Chapter 1203. The Night Sand Monster


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Whether it was an element detector or a monster detector, they were very useful inventions, but each of them had one main drawback: the waves that the detectors created during the operation attracted nearby monsters.

And the magic of spirit Jiang Shaoxuy could not calm this hatred of monsters. This was equivalent to the fact that the magicians installed an interference generator in the area where the monsters lived and the noise did not let them fall asleep, so angry monsters began to approach the noise source to check what was happening.

– Is there any movement? – Zheng Tong looked around, keeping calm. But the brilliance of his eyes betrayed him – he was restless, since he was in the desert for the first time and did not know what to expect from her.

“Not yet, it’s been 10 minutes,” Wang Jiuming answered.

– Is it bad that there is no movement? We can calmly survive the next hour by walking the next five kilometers in safety, ”said Jiang Shaoxuy.

“An analysis of the terrain using a detector may not be entirely correct, if it is said that there is no monster den within a radius of 5 kilometers, this does not mean that this section of the path is completely safe,” Lin Lin said.

“The girl is right, the detector is only an auxiliary element, the full investigation of the path depends only on us,” said Wang Jiumin bluntly.

“By the way, where did your friend run into – a military man?” Is he not afraid that any monster will take him by surprise? “Lu Fan discovered that Zhang Xiao Hou was missing, so he decided to ask Mo Fan.

While in the desert, magicians walked in a crowd, afraid to get lost. If someone gets lost, then the probability of finding him in the desert is ten percent out of a hundred.

“Lu Fan, don’t worry about Commander Zhang, he’s a military intelligence officer.” Even if the magician gets to the monsters, he can get out of the dangerous situation unharmed and lead the monsters in the opposite direction from us. And he will not be able to get lost, because with the help of the air currents of the vortices created by him in advance, he can easily find us, – Tong Li knew Zhang Xiao Hou well.

“Ah, well,” Lu Fan nodded.

Mo Fan did not care about the loss of Zhang Xiao Hou, you could definitely rely on him, and he runs fast – no monsters will catch up!

– It’s strange why the monsters haven’t run yet? It cannot be that there are no creatures in this area. The information we collected says that sandy shell creatures live at the foot of Huangshan, have they really not felt the detector wobble? Isn’t Wang Ju Ming’s device working right now? Asked Zheng Tong.

“Gathering information,” Lin Lin said.

“Then it’s strange … Someone is approaching us!” -Zheng Tong looked into the distance, he saw a strange air stream approaching them.

Zheng Tong’s expression was concentrated, he created the star system.

“Don’t worry, it’s Zhang Xiao Hou,” Mo Fan laughed.

A dark blue air current appeared in the air – the color of the spiritual seed of the wind element Zhang Xiao Hou. The guy had a lot of merits, but he had fewer items won than the competitors. But competitions are competitions, they cannot be compared with military merit.

“Brother, in front of me I found armored creatures, and they seemed to be moving in our direction.” I stole their eggs, lured them south. For some time we will not be interesting to them, ”Zhang Xiao Hou reported.

“You … you removed these shell-insects, but what if they have several nests ?!” – said Ge Min with wide eyes.

“They are only interested in eggs now.” I stole from only one den, and in the end the rest came with me to a showdown, ”Xiao Hou answered.

“And then you came back here in complete safety?” – Wang Jiuming also could not believe what he heard.

A joyful expression appeared on the faces of the mages from the squad. They did not think that their path in the desert would be so successful. Several times already escaped the battle with monsters because of the strength and resourcefulness of the magicians.

Seeing the real strength of the people who had just arrived in their squad, the hunters immediately calmed down.

When you have such teammates, then life immediately becomes easier.

“Apparently, we successfully got off,” Ge Min smiled, throwing out the prepared battle tactics from his head.

Due to the fact that thorough preparations were made before the campaign, the analysis of creatures living in the desert and their weaknesses was carried out, and thanks to combat training, the hunters have not yet used magic.

