Chapter 1215. The Fruit of the Lands


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A stone gorge, inside it was a detachment in ashen – blue clothes.

– Tun Lee! Why did you do that? In vain we believed you! Shouted Zhang Xiao Hou, his eyes fixed on Tong Li.

– For the sake of a big deal, you can use such methods. Did you have to bury him with the secret of this place? Fools! Tong Li laughed.

“Ha ha ha, you really are fools!” Thought we went here as pioneers for the benefit of humanity? This business does not concern you at all, you just get confused under your feet and now have learned what you should not have known. This will all end badly for you! – Zheng Tong laughed too.

“Zheng Tong, I respected you!” Cried Ge Min angrily.

– Sorry, commander. “We wanted to secretly complete this business, but Lin Faile recognized me, so there was no choice,” said Tong Zhuang.

“Have you guarded this place before?” – Ge Ming looked at the soldiers who had betrayed him; it was hard on the soul.

The golden army of hunters survived the events associated with the black church. These events dealt a huge blow to the detachment of hunters. Therefore, Ge Min wanted to use this chance to defend the good name of the golden rati of the hunters. In addition, he made Tong Zhuang responsible for finding people to go into the desert. But who knew that they used this campaign for personal purposes!

Looking at the squad, Ge Min felt helpless.

“Lin Faile, you have one last chance to tell us where the Fruit of the Lands is!” – Thun Lee shouted, grabbing Lin Fely tightly, his eyes were about to jump out of their sockets with anger and greed!

Zhang Xiao Hou looked at Tong Li, who seemed to be replaced, and scolded himself.

Why did he think that everything is so simple? Why did you believe the words of Tong Li?

This guy did not come here at all to find the remains of his sister. He didn’t care about her death, but it didn’t care about the Fruit of the Lands – a very important stone source, with which you could build a whole city in the desert!

“It was you who destroyed the post station eleven years ago, right?” – asked Jiang Shaoxuy.

Jiang Shaoxu helped Lin Feili restore his memory. She saw the fragments of a man’s memory, saw the terrible things he had to deal with, helped him restore his ability to communicate and his memory. But he decided to forget these terrible events voluntarily.

Tong Li deliberately returned in advance, but not to deliver the remains of his sister, but to order the detachment to enter here. And while others get here, they will already be surrounded by a detachment.

“I’m the one who destroyed the station!” – Shi Qianshou said insensibly.

“And you are not afraid that the tribunal will sentence you to death!” Cried Zhang Xiao Hou angrily.

After all, Zhang Xiao Hou was also a military man; he could not calmly endure Shi Qianshou’s act.

The military … they had to guard the post station, towns and cities. And this clever man not only did not do this, but he also destroyed the post station, which was equivalent to the village in scale!

But the worst thing was that in his report he said that the post station was destroyed by a severe sandstorm. Eleven years ago, he was able to conceal his crime in this way, and everyone forgot about it. If it weren’t for Li Sy, who accidentally discovered the secret of Tang Zhuang, they would never have known that they were being used.

– Comparing with the city, this post station does not mean anything. I don’t need to talk about morality here. This desert follows only one rule – whoever survives has the right to vote! My requirements are simple – pass the Fruits of the Lands into my hands, as they passed them to the helpless city government. There is still some energy left in the Fruit. And the post station was just a station, not a village. If you give me the Fruit of the Lands, I can build a whole city. The only sandy imperial palace in the desert. In the north of it there will be an inexhaustible fruitful mine, a little farther is a natural melting furnace in the form of the Fiery Mountain, in the west – a bunch of shell varieties. Yes, this city will become one of the greatest cities on earth! – said Shi Qianshou.

– Being a military, you must transfer all material resources to the state, and you want to appropriate everything for yourself, to become a local despot. No need for high-pitched speeches here, if you could so easily destroy the station and the people in it, then you are no different from the monsters that inhabit the desert! – Zhang Xiao Hou said angrily.

“Lin Faile, I know that the commander of the old unit told you where the Fruits of the Lands is.” I also know that it exists and somewhere very close. But you know that I’m impatient. I give you the last chance, if you don’t tell me, then every minute I will kill one person until you are the only one left. And then I will bury all these innocent people next to you! Shouted Shi Qianshaw.

Soon, Shi Qianshou’s gaze fell on Zhang Xiao Hou.

