they saw a huge mountain range in front of them, they still had the same feeling of frustration.

This mountain can be considered a border sign of the Takla-Makan desert. All that was already considered the land of local creatures. For many years no one has looked at the other side of Mount Dahuan.

The mountain was the habitat of a whole herd of sand creatures. And the magicians were ready in advance that they would have to fight them in order to cross the mountain. But in the end, they calmly climbed to the highest hill, and did not see a single creature.

“I didn’t even know that we have a spirit mage.” Mo Fan, your partner is very good! – Ge Ming looked at Jiang Shaoxuy.

“I told you that I was not going to rest,” Mo Fan shrugged and smiled.

Jiang Shaoxuy was a skilled magician of the spirit element. As soon as her spiritual waves appeared, all the animals within a radius of one kilometer immediately calmed down.

When traveling through unfamiliar lands, if it is possible to avoid the battle, then it is better to avoid it. It is a pity that the magicians are divided into two opposite types. Weak spirit magicians have no use, and hunters jokingly call them psychologists. Strong magicians can not only calm the enemy, but also drive him crazy that he will not be able to attack.

Jiang Shaoxuy’s skills were at their best and allowed them to cross Mount Dahuan absolutely calmly and finally enter desert territory.

During the descent from the mountain, they saw the endless golden sands of the desert. The silent and majestic sandy ocean seemed to oppose a clear blue sky. For a little man it was an impressive picture!

Endless sands and limitless blue space. Only this they will see in the next half a month …

They will be isolated from the whole world in these mystical and frightening lands!

– Further we should be extremely careful at every step. Wang Jiuming, look for a place to install the detector, ”said Ge Min.

– There is!

– Wait, how long does it take to collect data? – asked Lin Lin.

“About an hour,” answered Wang Jiuming.

– And more specifically?

“An hour, ten minutes,” Wang Jiuming did not expect such seriousness from the little girl.

“Help me plug this in and I’ll make a distribution map,” Lin Lin handed the hunter a tablet computer.

– So, get ready for everyone! A battle awaits us! – suddenly said Ge Min.

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