Chapter 1217. The Power of the Scarlet Dawn


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“Can your boss really control the dust storm grasshoppers?” – Seeing the evil man, Lin Lin was not taken aback.

“Why do you need to know that?” I wonder why you came here, instead of going to school, like all girls, dressing in dresses and eating sweets? – the man with a wide smile slowly approached Lin Lin.

“I hate it all,” the girl answered.

“I would never hurt such a little girl.” But you know, I can’t disobey the order of my commander. Not a single word should be leaked about these cases, – the officer came even closer and stared at Lin Lin.

“No one will believe the little girl’s words,” Lin Ling said with a serious look, her head up.

The officer laughed involuntarily. This girl is so cute!

– There is nothing to be done, the order is the order. Of all who come here, we do not leave witnesses. Some things are best buried under a layer of sand. Why delve into all this, because even more people can die this way. Many people believe that the worst thing in this desert is the grasshoppers of a dust storm. But those who are familiar with Commander Shi are well aware that he is the real poisonous king of this desert! – the tall officer continued to smile, but gradually the smile turned into an evil grin.

He raised his hand slightly and in his palm began to accumulate black gas, which took the shape of a black blade. The edge of the blade was aimed at Lin Lin’s temple.

“Do you know that you are a bad person?”

“I know, of course I know,” the officer was still smiling.

“But you don’t know that many bad people die because they talk a lot.” Always act right away, boob! – cursed Lin Lin.

The officer froze for a second. At that moment, when his face was distorted by anger, a black bird of shadow appeared on his side. The bird turned into a human silhouette, which stood half a meter from the officer.

Blacker than a person’s eyes, as if at any moment could flash a bright fire. The officer felt such fear that his whole body went cold.

– Just try to touch her! – the master of the fiery eyes was none other than Mo Fan. He found Lin Lin using the mark she left.

When he arrived, he saw the officer threatening Lin Lin!

“You … who are you?” – the officer was in a panic.

The enemy was also a shadow mage, but he did not even feel it. This meant that the level of magic of the enemy is much higher than his own!

This is also his technique. Absorption by shadow: Bird of shadow. He saw for the first time that Shadow Absorption could be used in this way!

“It doesn’t matter who I am.” But before death, remember that I’m ten times worse than your captain! – Mo Fan dropped his fist on the officer’s chest.

A fist punch, amplified by spatial magic, turned the officer into a living bullet. At great speed, he crashed into a pile of black rock.

The officer choked on his own blood, stuck between the stones. Pectoral chain mail saved his life by force, but all his bones were broken.

“Nitsche … nothing special.” Compared to our commander … – despite his condition, the officer also tried to play a trick. Apparently he was one of those military men who are not afraid of death.


But he did not have time to finish. A raging fire suddenly shone in his body. After a second, the fire swept the entire body of the officer and even the stones around!

The body of the officer and his chain mail had already burned to the ground, but the fire continued to blaze on the black stones. Like the anger of Mo Fan, it was difficult to extinguish it!

– What kind of son of a bitch is this commander Shi? – Mo Fan turned to Lin Lin, while waving his hand and putting out the fire.

– Speaking of that. I think you need to deal with those grasshoppers first, ”Lin Lin pointed in the other direction, where two thin silhouettes were visible.

Mo Fan was stupefied, he only now realized that it was Mu Well Jiao and Jiang Shaoxu. They rushed towards the fiery mountain, and behind them came a hell of a cloud of grasshoppers!

From a distance, the grasshoppers looked like a dust cloud. They were getting closer and closer to the girls, and the fastest of them were already trying to attack!

There were so many grasshoppers that if they overtook them, the girls in a matter of seconds would have one bloody skeleton. Mo Fan did not have time to question, and he immediately applied instant movement.

“I’m fine, go quickly to them!” – said Lin Lin.

Mo Fan nodded and formed a star cloud.

