Chapter 1210. Eleven Years of Solitude


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Information was obtained promptly, and after some time a map of the territory with a radius of five kilometers was already ready.

Mo Fan looked at the Ling Ling laptop monitor and found that brown-black dots were densely stuck in the upper part of the territory, which means that in those parts the density of magic monsters is just off scale!

– Faster move on, these insects are moving in our direction! – said Ge Min, nervously looking at the cloud of magic grasshoppers.

With the magical creature distribution card on hand, the entire team could now advance much faster.

Mages increased speed. The cloud of grasshoppers did not move in their direction, but it was constantly expanding, so it could inadvertently overtake them.

They walked about three kilometers, after which they were blown over by a hot wind.

Looking back, it was possible to see that a cloud of magical grasshoppers of a dust storm had already overtaken the territories that had been passed recently. The insects were not interested in the settlements of emerald-carapace creatures, they hung over them like a big umbrella, filling the whole sky.

The desert heat was growing stronger – now it was more like a huge brazier.

The hotter it got around, the more energy the ice and water mages spent to support the team. Continuously releasing magic, their energy reserves will last for a short time.

“We need to get to the waypoint soon.” Previously, one of the hunters was always there, but for ten years of constant attacks from magic monsters, nothing was left of him, ”said Ge Min.

“There must be at least some identification marks, there are no traces of wizards at all.” Is it true that in this part of the world magical creatures have completely taken over territory?

“There must be something ahead,” said Tung Lee.

Tung Li is very well versed in the desert and can even find what is covered in sand.

If the team successfully reaches the oasis point, then there they can rest without problems. It should not be too hot, and even should be water and plants.

The transshipment center consists of stones, from afar it was clear that it was covered with sand more than half.

From this point, Tong Li accelerated his pace and even started to run, as if he had found something.

The item was located in an oasis in which there were no magical animals at all, quite possibly because of the stronger plants growing there.

“Mo Fan, Fiery Mountain * is not far from here, so the air temperature here is different from ordinary,” Lin Lin said.

She stubbornly explored something all the way. Unable to use a spontaneous detector, she resorted to a temperature sensor, which indicated that hot air was blowing from the north side of the oasis. If you believe the words of venerable hunters, the fiery mountain should be located not far from these places.

“Yeah,” Mo Fan nodded his head, urging Zhang Xiao Hou, “monkey, you need to see what’s in the northern part.”

– Got it. Now it turns out that here we are divided into two teams? Asked Zhang Xiao Hou.

– They are likely to move westward, as it is necessary to explore unknown lands. This transshipment point is a safe haven for hunters and the military, but then the real desert begins already, ”said Mo Fan.

“My physical strength is not yet exhausted, so I can head north right now to see what’s there,” Zhang Xiao Hou answered.

“Fine, just be careful,” said Mo Fan.

Zhang Xiao Hou set off heading north, while everyone else rested on vacation.

He did not use his flying abilities, as in the desert this is not a reasonable solution.

After about a kilometer, Zhang Xiao Hou discovered that not all of the desert was filled with sand: he met solid stones of bright color, which were covered with numerous cracks under the influence of high temperature.

Then he saw a rock through the cracks of which fire was breaking through.

Seeing the fire, he was delighted – apparently, they came to where they wanted.

The reason for such a high air temperature here was none other than the territory of the elements of fire – this land should be rich in spiritual and spiritual seeds, in general, just a paradise for a magician!

– What kind of cave is this? Are there any creatures here? – Zhang Xiao Hou ascended the dais and opposite found a small cave.

The cave was not deep, which means it can not serve as a refuge for a large beast. Zhang Xiao Hou moved on and saw the inside of animal skin on which was charred food …. Also here were vital items such as knives, sharpener and bowler ….

He only had time to think about what these must be the objects that remained from the hunters at the transshipment point when he suddenly felt a fiery heat.


Zhang Xiao Hou managed to quickly hide, when immediately after that a fire projectile flew into the cave, which smashed the stone to smithereens.

The magician turned around and saw a tanned man in the shoes of a wild beast. The hair on his body was sloppy, his beard covered half his face, and his eyes were very wild and looked directly at Zhang Xiao Hou.

The remnants of fire sparkled in the cave, the man still continued to look wildly at the guest.

“Che … man ?!” – said the man, gritting his teeth, as if he had forgotten the human language.

– Who are you? Why do you live here? – Zhang Xiao Hou was also scared from what he saw.

Only when he saw the objects with which the cave was equipped, he came to the conclusion that someone lives in it.

– I … I … I … you … you … you … the army … I … the military … I … are here … very … – the savage obviously forgot his tongue and now struggled to speak out.

He hastened to pull his order from the depths of the cave, which was filed by Zhang Xiao Hou.

Looking at him, he answered: “So you are a military man.”

The savage, having examined the guest’s military uniform, hastened to give him military honor.

“Do you remember how long you have been here?” Asked the savage magician.

“I don’t … I don’t know,” said the savage.

– This territory was blocked eleven years ago, have you really been all alone all this time ?! Zhang Xiao Hou said in a whisper.

From this question, tears flowed from the savage’s eyes in a stream.


* Fiery mountain – we are talking about Hoianshan Mountain, which is located in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

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