Chapter 1218. Scum of the army


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Returning to the cave where Lin Feil lived, Mo Fan discovered that two officers were guarding the entrance and did not allow anyone to enter.

– Jiang Shaoxue, you can easily cope with them, right? – Mo Fan pointed to two officers in blue-gray clothes.

“They are not very strong, easy,” the girl replied.

– Be careful. They are likely to regularly communicate with each other and report on the situation, if they are silent, then something happened, ”Mo Fan reminded.

“Relax, I know how to control their minds,” Jiang Shaoxuy stepped back about 100 meters to the side of the rock and began to form the magic of spirit – total control.

Both magicians did not possess a strong spiritual world, so they easily fell under the control of Jiang Shaosuy.

Mo Fan, Mu Well, Jiao and Lin Lin calmly passed them. Mages did not pay any attention, and one even calmly took a walkie-talkie and reported on the situation.


Entering inside, they hid in one of the gorges. Through a narrow opening, it was clear that the hunters from Golden Rati were locked inside, surrounded by about a hundred officers. For the main thing, they had a man of large build and with a beard covering his face.

– This guy’s name is Zhang Qihu. He is very strong. Shi Qianshou himself was busy with Ge Ming, and this guy managed to detain us all. “We didn’t even have time to launch a response attack, as his group seized us,” said Jiang Shaoxu.

“There are so many.” We can find out how many of them are high-level magicians, and how many – medium-level magicians? – asked Mo Fan.

“You can, but it will take time,” Jiang Shaoxuy answered.

Scouting enemy forces is necessary. Jiang Shaoxuy used the magic of the spirit to research the abilities of officers. And Mo Fan meanwhile, having thrown a mantle of shadow, made his way inside the cave.

The main strength of the shadow mantle is that it is very difficult to feel. Even top-level magicians are unlikely to sense the intimate presence of Mo Fan.

After exploring the cave, Mo Fan realized that only these people were here. The rest of the group must have gone down another path even deeper underground.

For Mo Fan, this was good news. It is quite difficult for one person to defeat an entire military detachment. But if they are divided into smaller groups, the task becomes much easier.

– Among them there are seven high-level magicians, the rest are at the middle level. I’m afraid that we won’t cope with them, ”said Jiang Shaoxuy.

The strengths of hundreds of mid-level magicians exactly exceed the powers of ten high-level magicians. If they unite together, then this gorge will be impossible to pass, then how can we save Zhang Xiao Hou, Lin Faile, Ge Ming and the others who passed on?

– Seven can still be defeated. Mu Well, Jiao, don’t stick your head out yet. I will distract their attention, and you will use the hand of a green demon over there on that rock. Jiang Shaoxuy, the magicians of the spirit and curses will be on you, and I will take care of the rest myself, ”said Mo Fan.

“Mo Fan, do you want to confront a hundred magicians ??

“Nothing is impossible here!”

Mu Well Jiao did not say a word and began to form the hand of a green demon. Plant mages always need some time to prepare. When enough roots and branches spread throughout the territory, then this place can be considered their sphere.

The rocks in these places were very hard, and the plants penetrated with difficulty. But this was an advantage, because the magicians of the earth could not feel the vibrations of the lower layers of the soil.

Of course, if the roots spread right under the mage’s feet, then if his cultivation level is not lower, he can immediately feel it.


– Do not give up! Wait until the commander receives the Fruit of the Earth, and then we brothers will live in abundance! We will no longer need to obey the military headquarters, we will be on our own! – Zhang Qihu loudly addressed the others.

“It is a pity that we let the girls go, they would dispel our longing,” said one of the officers with a snub nose.

– Oh! You are the military! So why are you acting like gangsters !! Said the girl officer.

“Commander Huang Yi, here you are wrong.” In antiquity there were no differences between the military and the robbers, it was only important in whose hands the strength. You can ask any of the officers present, each of them interested in those girls. They are not only beautiful and seductive, it can be seen from them that they are from good families. We, poor people who have risen to magicians, are unlikely to ever be able to enjoy such good girls … – the officer with a snub nose was terribly lusty, – is it true, brothers?