A silver glow shone around and the silhouette of Mo Fan became muddy. When the radiance reached its peak, the magician disappeared from its former place. In an instant, he was transported to the middle of the slope of a stone mountain …

Ling Ling watched Mo Fang and saw that a silver glow appeared again in the middle of the slope. The guy disappeared again and appeared not far from the sands …

Again a star cloud appeared, and now Mo Fan is already standing behind a sand dune. He was already very close to Mu Nu Jiao and Jiang Shaoxu.

Seeing that Mo Fan is already so close, Lin Lin sighed in relief.


“Zzzzz !!!”

Numerous grasshoppers fluttered their wings so quickly that they were not separate sounds, but a continuous sound wave.

As the cloud of grasshoppers approached, a sound wave covered the girls. Mu Well, Jiao and Jiang Shaosuy could not concentrate on applying magic. Several faster grasshoppers flew past them. With small teeth they gnawed at the girls’ clothes and skin, leaving bloody streaks.

Feeling the smell of fresh blood, the remaining grasshoppers rushed forward even faster, intending to eat two girls!

“We cannot use magic!” “Jiang Shaoxuy barely applied a protective artifact, in the hope that this would give them some more time.”

Now they understood why the grasshoppers were so rampant in the desert. Their wings emitted a powerful sound wave, which prevented them from concentrating and inflicted severe damage to the magical powers of the magician. In such circumstances, the use of magic was impossible!

“Zzzzzz! Zzzzzz! ”

Protective chain mail girls will not last long! On all sides they were surrounded by a continuous layer of grasshoppers. One cloud was swarming around Mu Well Jiao, one cloud around Jiang Shaosuy!

– Fiery heterka, destroy them! – at the very last moment, a familiar voice came around them.

A fragile fiery silhouette flew up. Her body was surrounded by a fiery halo. It gradually expanded and as soon as the fire came into contact with insects, they burned out in an instant …

Soon the flames of scarlet dawn swept the entire cloud of grasshoppers. Insects could not withstand such temperatures and immediately died!

It seemed to Heterka that they were not burning fast enough, and she breathed out another wave of brown-brown flame, which turned into a firestorm!

The astounding power of the fiery threat was not inferior to the fire of the red dawn. Two kinds of spiritual fires seemed to compete with each other in the number of insects destroyed.

Soon, all the grasshoppers turned into ashes, soaring high in the sky.

Finally, the rumor of Mo Fang, Mu Well, Jiao and Jiang Shaoxu could relax. Honestly, Mo Fan also got a headache from these terrible sounds. The sound of the friction of the wings of thousands of insects could drive any mage crazy. It’s good that the hetero easily coped with them herself.

They were lucky that there were not so many grasshoppers. If it was a real dust storm, then Mo Fan could hardly save them from the clutches of an army of insects. It is not known how long it would take to burn them all.

– Mo Fan!

– Mo Fan, you still came!

Both girls almost burst into tears. How terrible it would be to die in a cloud of insects!

“Nothing, nothing …” Mo Fan tried to calm them.

Mu Well, Jiao and Jiang Shaoxu were seriously scared. All these desert trials exceeded all their endurance. Having been on the verge of life and death, for a long time they could not come to their senses and did not even pay attention to their torn clothes, through which their various parts of the body were visible. White, supple, delicate skin …

Mo Fan hugged them, trying to calm him down, and at the same time admired the sight.

It took a long time until the girls realized that all this time, Mo Fan could not take off from their contemplation. They hastily found a secluded place to heal wounds and change clothes.

“Mo Fan, are you so strong now that you’re not even afraid of these insects?” – Jiang Shaoxu asked enthusiastically looking at Mo Fan.

– The fiery geter not only revived, but also mastered a new kind of spiritual flame. This spiritual flame is the sworn enemy of these insects, ”Mo Fan answered honestly.

The flame of the scarlet dawn was indeed the curse of the grasshoppers of the dust storm. Even the mutated grasshopper, who fluttered joyfully amid the fire, did not dare to approach the getter.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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