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Kill and Behead Iron is not heart?

The snow and the light dance of the snow, the face is full of disbelief.

Iron is the heart of the Law Enforcement Temple Palace Lord, the cultivation base, has reached the Earth Spirit Ninth Level day realm, just a footstep, you can become Heavenly Spirit powerhouse, standing in the peak of the flowing cloud Imperial Dynasty.

If Xiao Yu and Iron are unwilling to fight, within three strokes, Xiao Yu will lose, and it will still be a fiasco.

In the face of such a powerhouse, Chu Xingyun said that there is a way to make its Kill and Behead, which makes Snow Snow unbelievable. In the face of absolute strength, even if there are thousands of means, it is difficult to make a difference.

“The whole block is in the Wufu, I am afraid that only you can dare to blow this kind of cowhide.” Snow turned over and rolled his eyes, but he saw that Chu Xingyun did not speak, his face was still confident and confident.

Suddenly, the snow did not speak.

I don’t know why, in his mind, suddenly there is a strange thought, and Chu Xingyun may really have hidden cards, and can iron the iron and unwilling Kill and Behead.

This thought just appeared, and even the snow was scared, and my heart was somewhat entangled.

“Grandfather.” Seeing the snow silent, the snow screamed.

Snow returned to the sky, forced a smile and said: “Nothing, let’s go.”

After that, the two left.

At the time of coming out of the courtyard, Snow sneaked back and looked at Chu Xingyun, glowing in the eyes, not knowing what to think about.

“This snow is empty, although the age is big, the temperament is like a urchin, it is really interesting.” Seeing this scene, Chu Xingyun is somewhat helpless, and his mind is fretting, and the beasts are burned into the body.

In fact, Chu Xingyun’s words are not bragging.

The most powerful thing about the beast fire is not the Spirit Beast resentment, but the Fire Seed in the center of the flame heart.

This fire is the Core of the Beastfire. After the Spirit Beast is burned, the most pure power is concentrated in the Fire Seed. The more accumulated, the more terrifying the power.

At that time, Chu Xingyun ignited the beastfire, releasing the extremely pure cloud evil energy. This cloud evil energy is the power of Fire Seed, which is extremely huge. Even Gu Qingsong will feel fear from the heart.

Although Chu Xingyun’s current cultivation base does not release the cloud evil energy, he can use many heaven defying methods to take this cloud evil energy for his own use.

If the iron is really unwilling to make a move against him, then Chu Xingyun will not be merciful, and will definitely use this terrifying power to explode a shocking blow and kill all the enemies on the spot!

However, Chu Xingyun will not use this card until it is absolutely necessary.

The Core Fire Seed’s existence is like a human heart. Once all the power is released, it will quickly dry up and eventually become a cloud of smoke, completely dissipating.

“In many strange flames, the beast is a very overbearing one. Its existence is like a wild animal that devours everything, whether it is a nucleus, or the Earth Spirit, even the Martial Spirit, it can be burned. Exhausted, and then transformed into pure power, constantly improve the power of own, and even change.”

Chu Xingyun examines the fire of the beasts in the Spirit Sea, and countless thoughts flash in his heart.

After the beastfire released grievances, although the power dropped by many, the flame became very pure, he was able to do as one pleases, and was not affected by any grievances.

In this way, Chu Xingyun can fully play the hegemony of the beasts, burn all things, strengthen their own body, until the metamorphosis to the highest level, even the Yin-Yang powerhouse must be careful.

“In the process of cultivating the beasts, not only do you need to bet countless efforts, but you also need to spend a lot of money. In front of this singular fire, you have been in the fog forest for 16 years and swallowed countless Spirit Beast spirits. It’s just a little more successful. It’s no wonder that in the last life, there were countless rumors that a party’s hegemony was in a tragic situation in order to cultivate artificial flames.

Chu Xingyun said with emotion, there is not much pressure in my heart.

Ordinary Martial Artists need to constantly search for Tiandi Dibao, or find the place where Spirit Beast gathers, which takes a lot of time and manpower, except Chu Xingyun.

His cultivate’s anonymous cultivation technique, in a moment, incorporates the dead man’s Martial Spirit into the body and saves it so that the Martial Spirit does not dissipate immediately.

Based on this, Chu Xingyun can provide nutrients for the beasts by absorbing the Martial Spirit.

After all, in this true continent, the number of Martial Artists is too large, reaching trillions. Chu Xingyun wants to collect Martial Spirit, which can be said to be effortless and simple!

