Chapter 1216. Poison Mark


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“I have already fulfilled your demand and let the girls go, now it’s your turn,” Shi Qianshou said leisurely.

“They have nothing to do with this business.” “I don’t want any of them to die,” said Lin Faile.

“I see you want to save them all.” You just need to tell where are what I’m looking for. These people will die or not, I don’t care, ”Shi Qianshou continued.

– Boss, I told you that we could not catch one guy, he was very strong. You let the girls go and they can go look for him, ”said Zheng Tong.

“Is he a top level mage?” – Shi Qianshou asked.

– No, he is at a high level.

“So why should I pay attention to such trifles?”

– Yes, yes, I obey! – Zhang Tong answered with a stone face, – I’m only worried that he might break everything.

“Lin Faile, at least tell me the direction.” I know that this is definitely not far from the area of black stones … – said Shi Qianshou.

“Over there,” Lin Faile pointed to one of the sheer cliffs.

As soon as he waved his hand, one of the officers immediately ran away in that direction and began to examine everything with special measuring equipment.

After some time, the device began to emit a bright glow. Shi Qianshaw’s eyes greedily shone.

Lin Failey did not deceive, it really is in that direction. This rock seems to be different from everyone else in this area.

“Keep letting go of people, otherwise you’ll never find this place,” said Lin Faile.

“Good, but so you don’t cheat, I’ll let this guy go last,” Shi Qianshou clung tightly to Zhang Xiao Hou.

Lin Failey gritted his teeth. He had no choice but to approach the rock. He pressed the rock with both hands and a dark brown halo appeared around him, and after a while it dissipated. With the naked eye it was impossible to notice this layer of prohibition. After the forbidden barrier dispersed, the thick layer of rock immediately changed and became soft, like clay.

The liquid clay glass down and opened a long passage.

– It turns out there was a ban. Still, the old captain is cunning, he took precautions in advance in case of my appearance, ”Shi Qianshou smiled, not taking his greedy eyes from the passage,“ Tong Zhuang, you keep this guy. ” Lin Faile, you will go first. Come in!

Tong Zhuang, guarding Zhang Xiao Hou, followed Lin Faile into a gloomy narrow passage. Shi Qianshou waved his hand, sending a small group of people after them, and only after that he entered the aisle himself.

Before entering, Shi Qianshou looked around, looking at the remaining officers and several prisoners, – Zhang Qihu, you are in charge. If someone tries to enter here, immediately eliminate them.

– There is! – Zhang Qihu saluted with a stern look.

“Commander Shi, do you really let those people go?” After all, they can create problems for us … – a brilliant brilliance burned in Zhang Tong’s eyes. He did not want to leave the slightest chance for complications.

In fact, he was most angry because Mu Well Jiao managed to escape. Most of all he liked this type of girl. In this deserted desert, real power was everything. No one will know what you are doing here!

“Do I look like a kindhearted person?” Do not worry, they will not go far. I have something to meet them with. ”Shi Qianshou opened his palm in which a poisonous glow faintly sparkled.

Seeing this, Zhang Tong stunnedly asked:

“I heard many times that Commander Shi can control insects.” Is it you that sent the magic grasshoppers ??

Shi Qianshou grinned, but did not answer.

“Those two girls …” Zhang Tong began in a low voice.

“They won’t survive,” Shi Qianshou squinted at the guy. “With this attitude, you certainly won’t gain power.” Girls are good, but they are only needed to meet fleeting needs. Having taken a determined position, you will understand that compared to power, girls are just an appendage.

“You are absolutely right, commander!” It’s just a pity they’ll die like that, ”Zheng Tong answered.

– This time you have proved yourself well. If not for you, it would be much more difficult for us to enter the desert. When we reach the goal, you will get everything you want, And until then, if something can die, do not leave it alive. Dead people, desert, only here I can not worry about anything, ”said Shi Qianshou.

– There is!


Not far from the stone mountains, Mu Nu Jiao and Jiang Shaoxuy rushed from all legs towards the fiery mountain.

They need to tell Mo Fany everything as quickly as possible, and then go to rescue Zhang Xiao Hou and the rest.

– Lin Lin! We have not found Lin Lin! She’s probably all right, ”Mu Nu Jiao suddenly remembered.

– She is very smart. Surely able to find a place to hide. But she can not withstand such stress, in the end she is only ten years old … – said Jiang Shaoxu.

Both girls were confused. They did not know whether to go first in search of Mo Fan, or go look for Lin Lin, who had separated from them.

