Chapter 1214. The Scarlet Dawn, a new spiritual fire!


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A colossal amount of fiery energy is hidden in this mountain, it is without a doubt. But Mo Fan did not understand how the hetero wants to absorb it. Does she really want to eat all this magical fiery mountain?

Mo Fan stood a little at a distance and watched as the hetero again plunged into the sea of fire, which brought her back to life.

Such powerful forces were awakened in the body of the fire heterka that the whole mountain range seemed to shake from its influence, and all the fire rushed to her body.

The whole sea of fire set in motion, and the insatiable heterka continued to absorb it, like a bottomless abyss.

At first she absorbed the fire around her, but soon fire began to flock to her from all over the mountain! Fiery waves in an inexhaustible stream disappeared in a small fragile body. Mo Fan could hardly believe what was happening!

The hetero turned out to have a brutal appetite! She non-stop absorbed energy, as if she wanted to take everything that is in these sacred lands. Her body radiated a glow of the color of scarlet dawn, full of beautiful, but dangerous breathing !!

– What kind of fire is this ?? – Mo Fan was amazed.

The color of the fire gradually changed. Instead of brown, it turned bright red. Without even approaching, Mo Fan realized that this is a special, incredibly hot magical fire!

– Geterka, are you being tempered by fire ?? – asked Mo Fan.

She wanted to use her clean fire to strengthen her own. Obviously, she was able to fully recover, but this field wanted to literally enter the fiery nirvana!

“Oooo !!!”

The heterka made a piercing sound. Her fragile body soared majestically over the sea of fire, as if she were the formidable queen of this mountain! She could control all the surrounding fiery energy !!

In remote areas of the mountain, flashes of fire began to gradually dissipate. It was still early until the moment when the fire dissipated for its natural reasons. Now this was happening because most of the fire was already absorbed by the hetero. She used pure natural fire for her own gain …

Finally, the waves of fire of the scarlet dawn turned into a crown around the body of the hetero, and then completely disappeared.

The body of the hetero was originally woven from fire. And now, having absorbed the flames of the scarlet dawn, she began to look even more majestic and formidable! As if her abilities were even closer to the destructive abilities of the fiery goddess!


After some time, the fire on the entire ridge completely disappeared, and even the air temperature dropped markedly. Only after that, the fiery getter enveloped in red flame returned with satisfaction to Mo Fan.

– And what kind of fire? – asked Mo Fan.

Geterka herself was eager to demonstrate her new capabilities. Controlling the flames of the scarlet dawn, she flung a giant stone in one fell swoop.

“Bam! bam! bam !! ”

The flame wave of the scarlet dawn was very small, the maximum was equal to the reception of the emission of flame. But in a collision with an object, it exploded with such force that in seconds it destroyed a huge piece of rock!

Rocks in the desert are highly refractory, not to mention the rocks on this mountain. For many years they were exposed to high temperatures, hardened under the waves of fire, and eventually turned into a rock that cannot be destroyed by fire. But the fiery getter, with her flame of scarlet dawn, did it two times !!

– Is it a spiritual flame ?? – Mo Fan jumped with joy. If a heterosexual possesses spiritual fire, then so does he!

– Jin! Jin!

The geterka caught his attention and a brown flame enveloped her body. This kind of fire was well known to Mo Fan, it was her natural raging fire.

Mo Fan felt regret that the fire threat of the heger had disappeared, because she was at a sufficiently developed level, often rescued Mo Fan. But it turned out that the heterosexual was not only able to master a new kind of spiritual flame, but also to maintain the old !!

– So now you have two kinds of spiritual flame ?? – Mo Fan was indescribable delight.

– Jin! – heterka squeaked joyfully.

Mo Fan remembered that the fiery sorceress Jiang Feng also possessed two kinds of spiritual fire. One species was attacking, and the second was defensive and was always around the hostess’s body. That is, the hetero is already close to the borders of the fire sorceress. The ability to use two spiritual lights at the same time is the best proof!

Heterosexual has two spiritual fires and Mo Fan himself has one spiritual seed of the element of fire. So, if the hetero is embodied in his body, he will have three types of spiritual fire at once !!

Different types of spiritual fire have different effects, as well as different areas. Mo Fan could not even imagine what his strength would be if he himself managed to get another spiritual seed and be embodied with a heterosexual !!

