Chapter 1208. Instant Lightning Kill


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The sound of the wind came from all directions at the same time with a soft growl, causing everyone to involuntarily strain.

The team at any moment could be attacked not only by animals that responded to the detector’s signals, but also by a whole cloud of magic grasshoppers.

– Approaching, about two hundred animals. Moving from the highlands, said Zhang Xiao Hou.

– Who is it? Asked Mu Nu Jiao.

“Emerald-carapace creatures, somewhere nearby is their lair, and the whole lair of the animals has set in motion!” – added Zhang Xiao Hou.

“It is very difficult to resist these creatures, as their bodies are completely covered with emerald carapace, and the tail can be compared in strength to the scorpion sting or the poisonous snake tail!” They belong to the animals of the earth, so they are very strong! – said Ge Min.

Emerald-carapace creatures have practically no weak points, so even magicians can be in danger.

“Captain, things are bad!” – on the other hand came a hunter with an element of wind, his face was excited.

“Have you found out that animals are also approaching from the other side?” Asked Ge Min.

“Not yet, but I found that there is a huge lair in that direction.” I thought that if the detector frequency were even stronger, then all this den would immediately rush at us, ”the hunter replied.

– How many of them? Asked Ge Min again.

“Not less than a thousand ….”

“They haven’t moved our way yet, right?”

“Not yet, but the commotion has already begun there.”

“Lou Fan, I leave the local leadership to you, and I myself will try to delay that large den.” The attack of a whole thousand armored creatures we can’t withstand, so we must not allow them to attack us, ”said Ge Min.

“Captain, you will leave, but how will we stay here?” We no longer have any strength left – almost crying, said Li Sy Jung.

Ge Min did not answer, because if a huge flock of animals come running here, no one will have a chance to survive.

Ge Min is a top-level mage, so confronting a huge flock of animals is not a problem for him – the only problem was that in his absence the rest of the team completely lost any hope of moving forward.


There was a growl, and between two sand hills several animals appeared, whose bodies were cast in azure emerald shades. They did not rush at full steam, but gently stepped on the sand, gradually approaching here.

However, having discovered that there were people here, they immediately screamed, as if warning the other relatives that they had stumbled upon a living provisions.

After some time, more and more emerald creatures began to appear in the district: they were armed to the teeth, and even on their backs gear teeth spangled.

The animals had extremely long tails that looked more like metal chains with massive links, and at the end the sharpest tips shone!

– Something is too much of them, do not you think? – said Wang Jiuming, seeing as more and more animal silhouettes loom around.

“Those who do not have energy, go back,” said Lu Fan.

“Zheng Tong, hope for you,” said Xu Pindong.

Now only Mo Fan, Zheng Tong, Tong Zhuang and Yang Bao could defend themselves – they all came forward.

The passage to the gorge was very narrow, so they could not use their magic to its full potential, because people could suffer.

“Yang Bao, you protect from above, Tong Chuang and I will take the passage, and as for you, you better go back and hide so that the captain doesn’t say that we didn’t save you,” said Zheng Tong.

Mo Fan did not even have time to say anything, as Tong Zhuang and Zheng Tong moved forward together.

The main element of Zheng Tong is fire – as a magician of destructive magic, he must possess either an element of lightning or fire.

He crossed his arms over his chest, and a green flame began to flare up, forming immediately ten fireballs.

The pale green flame did not need a tip, it itself began to fly around the area, destroying the nearest targets.

Tong Zhuang cultivates the element of the curse, so he immediately began to form a trap for the curse. Several bloody spiders appeared near him, luring the animals into their web!

You could see how the curse, according to one decree of the magician, began to fly in all directions, capturing several emerald-shell creatures at a time!

Mo Fan looked at this curse magician in surprise. Apparently, he was the second most powerful wizard in the team after Ge Min.

The flames of Zheng Tong also quickly had an effect: after killing two critters, they began to form a fiery wall, which stopped the animals.


Further on, the emerald-carapace creatures, realizing that fighting these people was not so easy, began to make a continuous growl.

This growl echoed through the desert, echoing a response.

“A small den is now approaching here!” – said Zhang Xiao Hou, watching from above the situation.

– How many will arrive – we will kill all! Snapped Zheng Tong.

Zheng Tong had already managed to kill a considerable number of creatures without resorting to using high-level magic, which meant that these animals were not as strong as they seemed.



Very soon other emerald-shell animals appeared, and Mo Fan noticed that they were quite different from the previous ones: the bodies of these creatures were cast even more with emerald light, and now they had not one, but three tails!


One of the animals looked especially cruelly at Zheng Tong, and while he resisted a whole crowd of animals, he attacked him from the other side!

Zheng Tong, being a very experienced hunter, used the second element, forming a defense near him.

The water shield was not a particularly strong defense, and Zheng Tong nevertheless suffered a blow, having been thrown back to a distance of ten meters.

He quickly jumped to his feet, looking furiously at the three animals in front of him!

– Damn creatures! I will destroy you! Cried Zheng Tong, forming a dense magic of fire, then directing it into the air.

The fire turned into a fiery rain, the drops of which, in contact with dry earth, turned it into a fire cover!

These three creatures could no longer escape, and their armor protection from the fire began to crack.

– Ha! They didn’t even withstand one attack! – grinned Zheng Tong.

Soon, all three animals turned into charred corpses, and Zheng Tong glanced at the other magicians: – I figured out their leader, it will be easier with the rest.

– What kind of leader? – asked Jiang Shaoxuy.

– Zheng Tong, watch out! Cried Lu Fan.

Zheng Tong was stunned: he saw ten emerald-shell creatures flying at him, pricked up their poisonous tails!

They were all with three tails!

These animals were much stronger than previous emerald-shell creatures!

Zheng Tong froze – are the three-tailed animals really real emerald-shell creatures ?!

And those that he fried recently – these are just not yet mature individuals?

Zheng Tong, using high-level fire magic, will be able to destroy only three individuals with three tails, and after them will come another fifteen of them – how to be?

– Help, help me! Shouted Yang Bao, who was on a raised platform.

Zheng Tong himself was in a difficult situation at that moment, how could he help him ….

Tong Zhuang, seeing that Yang Bao alone confronts thirty mature emerald-shell creatures at once, immediately rushed to the rescue.


Suddenly, black lightning fell from heaven, which sharply hit the beast who was about to bite Tong Zhuang!

Tong Zhuang immediately turned around, seeing the carcass of the beast that he was trying to attack him a few seconds ago.

However, he was struck even more by this rapid lightning that sent the beast to his ancestors with the only blow!

– Thank! Shouted Tong Zhuang, referring to Mo Fan, who was nearby.

“You stay with Yang Bao on the dais, and I will take the passage,” said Mo Fan.

“Got it,” Tong Zhuang nodded his head, in which thoughts about the strength of the lightning he saw were swarming.

This lightning is so swift, how can it possess the destructive power of high-level magic?

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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