Chapter 1219. A Hundred Enemies!


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– To run ?? No one will escape from this desert! – Zhang Qihu kept a close eye on Mo Fan, but did not attack.

If he throws himself at any occasion and tries to do everything himself, then which of them is the commander?

He has many subordinates who can easily cope with the escaped captive!

– Huang Yi, old Yin, old Dee, the three of you will do it! – Zhang Qihu dismissively threw.

– Ha ha! Brother, is it okay if I catch him alive and slowly cut his skin off? – Zhang Dan said cheerfully.

– Where do you get such inclinations from? So I thought that you should not trust the interrogation of criminals. When you grab it, take it somewhere, away you don’t need to do this before our eyes! – cursed Zhang Qihu.

– No problem!

Zhang Dan stepped forward and stood on one of the rocks. In less than a second, magical trees appeared around him, the branches of which were covered with thorns. Trees frantically waving branches and looked very intimidating!

– This guy has abilities. Coming together! We won’t let him kill our people! – said the girl officer.

“I see that snow-white ice wolf is very difficult to overcome.” Then let’s focus on this guy together! – said old Yin.

Three high-level magicians quickly approached Mo Fan.

Zhang Dan turned out to be a plant element mage. Lianas crawled continuously under his feet, allowing him to move quickly. He did it very skillfully!

Zhang Dan was the first to approach Mo Fang. As soon as he waved his hand, several trees appeared out of nowhere, randomly streaming their spiked branches onto Mo Fan!

Mo Fan stood in his place, not even about to evade. But when the branches were twenty meters away from him, they broke out on their own! The flames of the scarlet dawn in an instant burned all the trees to the ground.

– Control – fake claws!

With one wave of his hand, Mo Fan squeezed his throat to this Zhang Dan.

The mage was thrown into the air and he hastily called on the protective chain mail. But his chain mail was not very high, so as Mo Fan increased the pressure, it turned into wreckage!

– Destroy it! – Seeing this scene, Zhang Qihu was worried.

Zhang Dan was his younger brother. He did not expect the enemy to crush him in two. The enemy looked so young. At this age, few reach a high level.


Around Mag Fan flowed a powerful magical breath. The remaining high-level magicians have already formed star clouds. One formed a celestial veil, consisting of many peaks, and the second applied a water curtain – a heavenly cascade!

The sky cascade posed a real threat. It was as if a heavenly cut appeared over Mo Fan’s head, and a gigantic waterfall burst from it. One snow-white wolf died on the spot under this terrible force!

In addition to the two high-level magicians who attacked Mo Fan, another group of magicians simultaneously surrounded the enemy. Fists of the raging flame from all sides rushed into Mo Fan mixed with wind uraniums and purple lightning bolts!

In an instant, destructive magic fell on all sides of Mo Fan!

But Mo Fan did not even think about letting Zhang Dan go. With one hand he controlled the spatial capture of Zhang Dan, at the same time a silver constellation appeared under his feet …

A silver diamond-shaped space covered the space around Mo Fan in a radius of fifty meters. In this zone of spatial impulses, time seemed to stop!

– Time delay!

Mo Fan raised his second hand high and the energy of endurance of time spread around!

In the blink of an eye, all these fiery fists, lightnings, hurricanes, a heavenly cascade and a heavenly veil … everything around Mo Fan stopped and stopped approaching him !!

Xu Pindong, Yang Bao, Flying Squirrel and the rest of the hunters from Golden Rati turned their eyes and opened their mouths. The space around them shimmered with all the colors of the rainbow, filled with the energy of destructive magic, and Mo Fan stood in the very center. He seemed like a deity to worship!

– Uh … an element of space … can it be so strong ?? – Yang Bao’s inspiration knew no bounds, because he, too, was a magician of space.

So many different tricks, so much attacking magic! And spatial impulses stopped them all! Most importantly, the magic of space turned out to be stronger than everything taken together !! This completely turned Yang Bao’s understanding of the magic of space!

The officers who attacked Mo Fan were dumbfounded. They could not come to their senses until a terrible sound was heard, and then they all realized that the enemy had turned his neck to Officer Zhang Dan !!

Zhang Dan fell to the ground. His neck was twisted at an unnatural angle. His eyes rolled and his face contorted with a grimace of pain. He was already dead.