– Fire threat, fire rose, red dawn, ha ha ha! Yes, I’m invincible !! – Mo Fan could not help laughing.

He stood on top of a desert mountain completely naked and laughed. From the outside, it must have been that picture!

A fiery heterka sat on Mo Fan’s head. Without understanding anything, she began to laugh with him. Now, the little sorceress giggles joined his laughter.

Having survived such a strong shock, the heterka was still able to regain its strength. She wholeheartedly wanted to turn back into a small geterka, to become like a small porcelain doll again, so that she could just sit on her daddy’s head and giggle to sit on his shoulder while traveling …

Mo Fan laughed, and the hetero repeated after him.

Not far from them, a small magical grasshopper was perplexedly watching this scene. He felt their positive mood, and also heard strange screeching.

– Come on, we need to go down. Do not say hello to anyone who gets in our way! – Mo Fan proudly strode down.

Geterka was very fond of frying scoundrels, and now she has suffered enough to try two spiritual fires in action.

– Bye, grasshopper! You have to grow up being good and kind, understand? – Mo Fan did not forget to say goodbye to an unusual grasshopper.

But the grasshopper seemed to not want to part with them, and Mo Fan had to give him more jerky.

Flapping huge wings, the grasshopper took Mo Fan with him and dragged him to a neighboring peak.

Having flown about one kilometer, Mo Fan noticed that the neighboring peak is completely covered with large pebbles. From a distance it looked impressive.

Among the pebbles, the grasshopper found a shiny black stone and, holding it in his teeth, brought it to Mo Fan, the word gave a farewell gift.

Mo Fan was stupefied. Judging by the brilliance, the stone has already turned into a crystal. Such stones are very expensive, and elemental crystals even more so. Mo Fan did not expect the grasshopper to give him such a valuable gift.

– Do you want to come down with us? – asked Mo Fan, and the hetero helped translate.

It sounds very strange, but the heterka really could communicate with the magical grasshopper. It seems he was afraid of a fiery geter, because the fire around her body was dangerous for him.

– jin jin jin! – The hetero quickly handed Mo Fan.

“You have to guard this place?” What is there to guard, just a bunch of stones. Remember, be a good grasshopper, do not destroy crops! – Mo Fan patted the grasshopper on the head, – it seems you have already grown up, yesterday you were like that, and now you are!


Mo Fan and her heterosexual began to descend. This mountain did not represent any value. Almost all the fiery energy was absorbed by the hetero. If later fires occur, it is already much weaker.

Geterka told him that in the future it is necessary to bring her more often to such places, and then she will be able to develop her forces even faster.

That was very good news. The Veda of the geterka grew very slowly, and for her transformation into a fiery goddess, one had to wait for many years. But if she periodically receives such recharge by magic fire, then her development will noticeably accelerate.

“We stayed here for almost three days, I hope everything is fine with the others,” Mo Fan hastily descended, thinking about Zhang Xiao Hou, Mu Nu Jiao, Lin Lin, Jiang Shaoxu and the rest. Still, he left them for a long time.

After the black rock zone, sand began to float in the air again.

Having examined the station through the muddy sandy air, he found that half of the building was filled up with sand, and not a single person was around.

– How strange, maybe they went further? But shouldn’t Zhang Xiao Hou and the rest be waiting for me? – Mo Fan talked to himself.

Geter flew back and forth here, helping Mo Fan in the search. But, having made a big circle, she never saw anyone.

– Lin Lin! Lin Lin, answer. I came down, – Mo Fan tried to contact Lin Lin on the radio.

But Lin Lin didn’t answer, for sure there is a very bad signal in these places.

The question is where did they go and why didn’t they leave him any information. How now should he look for them?

– Jin! Jin! – finding something, the hetero called Mo Fan.

Mo Fan ran to her and saw that behind one of the stony hills one could see someone’s hand. The rest of the body was littered under the sand.

Mo Fan’s heart pounded wildly, and he began to dig a body out of sand using the power of thought.

The corpse has already dried up, so about one day has passed since death.

When Mo Fan dug up the body completely, he recognized Li Si. This is the very magician who saved him!

Mo Fan calmed down a bit. The main thing is not one of them. But since Li Sy died in this place, it means the rest are in great danger!

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