Chapter 1204. Danger from all sides


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They distinctly felt that the sand beneath their feet began to move.

At this point, the sand layer was not as thick as they expected. There was dense soil under the sand, and if they felt movement, it meant that something was trying to break out of the ground.

Zhang Xiao Hou was expectantly watching from the air. By this time, the sun had almost set, and in some places there was no sunlight. He noticed that in unlit areas, creatures resembling black scolopendras, black worms and black snakes began to appear. One by one they filled all the dark places. Only the sunbeam will disappear from some place, there immediately appears a bunch of tentacles. The animal, which inadvertently got into the place of their appearance, immediately disappeared under a layer of sand.

It is easy to guess that after some time only bones remained from this animal.

– Faster! Faster! – urged the rest Zhang Xiao Hou.

The sun was setting very fast. If they do not have time to get out of here, then there will be big problems!

“Monkey, you go ahead and make the soil petrify.” Do not let them break through the sand! – Mo Fan shouted to Zhang Xiao Hou.

– Good! Does the team still have earth magicians? Asked Zhang Xiao Hou.

Soon two hunters joined him. Zhang Hou called on the wings of the wind and grabbing two magicians hurried forward.

They struggled forward, but still lost the race with the sun. Only on a patch of land did a pale shadow appear instead of red sunlight, the temperature also seemed to drop immediately and the atmosphere changed dramatically. Instead of heat and light, darkness and decay came.

– Come here to us! Zhang Xiao Hou shouted loudly to the others behind.

The rest ran up to him and two hunters, in this place under the force of pressure the earth was solid as stone.

Where a shadow appeared, the surface of the sand immediately began to seethe like a turbulent sea. Something like the tentacles of hungry monsters surrounded mages from all sides.

But when they approached the magicians about three hundred meters, it was clearly visible that they were being hindered by some kind of obstacle. The hardened layer of sand did not allow to move further!

– Faster, let’s go! Sooner or later they will break through! Shouted Lu Fan.

The team continued to move forward, not daring to linger in one place.

– I will point the way! – said one of the hunters with wind magic, whom Ge Ming and the others nicknamed Flying.

The flying squirrel moved so quickly and easily that, being carried away in gusts of wind, it did not even leave traces in the sand.

“It’s safe here, follow me …”

Bam !!

With a loud sound, the hardened layer of sand exploded, turning into a huge yellow wave. Sand tossed from the sky like sand rain.

Among the floating sand a huge monstrous tree appeared. Its long branches served as weapons of attack, as well as a dense root system that permeates the entire soil.

The roots and branches of the tree intertwined in one cage, surrounded on all sides by a flying squirrel. He tried to rush back, but realized that the branches had braided everything around him, leaving not a single gap. The feeling of impending death chained your chest!

– Flying squirrel !! Shouted Lu Fan.

Ge Min reacted instantly. Applying the magic of light, he transformed the tide of light into a hundred lightsabers that fell upon a cage of branches.

But the roots and branches were so thick that one magic attack could not cut a hole in the cage!

– Commander, look back! – Zhang Tong said loudly.

Ge Min, without even looking back, already realized what was happening there. There, roots and branches began to weave in a continuous wall.

“You keep going forward, and I will help Flying!” – answered Ge Min.

The flying squirrel was terribly upset and worried. His plan to conduct a team failed miserably, he did not feel these diabolical plants at all under a layer of sand.

– Faster, faster! Otherwise, we will all stay here! Shouted Lu Fan.

– Follow me and you will not be mistaken. This creature is a master at creating traps. If we all get caught, we won’t be able to get out. ”Zhang Xiao Hou sighed heavily and went forward.

Zhang Xiao Hou no longer used wings, but walked forward on the ground, literally on his body checking the safety of the path.

– The area in which one monster can act is always limited! – said Mo Fan.

These creatures themselves are rather slow. Most often, they disguise themselves, waiting until the wild animal itself enters the area of their hunt. The branches and roots of one creature can spread within a radius of 300 meters. And the closer you are from the body of the monster, the more difficult it is to get out of its trap. The nightly sand monster surrounded the Flying Squirrel in an instant precisely because he was too close!