Zhang Qihu’s eyes flashed with anger. He allowed his younger brother to participate in the battle, so that he tested his strength and trained. But the enemy killed him without blinking an eye !! This completely pissed him off.

– I will rip your head off !! – Zhang Qihu yelled angrily and, jumping up, heavily sank right in front of Mo Fan. At the same time, within a radius of hundreds of meters, the entire surface of the earth was covered with stony spikes!

Mo Fan hastily bounced to a higher place and noticed that the whole body of the enemy was petrified. It was as if he wore stone armor covering his entire body. Zhang Qihu angrily rushed to Mo Fan.

Mo Fan turned into a bird of shade and moved to a nearby rock. But suddenly she, too, was covered with stony spikes, chasing Mo Fan on the heels …

– Destroy it !! – Zhang Qihu was breathing heavily, watching as Mo Fan had already managed to distance himself from him. With a wave of his hand, he ordered the detachment of the military.

Around the military, star clouds began to appear again. A huge amount of mid-level magic energy began to flow around, and the vaults of the cave vibrated!

“The trap of the green demon!”

Just in the place where the magicians stood, joining forces against Mo Fan, the ground was covered with cracks. Numerous magical trees appeared from the cracks in the stones, they, like the hands of demons, grabbed the magicians by the legs and dragged back into the cracks !!

Mo Fan joyfully looked at Mu Nu Jiao hiding in the distance.

Plants were her main element, so her reception of the hand of a green demon was very strong. Having dragged three or four small groups of officers, she cut off their attack on the vine!

Mo Fan had just used the time delay and could no longer do this a second time. Moreover, the possibilities of this technique are limited, and there was too much magic around.

– Flock of sheep! Huang Yi, old Yin, we will remove the skin from this bastard! – Angrily cursing, Zhang Qihu went first, leading experienced magicians to fight with Mo Fan.

Zhang Qihu developed the method of petrification to an ideal embodiment. His stone armor and weapons made him look like a stone monster. If Mo Fan does not incarnate with a fiery heterka, then he is unlikely to be able to defeat him.

But the question was, if now he becomes a heterosexual, then how will he fight Shi Qianshou later?

This Zhang Qihu was on the upper boundary of a high level, Mo Fanu will not be so easy to defeat him. His sphere of stone spikes poses a serious threat.

“Wherever you run away, you will pay for my brother’s life!” – the whole body of the magician was covered with destructive stone spikes. He struggled forward like a war machine.

Huang Yi and old Yin drove Mo Fan into a corner, cutting off all the paths to retreat. Mo Fan only had to meet the stone monster’s attack with a retaliatory strike.

“Instant move,” Mo Fana was not at all worried about the situation. Go ahead was useless, so he applied instant movement.

Zhang Qihu crashed into a rock, and Mo Fan at the last minute moved a hundred meters behind him. Threads of silver glow streamed across his body, and his face remained calm.

Huang Yi and old Yin stood with a frown.

This kid is not very bad! Not only did he break into here, he also confronts their boss, without losing face!

– Bastard! – Zhang Qihu turned around and saw the calm and unperturbed Mo Fan. His anger has reached an extreme point!

What a disgrace! Yes, this skimmer taunts him !!

– Use shadow magic and block it! – Zhang Qihu decided not to act rashly anymore.

Among his subordinates was a group of shadow magicians. If, having united their forces, they will launch a powerful attack of shadow spikes, then they will be able to block even the use of instantaneous movement, otherwise this kid will be difficult to catch.

“Well, a blockhead,” Mo Fan felt an accumulation of dark energy and smiled.

Not expecting opponents to form their attack, Mo Fan himself applied high-level shadow magic!

– The power of the night!

Thick darkness covered the entire cave.

The mages of shadow felt that the darkness was falling on them. Although they themselves possessed this element, but now they have lost their purpose. If they aim at random, they can harm their own people.

And most importantly, the level of shadow magic of the enemy is many times higher than their own level. Will their shadow spikes generally have an effect ??

– Spikes of shadow!

– Shackles!

But in the end, even more powerful shackles of shadow fell on them. They clearly felt that the magic of the shadow invisibly attacked their bodies and souls. An inexpressible sense of horror came with this powerful attack.

At the moment when the huge sword of the shadow hit, their bodies and souls were completely crushed!

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