Chapter 1221. Reckoning


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In the pitch darkness of the dungeon, several magicians sent a magical radiance far ahead, the only way they were able to illuminate the entire dungeon as a whole.

The steep cliffs were like protruding fangs of monsters. A group of magicians seemed to move inside the body of a huge monster. Sometimes the passage became very narrow, and sometimes it expanded to a large cave.

– It’s over there. You promised you would let them go. You better fulfill your promise, otherwise you will never find the Fruit of the Lands! Said Lin Faile sharply.

“You know that I only need the Fruit of the Lands.” Ahead, you say? At the top of this pile of stones? – Shi Qianshaw’s eyes sparkled. He did not even try to hide his excitement and greed.

“Let them go first,” Lin Faile repeated.

“First you have to say where this place is.”

– Right there.

– Well, go yourself and get it. How do I know that you are not cheating? – despite his impatience, Shi Qianshou did not lose his vigilance.

Lin Faile had to climb a pile of stones and remove the dark ban.

As soon as the ban was lifted, a halo of juicy golden radiance appeared. Everyone saw a stone flower bud slowly open on a stony hill. His gentle fragrant breath awakened the gloomy world of the dungeon and black lotuses began to blossom everywhere …

“No wonder there’s an oasis here!” I thought that was it! I thought so! Ha ha ha – Shi Qianshou as a wild beast rushed forward.

Having captured the Fruit of the Lands, he will be able to create his own city! And then no one dare to open his mouth on him! No one dare to put him on trial! In this city, he himself will be the law!

– Brothers! You waited so long, you won’t regret that you followed me! – Shi Qianshou took a wide step forward and held out his hand to pick up the fruit of the land.

As soon as he touched the Fruit of the Lands, one petal immediately withered on it. Shi Qianshou hastily drew back his hand and turned sharply on Lin Fei.

– What is this ??

– I dont know. I helped you find him, let them go, ”answered Lin Faile.

Shi Qianshou did not pay attention to him and began to examine the fetus by the power of thought.

Soon his face contorted with anger. Staring at Lin Faile, he yelled:

– This fruit will dry soon !! There is no power in him! You fooled me! You dare to deceive me !!!

Shi Qianshou grabbed his hand, and the poison quickly began to spread through his body. From the toxic poison, the magician’s arm and shoulder rotted in seconds!

“You know how much I gave to find this fruit.” You and your old captain deserve to die! You all deserve to die !! – The whole body of the commander was enveloped in poisonous gas that could decompose a stone.

Lin Fei had no strength to resist, he could only stand and look at the raging Shi Qianshaw.

The enemy understood that torturing him was useless. If the Fetus of Lands does not have enough energy, then you need to find a way to replenish it. Otherwise, it will be as useless as a regular cobblestone!

“You all vowed to follow me and build our own country with me!” Right?? – standing on a mountain of stones, Shi Qianshou loudly addressed the rest of the military.

– Yes!!!

– Our country!!

– Long live Commander Shi !!

The military responded with loud exclamations. Obviously, they followed him, not only because of personal gain, but also because Shi Qianshou managed to brainwash them.

Seeing how these former military men laid bare their insane appearance, Zhang Xiao Hou felt sadness and anger.

The military must always obey their superior. But, if the authorities use this rule to strengthen personal power and seek profit, this is no different from the betrayal of their country! This Shi Qianshou, as if crazy, was chasing power, and at the same time dragged his subordinates into terrible atrocities!

– That’s fine! Now we have the last step to our goal. Brothers! Do not spare your life! Use all your courage and fighting spirit and fill with life energy this withering fruit of the earth! Your names will be engraved on the main gate of our new city !! His tone changed sharply and became frighteningly malicious.

Hearing these words, Zheng Tong, Tong Zhuang and the rest were dumbfounded, they did not understand what the commander had in mind.

But when many poisonous insects flew out of the body of Shi Qianshou and attacked the crowd, they finally saw the light!

He wanted to take all their vital energy to replenish the fruit of the earth! He wanted to kill his subordinates, who, not sparing themselves, went a long way with him!