A large number of teams of hunting mentors got wounded here, and this team seemed to be on vacation – the mages chatted quietly and did not worry about anything.


“The collection of information is over, Old Man Lu, analyze our path,” Wang Jiuming handed the detector to Lu Fan.

Lu Fan received the device, entered information into his device, this information had not yet been transmitted, as Lin Lin spoke.

– We need to hit the road now, let’s cross to the other side of Huangshan Mountain. After sunset, we will no longer be safe, ”Lin Lin handed over the map of the route to Ge Min.

The corners of the mouth of Lu Fan, who was standing nearby, began to twitch, this girl is not afraid to do such serious things – draw path maps. The magician glanced at the map on Lin Lin’s tablet, his face immediately changed expression.

“What is it, old man Lou?” – Ge Min saw the changes in Lu Fang.

In truth, Ge Min also did not believe that this girl could make a map of the path.

Lu Fan looked at the sun, then looked at the map again, and strictly said: “We need to move forward immediately, if we do not leave before dark, we will have big problems!”

Everyone began to pack their things and rushed forward.

Zhang Xiao Hou and another mage walked ahead, scouting the road, while the rest used different types of magic to move faster.

Zheng Tong and Wang Jiuming did not understand why Lu Fang agreed too quickly with the path map that Lin Lin drew. In the end, Ge Min asked: – Lu Fan, what is with your face?

– Our information was erroneous. At the foot of Mount Huangshan, not only shell-like creatures live, but also a flock of nightly sand monsters. They live at a depth of 40 meters under the sand right here, where we are and at a distance of 4 kilometers, if you go forward. The sun is about to set, and if there is no sun shining on the sand, these nightly sand monsters will drag us to their underground. There are too many of them, we can not resist them! – seriously said Lu Fan.

“This … this is bad news.” And we were told that Mount Huangshan is not at all dangerous, as we return, we will punish the deceivers! – Zheng Tong was angry.

The nightly sand monster is a creature whom the wanderer in the desert would most not want to meet.

“Are these nightly sand monsters not the ones we met in Jin Ling?” – whispered Mu Nujiao nearby walking Mo Fan.

– Yes, it is one and the same variety. Only their habitats are different. Night sand monsters live in dry places and appear at night. Ling Ling’s computer revealed that there are at least 500 nocturnal sand monsters in this area. If they feel that someone is moving on the surface of the sand, they will fly into the whole flock. Then a terrible picture will appear before us, ”said Mo Fan what he had read about before in the book.

Mu Well, Jiao didn’t answer, she just remembered that in Jin Ling the whole army was killed when they met with these monsters. And here there were as many as 500 pieces … Soon, their entire detachment will turn into corpses!

“Girl, how do you know about these night monsters?” – Lu Fan walked quickly and at the same time asked Lin Lin.

– My name is Lin Lin! – Lin Lin said displeasedly.

– Ah, Lin Lin.

Lu Fan was a little confused.

Based on his analysis, as soon as it gets dark, night sand monsters can hear any rustle, any movement in the desert. What Lu Fan was surprised at was the scale of Lin Lin’s thoughts, she analyzed this dangerous area even better and faster!

The information he received earlier was only about shell-like creatures. Mages were lucky to have come here in the afternoon. At night, hell begins here, into which the entire detachment could be dragged!

– This kind of monster is quite rare, they cover this area, then over 5 kilometers two species meet – one underground, the other – from the category of armored creatures.

“Haha, one way or another, this time we owe you,” said Lu Fan.

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s day or night, it’s still very dangerous to be here,” Lin Lin, as an experienced hunter, instructed Lu Fang.

Lu Fan felt uncomfortable, but it would still be good to avoid danger.

This desert was a really terrible place! If they followed their previous plan, then, after dark, the entire detachment would fall into the trap of nightly sand monsters. The more Lu Fan thought about it, the faster this thought terrified him.

“Go faster, I can already see the night approaching us!” Cried Zhang Xiao Hou.

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