Chapter 1205. First Night in the Desert


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“Bam !!”

“Bam !!”

“Bam !!”

With a loud crack, a layer of sand exploded into the sky, filling all the space around.

A hunter named Da Jian managed to retreat more than two hundred meters. Around him, three sand monsters appeared from under the earth at once !! All the sand was in the air, revealing a territory completely covered with swarming roots, similar to hungry snakes.

Da Jian stood shocked in the middle of this teeming sea. He has never seen anything worse !!

In the trap into which the Flying Squirrel fell, at least one could see gaps, and there was a hope that Ge Min would be able to pull him out. But now, it seemed to Da Jiang that he had entered the gates of hell. Even if Ge Min would be there, he could hardly help him!

– Instant … ah! – A silver shine appeared in front of Mo Fan, but he did not finish the star cloud.

The root wall was so dense that Mo Fan could not squeeze in there using instant movement. Seeing that deep fear and hopelessness were reflected in the eyes of Da Jiang, Mo Fan felt heavy in his soul.

It seems he really can die. Mo Fan never entered into disputes with hunters from Golden Rati and that’s what it turned into.

– Faster come to me !! – shouted Mu Nu Jiao again, taking people out of confusion.

“You also have a sand monster!” – Xu Pindong growled angrily.

They were in a quandary. Not a single high-level mage can pass three sand monsters! Xu Pindong was one of those people who like to criticize and do not admit their mistakes, so he could only get that angry about Mu Nu Jiao.

After such an angry scream, Mu Nu Jiao’s expression did not even change.

– Come quickly.

– But …

– He is already dead! We can do nothing!

Everyone ran towards Mu Nu Jiao. She stood there safe and sound, this clearly demonstrated the safety of her place, at least temporarily.

But as soon as they got to her, the sand under her feet immediately set in motion. Outwardly, they practically did not change, but fear filled the soul. At that moment, a dark green radiance appeared in Mu Nu Jiao’s hands.

The roots of the sand monster broke through the sand and tried to reach the magicians.

But soon another tree appeared, only it was dark green in color. Its branches intertwined with the branches and roots of a sand monster, preventing its attacks. Although the green tree did not have so many roots, they were all very strong. Mages were able to boldly go further, not paying attention to the tentacle attacks.

– Ahead, everything is safe! – Mu Nu Jiao remained in her place and continued to confront the sand monster with the help of plant magic. Her voice sounded strictly and without any emotion. It seems she was also outraged, but unlike some, she did not lose her mind and remained calm!

The group continued to move forward without encountering any difficulties!

Soon they finally reached their destination.

Most of them did not receive any injuries, but their faces showed that they were experiencing terrible excitement and fear.

After a while, Mu Nu Jiao and Zhang Xiao Hou joined them. These two had only minor scratches.

After a short period of time, Ge Ming appeared with a bloodied man on his shoulders from a solid wall of roots. As a mage of the highest level, from the whole group he alone was capable of such.

He was very exhausted, but satisfied. After all, the Flying Squirrel was alive, and he was able to pull him literally from the underworld.

“Fortunately, I managed to save him,” Ge Ming lowered the Flying Squirrel to the ground and another hunter set about healing.

Wounds were seen all over Flying squirrels. But these were only external injuries without serious damage. With a healing magician in command, his wounds will disappear within an hour! The guy was lucky.

Ge Min looked around the group and smiled.

– What about your faces? I managed to save him! Here, of course, it is very dangerous, but you need to be glad that we are all intact, aren’t we? We still have a long road ahead, do not lose heart so quickly.

“The commander … Yes, Jian … he …” Lu Fan’s voice became completely silent.

“Commander, this is all a girl!” She led us to the place of a sand monster, and she knew that he was there. I doubted her route and let Da Jiang go the other way. And in the end … – the old hunter Xu Pindong angrily stared at Mu Nu Jiao.

Ge Min changed face.

Da Jian was a purposeful and executive hunter. Ge Min appreciated his skills. Although he could not become a leader, each leader dreams of a right hand like him.