Zheng Tong and Tong Zhuang immediately pressed Zhang Xiao Hou to the sand so that he could not move!

Lin Faile turned into a wild animal with anger, but he could not take a step, as he was surrounded by the military. The military surrounded them with such a dense ring that even Ge Ming, a top-level mage, also could not do anything.

– Stinky, having a high position with a sea of prospects, you are now in our hands and will turn here only into a mountain of bones! – Zheng Tong kicked hard Zhang Xiao Hou, taunting him.

It is a pity that Mo Fan was not here, otherwise Zheng Tong would have tortured him so much that he would have regretted his existence!

“So many years have passed, haven’t your conscience tormented you?” Asked Lin Faile, his eyes red with rage.

– What remorse may be, who should be tormented by conscience, is the commander. If he would give me where the land is, then I would send my detachment there so that they capture the post station. And so it was necessary to send grasshoppers of a dust storm so that they gobbled up people without a trace! – said Shi Qianshou.

“I know you attracted the grasshoppers of the dust storm!” Do not think that I am so stupid! Yelled Lin Faile.

“You better make your choice soon.” You are not afraid of death, but better decide – do you want all these people to die with your secret, or will you still tell me where the Fruit of the Lands is? – Shi Qianshou asked.

The events of eleven years ago appeared before Lin Failey’s eyes, it was a huge blow for him!

He is still alive, firstly, because he decided to protect the Fruit of the Lands, and secondly, he wanted to personally destroy this crazy Shi Qianshaw!

Post station, the lives of two hundred people. Some of them were patrol, some – a hunter who stopped to rest. There were even a few locals living in this desert. Shi Qianshou attracted the magic grasshoppers of the dust storm, forcibly tried to force the commander to give him the location of the Fetus of the Lands, but the commander did not agree. And then he called on these grasshoppers of the dust storm to gobble up people alive …

Lin Faile survived by a fluke. During a storm of despair, he ate a poisonous snake. Under normal circumstances, he would have died from the poison, but the grasshoppers of the dust storm do not fly on those people whose body is highly toxic.

When Lin Faile woke up, he realized that he needed to eat these poisonous snakes every day, only this way he could survive. This was the main reason why he did not leave the desert …

He lived here like a monster, and the rest died due to the treachery and greed of Shi Qianshou!

Lin Feili thought that Shi Qianshou did not want to kill all these people, he only wanted to intimidate the commander.

But Lin Fei was wrong, Shi Qianshaw didn’t care if those people survived or died. He only went to his goal. Being a military man and having his own army, all he needed was to build a city in a dangerous and rich desert, becoming the master of the desert!

So many years passed, and his army only increased. This meant that Shi Qianshou did not reject the idea of taking possession of the Fruit of the Lands, and his conscience did not torment him at all!

“The time has come, say goodbye to your new friend … Ah, I forgot that he was a young outstanding military man, the hero of Xian, saved several million people … Hmm … Just a couple of years and he would have become a high-ranking military man like me.” The guy has so many prospects … And he will die here because you are silent like a fish, ”said Shi Qianshou with mock compassion.

Lin Feili was taken aback by staring at Zhang Xiao Hou.

He did not think that at his age, Zhang Xiao Hou was such a successful military man.

“I will tell you where the fruit is.” But do you guarantee that you let them go? – Lin Faile breathed heavily, saying this.

– Sure.

“But they already know that you are guilty.” “I think you won’t leave any witnesses,” said Lin Faile.

“Ha ha ha, Lin Faile, you are a moron.” Who needs a case eleven years ago? Who can prove that I did it? Now I am a senior military, the tribunal will listen to this old story, but where is the irrefutable evidence? There is none of them! – Shi Qianshou laughed, in his eyes there was no respect for any of those present, not even Ge Min.

Although Ge Ming was a top-level magician, but in position and power, how can one compare Shi Qianshou and the simple commander of the Golden Rati of hunters?

“Let them go, then I’ll tell you!” – answered Lin Failey.

“Okay, Zheng Tong, Tong Zhuang, let the people go.”

“Let them go first,” Zhang Xiao Hou pointed to Jiang Shaosuy and Mu Well Jiao.

– You still have a heroic spirit! Okay, let them go, – Shi Qianshou waved a hand at the girls, they did not care about them, even though they were beautiful.

Compared to the million people who will be subject to him in the new city, these women were not worth a penny!

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