Zhang Xiao Hou walked 50 meters ahead of the team. Around him all the time was seen the light blue radiance of the wind path, indicating that he could at any moment break loose.

Bam !!

Again there was a loud sound and another night sand monster appeared ahead. He emerged from his hiding place as soon as he felt that Zhang Xiao Hou was close to his trap.

As for the first time, a bunch of roots reappeared from under the ground. The monster’s huge body emitted more and more tentacle-like roots. They skillfully intertwined, surrounding the victim and suppressing all paths to retreat, and then dragged their prey underground!

– On the other side! – Zhang Xiao Hou shouted hastily to the others.

If this path was unsuitable, they had to go around a place within a radius of three hundred meters.

The team hastily changed direction. In the last rays of the setting sun, a pale blue glow was visible around Zhang Xiao Hou. The roots quickly weaved into a solid wall, but the magician succeeded in slipping into the remaining gap and escaping from the trap.

“He can handle it, we need to leave.” These monsters are certainly slow, but if they manage to surround us, then we are doomed, ”Mo Fan hastened.

“Um … and who will now go ahead?” – suddenly asked Zheng Tong.

There must be a person walking in front. These creatures were very cunning and did not act immediately as someone entered their territory. They were waiting for the victim to come closer and be in the very center of the trap, and only at that moment they began to act. In such a situation it’s too late to run!

Someone alone must go ahead, otherwise everything will disappear at once.

“I’ll go,” said Mu Well Jiao.

“And how are you …” Zhang Tong wanted to ask something, but Mu Nu Jiao had already created a shadow of the wind and disappeared ahead.

“Follow her,” said Mo Fan.

The team followed the girl, but at the same time staying at a safe distance from her, so as not to fall into the trap with her.

“Zheng Tong, you are disappointing me,” Lu Fan whispered to Zheng Tong, looking at Mu Nu Jiao’s fragile silhouette in front.

In fact, when Zhang Tong asked who would go forward, he looked at Mo Fan. He didn’t like this guy at all. Why on earth does he give instructions here, although he himself does nothing. And these three girls run around him like that!

Who knew that Mu Nu Jiao would call and put Zheng Tong in an awkward position, allowing such a beautiful girl to face fate …

“If something happens to her, it will be your fault!” – Zheng Tong immediately transferred all responsibility to Mo Fan.

“I’m responsible for her from the very beginning.” And about the other things … you don’t have to worry, ”Mo Fan grinned.

Seeing Mo Fang’s contented look, Zheng Tong became even more angry.

“It’s safe here!” – heard the voice of Mu Well Jiao.

Lu Fan and the others quickly followed her.

When they advanced about 500 meters, the girl again found a safe path.

– You can rely on her?? – began to doubt one of the hunters of 50 years.

“If you think not, then go ahead yourself,” Jiang Shaoxuy reacted with displeasure.

It is the one who goes ahead who is in mortal danger. Mu Well Jiao risks his life to find their way, and the hunter also has the audacity to these doubts.

“I’m only worried about us all.” She didn’t really check that territory and is already calling us to go. It seems that she simply does not want us to be too far from her in case of danger, ”continued the hunter.

“Yes, it also seems to me that she is careless,” supported another hunter.

– It seems to me that this way is safer. Let her come back. Yes Jian, you will lead, ”said the old hunter.

– Oh good! – Yes, Jian nodded. With a bold and determined look, he set off in a different direction. This way they could quickly get to a safe place.

The guy walked about a hundred meters, as Mu Nu Jiao noticed. She did not know what happened in the team, but being at a distance of 300 meters, she tried to shout to the others.

– Do not go there !!!

– Girl, do you want to take us to the grave? Earth is my main element. I clearly feel the vibrations beneath the place where you are standing. So there is something there … – said the old hunter.

Mu Nu Jiao froze for a second and answered:

“There’s definitely a sand monster under me, but …”

– Hey, heard? She herself said that there is a monster, which means we are following Da Jiang. Girl, come back faster, if you go a little further, you will not come back. I am very grateful that you volunteered to go first, but you need to calculate your strength! – the hunter said kindly.

– Do not go there !!! – seeing that Da Jian continued to move forward, Mu Well Jiao changed her face.

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