– Yes! Right! Ha ha ha

“We serve the army and, not sparing ourselves, defend the cities, defend the borders, go to the most dangerous places without receiving anything in return.” We did such hard work, and lived like refugees. Now we are following the commander of Shi, here we also risk our heads, but there are no more advantages compared! – Zhang Qihu completely shared the views of the officer with a snub nose, – Huang Yi, next time, you just do not pay attention to such matters. We are all mortals, in which of us sometimes does not play a bad fire?

– Well said! Who knows, maybe Hei Jiao will bring them back … or maybe he will enjoy it himself!

Standing nearby Mu Nu Jiao and Jiang Shaosuy turned red with anger.

Especially the reasoning of an officer with a snub nose, what a crap!

Evil is evil. When people release evil lurking inside, outside, no matter what pretext they cover up, they still turn into animals! All the same, they become bastards! It’s just funny that these bastards put the rest of the military on a par with themselves !!

– Risk your head! It seems they themselves understand what they are going to, so I don’t need to be softer with them! – Mo Fan laughed coldly.

Mo Fan respected the military. He remembered how Zhang Kon and his people risked themselves, not expecting any reward. And these people have sank long ago.

They take advantage of this deserted desert, encouraging their inner vices. So that’s great! Let their dark souls wander in this desert for a couple of hundred years and think carefully about their actions!

– The draft gate is a wave!

A silver glow appeared around Mo Fan, forming a platoon cloud. The stars shone, the gates of the call slowly opened in the air and a giant snow-white wolf jumped out of them!

– Awww !!!

White wolves came out one after another. They were so big that their steps shook the entire cave.

When the wolves burst into the cave, all the officers, building their ugly plans, froze with fear.

– What’s happening??

– Monsters! There are monsters here !!

– What kind of fuss ?? We got into position! We meet the enemy !! Cried the girl officer angrily.

All these people underwent rigorous selection and military training, because when they saw the white wolves, they immediately got into a fighting position. Wide ranks of the military blocked the path of snow-white wolves!

– Awww !!!

Among the snow-white wolves was a snow-white soaring wolf, shrouded in icy breath. With one jerk, he easily broke the military structure, clutching one of the officers with sharp claws.

Just a minute ago, this officer nodded quite, listening to the officer with a snub nose. And now he was torn to shreds and died a terrible death!

– Awww !!!

Huge wolves were quickly able to break into the cave. Their powerful bodies practically did not feel the attacks of lightning, fire and wind. They immediately kicked back and bit into the officers.

– Keep your order !! This is just a pack of wolves! – The snub-nosed officer commanded the attack of a small group of magicians, standing on a rocky hill.

A group of magicians immediately launched a fire attack. The constellations of the element of fire formed one after another, uniting together, they formed a giant fiery fist that fell upon the snow-white wolves !!

After some time, more than ten wind disks appeared. Scattering, they attacked the wolves.

– Fists of the heavenly flame !!

Mo Fan stood on the back of one of the white wolves. Upstairs a bright flame erupted and fiery fists began to fall down one by one, right into that small group of magicians. Mo Fan dispersed them with one blow!

– Who is this ?? The angry snub-nosed officer shouted angrily, looking at Mo Fan with fury.

– Your ancestors! – Mo Fan suddenly jumped, and fiery wings appeared behind him.

Mo Fan hovered between the falling fiery fists, not taking his eyes off the officer. With one wave of his hand he sent a fire dragon at him!

The fire dragon rushed forward, easily defeating several officers trying to build a light barrier. In the very center stood an officer with a snub nose, and a wave of fire swallowed him whole. Dicks were dying one by one !!

Seeing how that officer died, Mu Nu Jiao and Jiang Shaoxu felt evil satisfaction. When they were in captivity, they clearly felt his evil intentions. From the death of such a person everyone is only better!

– Mo Fan! This is Mo Fan !! Cried Yang Bao enthusiastically.

– How brave! He came to save us !! “Xu Pindong and the rest did not know what to say.” They were deeply moved that Mo Fan came despite such a large number of opponents. But did he not trap himself?

– Brother Mo Fan! We thank you for your action. But you need to escape from here faster! Get out of this desert and tell the military everything! And then we will die for good reason! – not having restrained, shouted Xu Pindong.

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