But at that moment a small thin silhouette appeared in front of them with two high tails. She was wearing a long protective coat. In this unfavorable environment, there was no reflection of a shadow of anxiety in her eyes, quite the contrary, she looked at them calmly.

“Don’t worry about me.” First tell us what happened? – Lin Lin asked calmly, stepping closer.

“How nice of you to be fine!” We would not know how to explain this to Mo Fan! – rejoiced Mu Nu Jiao.

When the commander surrounded them, Lin Lin suddenly disappeared. How did she know that something was wrong?

It is good that Shi Qianshou, Zhang Tong, Tong Zhang and the rest did not take Lin Lin seriously. They were sure that such a little girl would not survive alone in the wilderness and would surely become a monster’s lunch. Jiang Shaoxuy and Mu Well Jiao also worried about this. But Lin Lin looked completely safe and sound. Her clothes were clean, she even managed to comb her hair! It seems she knowingly earned the title of master hunter. Even in such conditions, she could easily find a safe shelter.

“Shi Qianshaw is in charge of them, right?” – asked Lin Lin.

– Yes. We could not even think that it was he who filled the station! He is insane! – angrily said Jiang Shaoxuy.

– That is, does it really exist? Asked Lin Lin again.

The girls were dumbfounded, how did she know about this?

– Now what is the situation there?

– Lin Fengli went with Shi Qianshou into a passage. Apparently, it leads to what they are looking for. They took Zhang Xiao Hou and Ge Ming hostage. The hunters from Golden Rati are still apparently in the valley, under the supervision of officers, ”explained Jiang Shaoxuy.

“How strange,” Lin Lin reasoned to herself.

– Strange? What exactly? – Jiang Shaoxu did not understand.

“Judging by what you said, Shi Qianshaw is not going to leave anyone alive.” But why did he let you go? Very strange … ”said Lin Lin.

Mu Well Jiao shared Lin Lin’s suspicions.

Shi Qianshou was a military man. If his fraud is revealed, then he will be sentenced to death, and his accomplices will be given to the tribunal!

“Zzzzzz! zzzzzz! ”

From behind the mountains there was a polyphonic noise that was slowly approaching.

Ling Ling lifted her head and looked toward the stony hills. When she saw a lot of some creatures that covered the earth like a sandstorm, she immediately understood everything.

– Here you go. He really wasn’t going to leave you alive. This man is a top level poison mage. The appearance of the dust storm grasshoppers is clearly his work, ”Lin Lin said.

– Oh my God! How did they get here? Can’t they get close to the station? – Jiang Shaoxu yelled in horror.

Both girls were terrified. They did not pray to understand this, but they clearly felt that the grasshoppers rushed directly to them.

– Shi Qianshou probably left a poisonous mark on you, it attracts these creatures. You need to run faster to the mountain of fire. You can survive if you run there before they overtake you. Fire will save you … I need to go. I hope you can take care of yourself, ”Ling Ling turned and quickly left Mu Nu Jiao and Jiang Shaoxu.

Both girls watched the shrinking silhouette of Lin Lin and for some time could not recover.

Can not be! Lin Lin just left them ??

The number of dust storm grasshoppers was unbelievable. With all their strength, they could not survive. Insects were getting closer and closer. The girls did not lose time and ran from all legs towards the fire mountain.


Lin Lin ran in the other direction. She ran as fast as if inexhaustible magical powers were hidden in her little boots.

Climbing one of the rocky hills, she was able to see frantically racing Mu Nu Jiao and Jiang Shaosyu.

“Oh, I hope Mo Fan will not rebuke me for not helping them?” – Lin Lin sighed heavily.

If you are haunted by grasshoppers of a dust storm, then the chances of survival are very small. Shi Qianshou from the very beginning was not going to let people out of the desert. He let the girls go just to pretend to Lin Faile.

“Mo Fan will take revenge on you,” Lin Lin said quietly.

Ling Ling had no choice. These creatures instantly destroy their victims. It is hoped that the girls have strong protective artifacts with them so that they can get to the fire.


– Hey girl! Cleverly you were able to hide from us! – From behind the rock someone’s voice was heard.

Turning around, Lin Lin saw a tall, thin man in a gray-blue military uniform come out of the shadows.

The man seemed ugly. There was no hint of gentleness in his bulging eyes, only cruelty.

Ling Ling did not expect Shi Qianshou to send his man for the girls to make sure of their death and, in which case, finish the job!

This man is terrible! Yes, and has military prudence!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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