“Martial Spirit comes from heaven and earth and is the most pure power of Between Heaven and Earth. If it is used as a nutrient, the speed of the increase of the beastfire will be greatly improved, but I will not test it.”

At the thought of this, Chu Xingyun is looking forward to it.

On arena, he made a move Kill and Behead. Li Yi and Xiao Yu, have used the unnamed cultivation technique to take both men’s Martial Spirit into the body.

Xiao Yu’s Martial Spirit is a huge black ape, belonging to the Martial Spirit. The Rank is not high, only the Third Grade nothing more. The strength is not good, and it can’t be ordinary.

So Martial Spirit, if it is integrated into the spirit sword, it will not be much improved, and it will make the spirit sword become miscellaneous.

But just discard it, it will inevitably be a waste, as a nutrient for the beastfire, but it is suitable, but can do the best use of the real thing, waste recycling.

The more I think about it, the more curious Chu Xingyun is, ready to enter the cultivate Chamber of Secrets and try it out immediately.

“Chu Junior Brother!”

Just at this time, a shout came from outside the door.

Chu Xingyun turned his head and saw Ye Huan and Yang Feng stepping forward with smiles on their faces. Today, Chu Xingyun gave them a big surprise.

“You guy, courage is really not small, first kill Li Yi, then destroy Xiao Yu, now, the five major Wufu are so troubled by this incident.”

Yang Feng looked at Chu Xingyun, some didn’t know whether to cry or laugh: “Li Family and Xiao Family are both royal family, the power is not small, after this, I am afraid that you will be with these two grievances. It’s settled.”

“Who told these two people to provoke me for no reason.”

Chu Xingyun shrugged his shoulders and said casually: “moreover, from their decision to chase me in the foggy forest, we have no room for manoeuvre. Even if I don’t make a move, they won’t be willing to take it. It is the chopping board of fish, it is better to take the initiative in the hands of own.

“Chu Junior Brother is right. It is true that the other side is losing money. It is not afraid.” Ye Huan also agrees with Chu Xingyun. After today, he is also more and more appreciative of Chu Xingyun.

“I really can’t help you both.”

Yang Feng smiled helplessly, and said to Chu Xingyun: “With such a thing, no one will question your strength within the entire Lingwuwufu. This is a good thing. It saves a lot of things.”

“However, as I said earlier, you have offended many imperial powers. The most urgent task is to upgrade your cultivation base. Only when the strength is strong, can you be truly fearless.”

“I understand this.” Chu Xingyun nodded, the strength is respect for these four words, he has to feel more than anyone.

“Right, I and Ye Huan just went to the Imperial City to see the Honored Master side.” Yang Feng suddenly turned his head and let Chu Xingyun look at the micro-coagulation. It has been more than half a month since he came to the Imperial City. But I haven’t seen Yang Yan yet.

“There seems to be a major event in the palace. Honored Master is ordered by the king. There is no way to leave Half-step, so it does not appear. We have already told Honored Master what happened recently, Honored Master because of this matter, with the owner. I have a temper, and in the future, there should be no more situations today.”

Yang Feng slowly opened, said: “Not only our Wufu, the other four Wufu, but also the Honored Master’s anger, especially Yunmengwufu, Honored Master almost defy the Holy Life, go there to discuss. ”

Chu Xingyun heard it, suddenly suddenly laughed, this Yang Yan, the temper is really violent, even the five major owners dare to bluntly anger, I am afraid that within the entire stream of Imperial Dynasty, the people who dare to do so, no more than ten fingers.

Although I thought about it in my heart, Chu Xingyun felt that there was a warm current across the apex of the heart, and there was a smirk in the corner of his mouth.

“In any case, this event has been successfully completed. During this time, Chu Junior Brother will take a rest. When you come out, I will take you to the Lingxiao Pavilion.”

Ye Huan saw that Chu Xingyun was imaginary and could not bear to continue to disturb. After he finished, he and Yang Feng got up and left.

When the two walked away, the whole courtyard became quiet.

In fact, Chu Xingyun’s heart is not to miss the Lingxiao Pavilion. He wants to leave this place quickly and get the cultivate to the treasure.

But now he is on the cusp of the storm, if you violate the Sect Rule, I am afraid that it will be more targeted, so there will be many disadvantages for the future plans.

“Seven days, I should have time, I can use this time to make the strength of own again!” Chu Xingyun in the heart made up his mind, stood up, and quickly walked into the cultivate Chamber of Secrets.

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