Poisonous insects had a strong stupefying effect. The few officers who stood closest began to stagger, as if drunk. Poisonous insects crawled into their ears, mouth, nostrils …

At the very beginning, the insects were as thin as a finger, but when they pulled out through the stomach of their victims, they were already the size of a fist! They ate to the dump, and then, under the control of Shi Qianshou, went to the fruit of the land.

Flying to the fruit of the earth, the insects burst and died. Their bodies turned into a substance of vital energy, which drop by drop fell on the fruit of the earth. You could see how the bud becomes juicy again and comes back to life!

“This … this …” Zhang Tong could not believe what was happening.

– The higher the level of cultivation, the more energy. Zhang Tong, I will engrave your name at the top! – Shi Qianshou said coldly.

“I don’t want to die!” I do not want to die! Commander, spare me! Have mercy …. Ahhhhhh !!!

A scream of horror echoed off the walls of the dungeon. Many poisonous insects flew up to Zheng Tong. At first he could still resist, but soon the insects ate all his internal organs, and one by one, they began to break out of his stomach and fly towards the fruit of the earth … They were like bees collecting honey, but much more cruel.

Zheng Tong did not die right away. He stood with his eyes wide open, but the next instant fatty insects also crawled out through them.

He really believed Shi Qianshou, and believed that he had told him not so long ago. When they have their own city, Zheng Tong will have as many women as he wants. A few women a day, a few dozen … He did not expect the commander to be such a beast. From the very beginning, he did not expect to share the taste of victory with them. For him, their lives were not worth a penny, just like the lives of those people at the station that he had destroyed!

– He finally lost his human appearance! – exclaimed Ge Min.

Watching the officers fall one by one, even Ge Min was sorry for them.

An unknown force forced insects to first choose the most powerful and developed magicians. Ge Min and Zhang Xiao Hou tried to completely extinguish their breath so that the insects would not feel them.

– Run! We run !!

At that moment, when Zhang Xiao Hou and Ge Min were already waiting for their death, Lin Faile suddenly appeared in front of them, all covered with ulcers.

He did not manage to hide his breath, but since he was already poisoned, Shi Qianshou paid no attention to him, and left him to be eaten by insects. But before death, the magician showed incredible agility. He managed to grab Ge Ming and Zhang Xiao Hou and lead them to another passage!

At this time, Shi Qianshou was completely focused on controlling poisonous insects and did not even notice the escape of three magicians.

“You can get out of this way.” You two, survive by all means and tell people about what happened … ”Lin Faile shoved two magicians into a narrow passage, but he did not go with them. Instead, he closed the passage with his body.

– Lin Failey! – Zhang Xiao Hou is so weak that he could not even pull him along.

By this time, Lin Faile’s entire body was covered with poisonous blisters. Both hands fell off, and only pus flowed from the wounds …

* zzzzzz

Poisonous insects completely covered the entrance. They gnawed on Lin Faile’s body and began to crawl through the cracks into the passageway, not intending to let go of two magicians.

“Tell them what’s here …” His body swept over the fire. Hot flames swept the entire entrance to the cave, incinerating all the insects.

Looking at how Lin Faile fought to the last second, the magicians could not resist tears.

– Shi Qianshaw! I’ll kill you! – Zhang Xiao Hou cried out angrily. But now he had no choice but to follow further down the aisle following Ge Min.

The light of fire was getting weaker. Both mages were extremely depressed and did not dare to turn around. How would they like to go back and slaughter this bastard, but they realized that in this way, they would violate Lin Faile’s last will!


In the dungeon painful cries were continuously heard. These officers were terribly unlucky; they were betrayed by their own commander, after whom they walked through fire and water. And in place of the promised paradise, they received a painful death. Torment and anger. Even a demon could not dispel this atmosphere!

In their last minutes, they clearly saw how a man who promised them a wonderful future did not show a pity to them! All that occupied his mind was the observation of how the fruit of the earth is filled with energy!

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