Chapter 1209. One for the whole team!


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Mo Fan moved into the passage, where there were already about forty animals, they moved very quickly: some of them had already managed to surround Zheng Tong, and a few more headed towards the remaining team.

“Zheng Tong cannot resist them!” – said Lu Fan.

– We must retreat, it is impossible that because of them our ranks will thinn! – Lee Sy Jung said.

“Nothing will happen to us while Mo Fan is around!” – added Jiang Shaoxuy.

– Are you laughing? Let’s wait until another fifty individuals roll over? Even Zheng Tong and Tong Zhuang cannot bear such an attack, what can he do ?! – strictly said Lu Fan.

Lou Fan did not have time to say this, as a thundercloud formed over their heads, from which an ashen claw of lightning then flashed, which instantly destroyed more than ten critters with three tails in the gorge, irrigating the territory with their blood.

Lu Fan, Xu Pindong, and Li Sy Jung immediately hatched their eyes in surprise!

This ashen claw of lightning could figure out in one fell swoop with so many animals!

The smell of burning began to spread around, and nearby Zheng Tong turned his head, looking perplexedly at Mo Fan, who was behind him.

Did he release that ashen claw of lightning ?!

With this outburst of magic, he killed so many shell creatures!

– Fuck! Is he a man at all ?! – Shouted in surprise Lee Sy Jung.

Zheng Tong and Tong Zhuang spent so much effort and were able to kill only a small number of animals, and Mo Fan at one stroke fried with his lightning more than ten!

– Tyrannical sphere!

Mo Fan, seeing that the emerald-shell creatures surround him without hesitation, immediately released the sphere.

Inside this sphere, the effect of lightning is noticeably enhanced, and the speed of their release is also increased – that is why the magician decided to create an electric trap for this flock.

The rumble of thunder of the fifth stage in this area achieved even greater efficiency: thirty animals died from these lightning, as countless electric discharges pierced their bodies every now and then.

At this moment, a thunderstorm descended from heaven, finishing the last creature. This thunderstorm was so strong that the poor animal simply turned to dust, and even the corpse was gone!

The golden rati hunters watched as the spirit of mortal danger threatened them.

Zheng Tong, Tong Zhuang, Yang Bao could not resist even thirty individuals, when these lightnings destroyed more than fifty animals! Yes, this magician is really amazing!

Mo Fan was still in the gorge, not using the magic of other elements, since nothing could compare with the destructive power of Tirana’s thunderstorm.

After some time, there was practically nothing left of the whole lair of the animals – Mo Fan destroyed them all, while Zheng Tong could not cope with this trifle.

“It seems he alone can handle it.” This is what it means to be a world champion, but it’s as if he had flown from another planet! – Lee Si Jung admired.

He is very strong. It was recognized by magicians that they were ten to twenty years older than him, because not everyone can fight such emerald-carapace creatures.

Only at that moment did everyone understand why Zhang Xiao Hou, Mu Well Jiao, Jiang Shaoxuy and the rest said that the strength of one Mo Fan could equal the power of a whole team.

“Come on, I will heal your wounds,” said Li Si Zhong that he was responsible for the supply.

– Everything is fine with me, it’s better to inspect them. These spikes are poisonous, so they need to be removed as soon as possible, ”said Mo Fan.

From the animals of the two logs there was no spirit left – Mo Fan destroyed almost everyone.

– Strong, very strong! After such a battle, there’s not even a scratch on you! I noticed that for the most part you used only mid-level magic, does this mean that your magic energy has been spent a little? – Lu Fan turned to Mo Fan. He could not, could not help expressing his thoughts and observations.

Against the background of such a level of cultivation of the young magician, the arrogant arrogance of venerable hunters is not a trace.

Lu Fan still felt more or less, while on Zheng Tong there was no face at all: it seemed to him that he had never had to face a more difficult situation.

Now he does not dare to mock Mo Fan.

Mo Fan did not think about this, since he is a magician of destruction, and Ge Min invited him to the team only because of his quality, so he just could not stay away.

By the way, Ge Min on the other side also had to quickly deal with those creatures!

– Take a look, brother Mo Fan is so cool! At the very beginning, we opposed you being part of our team, who knew that all of you would turn out to be such powerful magicians! I hope that you will not hold us angry over the fact that we allowed ourselves to be talked about before, ”said Lu Fan with a smile, admiring the combat training of Mo Fan.

“We are just students, and we really don’t have much military experience, only your tactics of warfare are also very mediocre,” Mo Fan laughed. He saw that the attitude towards them had changed dramatically, and this could not but rejoice him.

Thy mother, is it really just because of this one incident that this little fellow will catch a star ?!

In fact, Mo Fan has long been a venerable hunter, which means that his level and position is an order of magnitude higher than all these golden rati hunters. What can I say, even the little girl Lin Lin is taller than all these chmyras in rank!

The team rested a bit, after which more animals appeared that headed towards the hunters. At this time, the creatures were much weaker than the emerald-shell, and the number was few, so Mo Fan easily dealt with them.

This time, Yang Bao and Tong Zhuang did not let out magic – they kill very slowly, so it was decided to wait for the appearance of a creature at the level of commander in chief.

Only now Zheng Tong was extremely dissatisfied: he released high-level magic several times, spent so much effort, but not a single surge of magic could compare with the peals of thunder of Mo Fan of the fifth stage and his tyrant punishment – this hit Zheng Tong’s vanity very much !

The initial level, medium, high, highest – each next level of magic is about ten times stronger than the previous one. Different types of magic also vary greatly. Zheng Tong could not accept that the magic of Mo Fang of the middle level was much stronger and more destructive than his magic of the high level ….

Moving further along the path, Mo Fan constantly released lightning magic so as not to waste the magic energy of other elements in vain.

– How are you?! – at this moment came the voice of Ge Min.

Ge Min sank down in front of the team, as if anticipating that something had happened.

“Captain, where did you dig this kid out?” He alone was able to deal with all animals, we did not even have to help him, ”said Tong Zhuang, who usually does not say anything at all.

Ge Min, looking around the team and realizing that no one was dead, exhaled, and his gaze fell on Mo Fan.

Ge Min, in truth, never personally saw how Mo Fan was beating, nor did he watch world competitions, but when he saw a large number of charred corpses on the way here, he realized how powerful this guy was.

“The last time we were trapped in a black church, it was Mo Fan who helped us get out of it,” said Ge Min.

– I remember Han Ji revealed information about some Mo Fang, is it really him? – Lu Fan looked out in surprise.

“Yes, it’s him,” Ge Min nodded his head.

– Fuck! Captain, why haven’t you said it before!

“I thought you knew ….”

“How do we know?” We are not at all interested in this, our business is to enter the forest and kill the animals!

– With such a powerful strongman in our team, even the return trip is now not scary … I can’t even believe that he is so young, but he can already wipe his nose for all of us!

– Mu Well, Jiao, don’t you think that Mo Fan has become even stronger than he was at the world competitions? – asked Jiang Shaoxuy.

Mu Well Jiao nodded her head.

They knew how strong Mo Fan was, only this time he surpassed himself.

“Perhaps this is a praise of the spiritual seal … look at his lightning, they have become an order of magnitude stronger,” said Jiang Shaoxuy.

– And really!

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