He could not even think that while he would give all his strength to save his comrade, at the same time the other would find his death.

Ge Min appreciated every person in his team and was overwhelmed with grief and helplessness!

“Did you know that there is a monster?” – Ge Ming turned to Mu Nu Jiao.

Mu Well Jiao nodded. She did not even pay attention to the irresponsible and arrogant behavior of Xu Pindong and calmly said:

– Ahead were everywhere monsters. Wherever we go, we would in any case fall into their net. I chose a path where there was only one sand monster, and in other places there were more. I used plant magic and pacified the sand monster that was below me. That’s how everyone could get here in safety …

Hearing the words of Mu Well Jiao, Xu Pindong broke through a cold sweat.

“You … why you didn’t say right away !!”

– I didn’t even have time to insert a word! You were so sure of your actions. No matter what your merits are, in the desert we are all just hunters of the initial stage! – the girl answered coldly.

“Old Xu, you really shouldn’t have arbitrarily changed the route …” Lu Fan sighed.

Hunters from Golden Rati have always tried to be unbiased. They saw that Mu Well Jiao made no mistake. She chose the safest way, and it was Xu Pindong who sent Da Jiang to death because of her prejudices!

Learning how it all happened, Ge Min did not express any emotion.

He did not begin to say anything and scold anyone, but everyone became even harder from this silence.

“Everyone should rest, get in order and get ready to continue our journey,” Ge Min said after a while.

“Commander, I can take care of relatives of Da Jiang …” Xu Pingtong’s eyes were full of tears, but he restrained himself. Pangs of conscience corroded his soul.

– Do not blame yourself. He himself chose this path, – answered commander Ge Min.

“But, commander.”

“We should think more soberly and be more careful.” We all went here ourselves and no one wants to die. Do not neglect any of the group. At their age, you didn’t even dare to go out in safe places, and they went to the most dangerous place in the country. Therefore, there is no reason to look high on their courage because of their age, ”said Ge Min.

“I … I get it.” To blame!


On the first night in the desert, they lost one member of the team. There is no trace of the magician, and his body is doomed to rot under a layer of sand.

With the onset of night in the desert, a sticky cold set in, completely opposite to the dry daytime heat.

A clear sky was dotted with bright stars. Mo Fan went up to Jiang Shaosuy and saw that the girl looked absentmindedly into the sky, lost in thought.

“Why did you go with us?” You saw that in such places, even I am powerless, ”said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan honestly wanted to save that guy. He liked Jiang more than other hunters, because in his eyes there was no self-interest and selfishness. But the monsters were faster, Mo Fan did not have a chance.

“I just came to test myself,” Jiang Shaoxuy answered.

– Test yourself? Do you play with your own life? – asked Mo Fan.

During international internships, they went to more or less safe and interesting places for experience. But the Takla Makan desert was a completely different place.

– My older brother always loved to tempt fate. He is simply obsessed with ancient historical monuments. I was always interested in what is in these feelings that makes people take mortal risks again and again. Why can it be more important than a quiet life, safe cities and loved ones nearby? – said Jiang Shaoxuy.

– And so you also wanted to try these sensations? I did not expect such childishness from you … All people are different. For some, the feeling of near death is like first love. These feelings excite them more than sex. Obviously, your brother is one of such people, but you are not, ”answered Mo Fan.

Jiang Shaoxuy grinned and said excitedly:

“Could you choose an expression?” I’m here, by the way, sharing my personal experiences with you.

“Even then, you don’t have to sit with a sour mine.” You can make fun, you can laugh …

“It seems you and my brother are very similar,” the girl perked up noticeably.

“No wonder you’re so obsessed with me …”

“I say you are like that both love to flirt with death.”

– I really value my life.

“But you are ready to sacrifice it, for the sake of something very important, is it not?” – Jiang Shaosuy grinned.

– Maybe.

– Life is really very valuable …

“And where did your brother find his death?”

“I’m still looking.” Must be somewhere in this desert. And maybe in another place. When I last talked with him, he excitedly told me that he had found traces of the strongest totem, ”said Jiang Shansuy.

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